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Aytos_Kristina Tangardjieva


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Published in: Education
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Aytos_Kristina Tangardjieva

  1. 1.  Aytos is an old settlement founded by the Thracians
  2. 2. Three Brothers is a rock formation thatmany legends are told The three brothers - a natural rock phenomenon
  3. 3. Genger isa plantthat isfound onlyaroundAytos
  4. 4. Aytos is famous with ethnographic complex Genger
  5. 5. It is the city hallin the citycenterMINICIPALITY OF AYTOS
  6. 6. In the city center there are beautiful fountains
  7. 7. Folklore festival “Nightingale nights”
  8. 8. The Eagle –a simbol of the town
  9. 9. The Goat