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Getting Your Donors to Say "I Do": Using Online Tools to Build Lasting Relationships


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Presented at the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy on Oct. 21, 2011, this session compares e-philanthropy to romance - organized by 1) playing the field, 2) dating, and 3) taking the plunge. Mark Miller of Children's National Medical Center and Lesley Solomon of Brigham and Women's Hospital present practical tips for developing lasting relationships that lead to sustainable fundraising success. They include lessons learned from fundraising, stewardship, and list-building campaigns.

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Getting Your Donors to Say "I Do": Using Online Tools to Build Lasting Relationships

  1. 1. Getting Your Donors to Say I Do using technology to form lasting relationshipsBy Mark Miller, Children’s National Medical Center, and Lesley Solomon,Brigham & Women’s HospitalAssociation for Healthcare Philanthropy, Boston, Mass., Oct. 21, 2011
  2. 2. e-philanthropy & dating “Nobody likes someone who only talks about themselves & doesnt care what you think.” -Tammy Gordon, Director of Social Communication & Strategy, AARP “New Years Eve could be the most important night of the year!” -Stacey OHalloran DiCarlo, interactive consultant "If done wrong, you could waste a lot of time and money and still be alone.” -Chris Boyer, ‎ irector of Digital Marketing & Communications, D Inova Health System
  3. 3. playing the fieldo Cast a wide net – you never know where your donor/partner may be.o Use all of your networks and connections – spread the word that you’re “available.”o Go where your prospects are, and that may not be where you think.
  4. 4. People who usedsocial media intheir eventfundraising raised40% more!-Blackbaud,March 2011
  5. 5. Peer Fundraising Using, people raised $500,000 for Children’s National last year
  6. 6. Five 12-year-oldboysraised$26,000!
  7. 7. the cancer portfolioo 8 research projects by Brigham and Women’s researchers dedicated to cancer prevention.o Opportunity for consumers, corporations and community partners to invest directly in research.o Fundraising goal for each project = $75K ($600K Total)o All donations will be directly applied to these research projects at BWH 10
  8. 8. celebrity spokesperson
  9. 9. ccp initiatives on causes
  10. 10. ccp initiatives
  11. 11. datingo Make a good first impression (stories, who you are, sincerity).o Remember that it’s not all about you.o Listen. Care.
  12. 12. datingo Get your supporters involved in ways beyond giving money – tell a friend, vote, sign a petition, etc.o Meet them in their own space – make it easy and convenient.
  13. 13. Take the quiz
  14. 14. Email listgrowth:14%
  15. 15. getting to know youResearch Goals Profile the types of people who are likely to be donors and non-donors of CCP Understand common attributes and/or motivators that move someone from belonging to the CCP cause to donating to the causeResearch FindingsThree personas were identified as high potential targets based on the attributes of each group – Young & Passionate—Members in this group feels a sense of social responsibility and are active in the community. They have a general interest and some personal connection in fighting cancer. They want to effect a change and prefer to be part of the process. – Visible & Involved—Members in this more mature group are comfortably settled in their lives. They have a stronger personal connection to cancer and are happy to be an active part of the community that has supported them. – Retired Donors—Members of this group have strong connections to cancer. They are active online and connected to other cancer causes. Though not their primary cause of choice, they will contribute financially if appealed to personally.
  16. 16. facebook causes
  17. 17. member and fund stats
  18. 18. Developmentwebsite –landing page
  19. 19. taking the plungeo Getting engaged or married is just the beginning!
  20. 20. take action
  21. 21. communicate Autoresponder asks: Why did you give?
  22. 22. don’t take them for granted
  23. 23. people changeo Relationships evolve. Adapt accordingly.o Let donors decide what role they want technology to play. Ask them.
  24. 24. may you and your donors live happily ever after!
  25. 25. Mark MillerChildren’s National Medical SolomonBrigham and Women’s