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Jeden Internet na każdym urządzeniu - raport z mobilnego Internetu


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Prezentacja Opera Software na ClearWeb #2

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Jeden Internet na każdym urządzeniu - raport z mobilnego Internetu

  1. 1. One Web on any device Sebastian Baberowski Paweł Miniewicz
  2. 2. Opera Software ASA Established in 1994 Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange Offices Worldwide HQ in Oslo, Norway 600+ employees 400+ engineers & technical support Opera Desktop unique monthly users: 35+ million My Opera registered members: 2,000,000 (December 2008) Total number of phones shipped with Opera Mobile (cumulative): 120 million Strong heritage of engineering innovation with focus on performance, compliance with standards and cross-platform flexibility
  3. 3. The Opera Mission Deliver the best Internet experience on any device
  4. 4. The browser is the glue Full Web Browser Opera Opera Opera for Desktop for Mobile for Devices Client/Server Browser Web Application Platform Community and Services Opera Mini Opera Widgets Opera B2B solutions Opera Link
  5. 5. Opera for Desktop The leader in speed, security and productivity A worldwide following of 35+ million users The original innovator: Tabs Mouse gestures Saved sessions Widgets BitTorrent Continuous “You can reduce your chances of getting caught improvement... by using a more secure browser. Opera is probably the safest, followed by Firefox and then Internet Explorer 7.” – The Guardian
  6. 6. Opera for Devices Enables device manufacturers to bring the best Web user experience to market quickly and effectively Ideal for game consoles, TVs, set-top boxes, portable media players, navigation systems, imaging equipment Enables Web 2.0 services, widgets and Web-based user interfaces “Nintendo's Internet Channel, developed by Opera Software, is so simple even your computer-phobic, quot;Wii Sportsquot;-loving grandma can use it.” – Associated Press
  7. 7. Opera Mobile A powerful browser for smartphones and sophisticated feature phones Includes a robust feature set and enables a true desktop-like Web experience including Web 2.0 services like YouTube Customers include Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, T-Mobile and HTC Equipped with Opera Widgets enabling easier access to Web content and micro widgets on the idle screen quot;Web browsing is a pleasure, because pages render much like they do on a real PC.quot; – The Wall Street Journal
  8. 8. Opera Mini Delivers the full Web on everyday handsets Opera Mini runs on 800+ Java enabled phones Fast, secure, light-weight and compatible with the world’s one billion+ Java and BREW phones The world’s most popular Java application Proxy server compresses data by up to 90% and speeds up delivery. An end-to- end client-server solution “Opera Mini might change your life.” – PC Magazine
  9. 9. Opera Mini in action Elegant, desktop-style page rendering Zoom into the content you want to view Download and upload files via Opera Mini Access the full Web
  10. 10. Opera Link Convergence without compromise Your favorite places on the Web go with you wherever, whenever Instantly sync your bookmarks, Speed Dial and personal bar
  11. 11. State of the Mobile Web
  12. 12. Introducing the State of the Mobile Web Every month, Opera shares insight on Top 10 the top trends driving the growth of countries for the mobile Web Opera Mini Russia Highlights Opera Mini consumer-only India statistics including unique users, page USA views and data transferred China Ukraine Lists top sites for each country in the India Top 10 United Kingdom South Africa Unique spotlight section each month: Poland Sports sites Germany Top handsets Demographic snapshot
  13. 13. State of the mobile Web: Key findings One Web triumphs over WAP content Full Web surfing comprises more than 77% of all traffic. Content on WAP and .mobi sites still generates almost 23% of traffic, although WAP percentages are decreasing in the first quarter as more consumers use full browsers Social stands supreme Almost 40% of traffic worldwide is to social networks. The figures is 60% in countries such as United States, South Africa and Indonesia
  14. 14. State of the mobile Web: Key findings – December 2008 Opera Mini was used by approximately 17.8 million users in December 2008 Opera Mini users viewed more than 6.4 billion pages in December Each person using Opera Mini viewed approximately 360 pages on average 17.8 million Opera Mini users generated more than 93.8 million MB of data for operators worldwide
  15. 15. State of the mobile Web: Key findings - Poland Top 10 sites in Poland People use the Web on their phones just like they would on their PC. Top 10 sites using Opera Mini in Poland mirror PC traffic. Country example: Poland In Poland, people using Opera Mini prefer to access the full Web from their mobile phones - only 4% of the traffic goes to WAP or .mobi sites.
  16. 16. Fact 1: Browser is becoming an application platform Browser is powerful application platform and continuing to evolve with more powerful APIs SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Canvas Video Location Opera is a cross platform browser and the same core runs on across the device types (Desktop, Mobile, TV, Game console)
  17. 17. Fact 2: Consumer’s media consumption habit does not change Top social Consumers do not go to networks in different Web sites/services 2008 just because they happen to be in a bus to work People want to access the same site they go to, the same Web they know, no matter where they are
  18. 18. “Opera is better in just about every respect” Stephen Wildstrom, BusinessWeek Thank you for listening!