F&w pest control business and society


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F&w pest control business and society

  1. 1. By: Mike MigaBusiness and Society Nichols College Section 110-01
  2. 2.  I interviewed James Gibbons ◦ Co-owner of F&W Pest Control ◦ Owns with his brothers Mark and Tom My dad also works for this company so this was how I was able to meet with them
  3. 3.  Sub Chapter S Corporation ◦ Chosen for tax purposes ◦ Allows profits to flow to their income which limits double taxation They service in general pest control, trapping, exclusion, termite control, etc. The company has been around since 1943
  4. 4.  Founded by Edward Honan as Framingham Pest Control ◦ Transferred to Tom Gibbons Sr. then merged with Walpole Pest Control owned by Tom Gibbons Jr. in 1984 Purchased by Tom, Mark, and James Gibbons in 1998 ◦ Financed through their father with a 10 year buyout Owner training was on the job ◦ Running routes, to termite control, to sale, then to management Compared to when it started, the company has changed a lot ◦ Treatment techniques improved and the use of technology made more efficient work
  5. 5.  Adding new employees and growing into bigger offices Biggest reward is being able to run the business in their goals and visions and call the shots Critical success factors include keeping up with rules and regulations as well as… ◦ Tax ramifications ◦ Employee regulations ◦ Maintaining accounts, customer retention and loyalty
  6. 6.  These critical success factors are also seen as challenges too Most challenging part of running their own business is… ◦ Worries about what could go wrong ◦ Being ready for whatever type of financial hit the business could take They overcome this by being informed and hiring good accountants, tax preparers, and human resource people Fatal flaw are keeping dates on new rules and regulations and regular monthly type commercial services
  7. 7.  Terminix and Orkin Try to maintain competitive advantage by giving exceptional service to customers ◦ Are a smaller company so they can know customers on a level larger companies can’t Try to keep customer satisfied and customer loyalty by… ◦ Listening to the customers needs ◦ Adapting to what the customers expectations are
  8. 8.  Strategies used… ◦ Company website- people can view their account and have live customer support ◦ Television ads ◦ Minimal Yellow Pages ads ◦ Sponsors of local town sports teams When hiring someone the company looks for… ◦ Education ◦ Critical thinking skills ◦ Good communication oral/written ◦ Adaptability
  9. 9.  Are planning on staying in the company until it is time for retirement Major goal for the future is to expand the company further than it already is and by doing so hire more employees
  10. 10.  Q: Why pest control? A: There will always be insects and there will always be a need to get rid of them and it creates jobs Q: Was this your choice for a career? A: It was, I had always planned on following my father into owning my own business. Now I get to own it with my brothers which is great.
  11. 11.  Q: How do you feel about the decals on the work trucks? To me, since my dad works for you guys, I feel they are a little ridiculous. A: Well, yes they are a little goofy, but it is a very helpful advertising tool and it lets other people see our business which in turn will hopefully generate business.
  12. 12.  Some advise he gave to the class was… ◦ Good verbal communication skills ◦ Assume responsibility ◦ Ability to reason ◦ Formulate and identify problems ◦ Ability to function independently From doing this interview, I learned that owning your own business can be very rewarding but also has many consequences to it if something goes wrong