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Micromoments Mobile UX


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'From bad to good design', Mobile Trends Conference, 13.02.2015, Cracow, Poland.

Published in: Mobile
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Micromoments Mobile UX

  1. 1. mobimoni #MTC2015 GOOD DESIGN FROM BAD TO
  2. 2. OBRAZEK: UKOCHANY TELEFON MTC 2015 mobimoni #MTC2015 Does your smartphone give your love back?
  3. 3. mobimoni #MTC2015
  4. 4. mobimoni
  5. 5. mobimoni
  6. 6. mobimoni
  7. 7. mobimoni #MTC2015 The mobile mind shift is the expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context and moments of need. Mobile has reprogrammed your customers’ brains.
  8. 8. mobimoni #MTC2015 We hate to wait… …for a confirmation call.
  9. 9. 2015: the rise of the mobile micromoments #MICROMOMENTS #MICROINTERACTIONS #MICROENGAGEMENTS mobimoni #MTC2015
  10. 10. “Micro moments are brief interactions where apps can capture the attention of a user and anticipate their needs in 5-10 second interactions (several times a day).” mobimoni #MTC2015
  11. 11. mobimoni #MTC2015 CHECKY
  12. 12. Umbrella
  13. 13. “Even though we’re surrounded by microinteractions every day, we don’t usually notice them until something goes horribly wrong. But microinteractions are, despite their small size and near-invisibility, incredibly important. The difference between a product you love and a product you tolerate is often the microinteractions you have with it. They can make our lives easier, more fun, and just more interesting if done well.” Dan Saffer mobimoni #MTC2015
  14. 14. “…even if the big picture is done right, unless the details are also handled properly, the solution fails: the details are what control the moment to moment experience. It is timely details that lead to seamless interaction with our products. Alternatively, it is the lack of attention to those details that lead to frustration, irritation, and eventually an intense dislike of the product.” mobimoni #MTC2015
  15. 15. Micromoments of technology are the emotional connections with their users. mobimoni #MTC2015
  16. 16. Login mobimoni #MTC2015
  17. 17. ALLEGRO What’s missing? :) mobimoni #MTC2015
  18. 18. LINKEDIN mobimoni #MTC2015
  19. 19. “Forgot your password”! LINKEDIN mobimoni #MTC2015
  20. 20. LINKEDIN mobimoni #MTC2015 “Join now”!
  21. 21. LINKEDIN mobimoni #MTC2015 “Show/hide password”!
  22. 22. LINKEDIN mobimoni #MTC2015
  23. 23. LINKEDIN mobimoni #MTC2015
  24. 24. TWITTER Typing on your phone stinks! mobimoni #MTC2015
  25. 25. Face Unlock - Galaxy Nexus
  26. 26.
  27. 27. GETIN MOBILE Gesture-based login mobimoni #MTC2015
  28. 28. STYLESEAT mobimoni #MTC2015 One-page process (assignment)
  29. 29. STYLESEAT mobimoni #MTC2015 One-page process (assignment)
  30. 30. STYLESEAT mobimoni #MTC2015 One-page process (assignment)
  31. 31. STYLESEAT mobimoni #MTC2015 One-page process (assignment)
  32. 32. One-click payments APPLE PAY
  33. 33. PAYPAL One Touch mobimoni #MTC2015
  34. 34. One-click unsubscription LISTLY mobimoni #MTC2015
  35. 35. mBank mobimoni #MTC2015
  36. 36. ING Bank Śląski mobimoni #MTC2015
  37. 37. BJ Fogg mobimoni #MTC2015 “Making a behavior harder to do makes it less likely to occur.” Number of taps matter!
  38. 38. The faster, the better. The more often, the better. mobimoni #MTC2015
  39. 39. mobimoni #MTC2015
  40. 40. mobimoni #MTC2015
  41. 41. mobimoni #MTC2015
  42. 42. mobimoni #MTC2015
  43. 43. mobimoni #MTC2015
  44. 44. mobimoni #MTC2015
  45. 45. mobimoni #MTC2015
  46. 46. mobimoni #MTC2015
  47. 47. mobimoni
  48. 48. m-commerce mobimoni #MTC2015
  49. 49. 2015: the rise of the mobile micromoments #MICROFEEDBACK mobimoni #MTC2015
  50. 50. QR code scanner mobimoni #MTC2015 Rate the app
  51. 51. Awesome Clock mobimoni #MTC2015 Rate the app
  52. 52. mobimoni #MTC2015 Photo Editor Rate the app
  53. 53. HealthyOut How to gather insight into the customer experience? mobimoni #MTC2015
  54. 54. Microfeedback provides a means to gather insightful feedback at just the right moment of the experience, generating more accurate findings that will help you create a better product and the experience. mobimoni #MTC2015
  55. 55. MyFitnessPal mobimoni #MTC2015
  56. 56. mobimoni #MTC2015 1. If you care about UX, you should care about micromoments. 2. Do the little things well. Details are the essentials. They make the product. User satisfaction is in the details! 3. Great design should be experienced and not seen. The better the design, the more invisible it becomes. 4. Design is measurable on a scale from frustration to delight. TAKE OUTS
  57. 57. BAD DESIGN DELIGHTFUL DESIGN FRUSTRATION NEUTRAL DELIGHT Improving bad design Improving neutral design REDUCTIVE PROCESS Observation user’ experience, rethinking, removing everything, that’s introducing frustration ADDITIVE PROCESS Expertise, knowledge, designer experience #1 PLEASURE #2 FLOW #3 MEANING
  58. 58. “The goal of a successful app is to become one of the micromoments of a persons day to day activities.” mobimoni #MTC2015
  59. 59. Good luck!
  60. 60. We are mobee dick. Monika Mikowska mobimoniMOBILE UX DESIGN STUDIO