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WATCH Project participant newsletter -- Spring 2013

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Watch works Spring 2013

  1. 1. WATCH works Work Attributes Toward Careers in Health For participants of CSIU WATCH Project SPRING 2013 WATCH Project participants “In the News” STUDENT RECEIVES ACADEMIC AWARD Jennifer Brown (Williamsport) received the Pennsylvania College of Technology North Campus Academic Award for outstanding achievement in the classroom. Jennifer earned the highest GPA of her graduating class and was presented with the award at the graduation in December 2012 by Natalie DeLeonardis, coordinator of the outreach practical nursing program. Jennifer completed 1,504 hours of classroom and clinical instruction, and passed the National Council Licensed Exam for practical nurses in January 2013. GRADUATES SHINE AT CPI Seven WATCH Project participants were recognized for their leadership and academic achievements at the Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology. Amanda Hockenberry (Bellefonte), Jennifer Breon (Lewistown), Deann Smith (McVeytown), Barbara Caruso (Centre Hall), Cayla Dunlap (Lemont), David Goodman (Pleasant Gap) and Stefanie Brown (Port Matilda) graduated from the LPN program at CPI in December 2012. Four WATCH Project participants held class officer positions in the 23-member graduating class: Barbara (secretary), Deann (vice president), Jennifer (social coordinator) and David (faculty liaison). David Goodman received the Excellence in Acute Care Nursing Award at the graduation ceremony. IN THIS ISSUE Email addresses matter!........................2 Congratulations, graduates!................3 Job search and reference tips.............4 continued on page 2 Pictured are graduates from the December 2012 LPN program at CPI (from left to right) Amanda Hockenberry, Jennifer Breon, Deann Smith, Barbara Caruso, Cayla Dunlap, David Goodman and Stefanie Brown.
  2. 2. WATCH works 2 Almost everyone has an email address, but do you have a “professional” email address? Believe it or not, your email address presents an image of you to others. While cute email addresses may seem clever, schools and employers may form opinions about you just by the appearance of your email address. They may even disregard your application because of it. If you’ve been using the email address you created in high school (for example cutekitties321@, born4rebellion13@ or bieberfan200@), reserve using it for your personal email with friends and family. You can get a new, free email address that you can use for your “professional” self while going to school, looking for work and managing your everyday responsibilities (like online banking or completing online applications and forms). Even when you get a school or work email account, keep your own professional email account active for personal business and future job searches. You can set up a new email account using one of the following free services: • Gmail (Google) • Microsoft Outlook • Windows Live Hotmail • Yahoo!Mail Keep your email address simple and straightforward. Try using a variation of your first, middle and/or last name, for example: • katysmith12@ • ksmith226@ • kasmith@ If you need assistance setting up a new email address, or have any questions, contact your career coordinator. Email addresses matter! THREE NAMED STUDENT OF THE MONTH Three WATCH Project participants were named Student of the Month at the Central Susquehanna LPN Career Center in Lewisburg in 2012 and 2013. Pictured in the photos at right (from top to bottom) is Alicia Brosius (Sunbury) who was honored in July 2012, Jeffery Benjamin (Bloomsburg) who received the recognition in January 2013 and Shannon Dreisbach (Selinsgrove) who was awarded the honor in February 2013. Alicia was also awarded the Brittany Mook Memorial Scholarship for her enthusiasm and dedication to the field of nursing. Alicia graduated from the LPN Center in December 2012, and Jeffery and Shannon will complete their training in August 2013. SUSQUEHANNA HEALTH EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION Daisy Ballowe (South Williamsport), a WATCH Project participant and employee of Susquehanna Health, received the C.A.R.E. Service Employee Recognition Award. Susquehanna Health C.A.R.E. Service recipients are recognized for regularly demonstrating the organization’s core principles and beliefs of courtesy, compassion, attentiveness, approachability, responsiveness, respect, excellence and enthusiasm. Daisy is currently a student in the RN program at Pennsylvania College of Technology, and will complete the program in May 2014. “In the News” continued
  3. 3. Congratulations to recent graduates! Brittany Gresham (Lewistown) and Diana Bonson (Beaver Springs) graduated from HACC’s CNA program. Cymantha Santiago (Sunbury) graduated from the CNA and EMT programs at HACC. Ann Riden (McClure), Deanna Dille (Lewistown) and Sherry Zellers (McClure) graduated from Mifflin-Juniata Career and Technology Center’s LPN program. Pictured is Rachael Pelham (State College), a graduate of CPI’s CNA program. Kathleen Reed (Northumberland) graduated from HACC’s CNA program. Pictured are Vanessa Snyder (Williamsport) and Tina Bilbay (South Williamsport) who graduated from HACC’s CNA program. Julie Bozar (Lock Haven) graduated from the CNA program at Susque-View. Dreama Albright (Bellefonte) and Tara Warner (Lewistown) graduated from HACC’s CNA program. WATCH works 3 CENTRAL PA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Certified Nursing Assistant Program Danielle Breon, Bellefonte Fernand Seuchie, Pleasant Gap Elizabeth Summers, Port Matilda Amber Todd, State College Licensed Practical Nursing Program Jennifer Breon, Lewistown Stefanie Brown, Port Matilda Barbara Caruso, Centre Hall Cayla Dunlap, Lemont David Goodman, Pleasant Gap Amanda Hockenberry, Bellefonte Deann Smith, McVeytown CENTRAL SUSQUEHANNA LPN CAREER CENTER Licensed Practical Nursing Program Alicia Brosius, Sunbury Jamie Roshon, Sunbury HARRISBURG AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE (HACC) Certified Nursing Assistant Program Kendra Burrage, Williamsport Sherkeena Dixon, Williamsport Nicole Kramer, Williamsport Courtney Lewis, Bloomsburg Ebony McLaughlin, Williamsport Trina Packer, Williamsport Christina Scheffer, Millville Jonaesha Smith, Hughesville Chelsa Stitt, Lewistown PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY Licensed Practical Nursing Program Jessica Barron, Tioga Jennifer Brown, Williamsport Nicole Jimenez, Wellsboro Denise Levindoski, Mansfield Angel Signor, Williamsport Whitney Sunday, Morris Run Congratulations to the following WATCH Project participants (not pictured) who recently graduated from nursing and emergency medical service programs at several regional educational institutions.
  4. 4. WATCHProject 90LawtonLane Milton,PA17847 This document was supported by Grant #90FX0011 from the Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of HHS. Work Attributes Toward Careers in Health (WATCH) is a Health Profession Opportunity Grant and is administered by the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU). WATCH works 4 It is always a good practice to ask someone if they would be willing to be a reference for you before you use their name and contact information. It’s also a good idea to let a reference know when and where you are applying for work. This gives them time to prepare for calls from employers. You may also consider asking people with whom you’ve had positive school or work experiences; be sure they will have positive things to say about you when the employer calls. When applying for jobs, you are encouraged to mention you are a WATCH Project participant. Many regional employers are familiar with the WATCH Project, and will be certain to pay close attention to your application. WATCH Project career coordinators also encourage you to use them as a reference, but be sure to mention to your career coordinator that you are doing this before you submit your references to employers. If you have any questions, or need help with your job search, contact your career coordinator. Job search and reference tips