MMICC 2009 Rules Briefing


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MMICC 2009 Rules Briefing

  1. 1. MMICC 2009 Rules of the Games
  2. 2. The Case Nice try ! It is multi-disciplinary ! You will find out on Friday !
  3. 3. The Spirit of the Competition These Rules of the Games are meant to create as a level playing field as possible – not to give any team an unfair advantage. Any interpretation of these must be addressed to me or the appeals committee.
  4. 4. Appeals Committee Any interpretation of these must be addressed to me and/or the appeals committee. Composed of 3 members – 1 from each region plus 1 backup NUS, Thammasat, Auckland & KOC  CBS, Helsinki, Maastricht, Budapest  Berkley, USC, Queen’s, McGill  Please let me know at the Opening Dinner this evening
  5. 5. Team - Presentation Each university can present on their own behalf – use their University Name but must also identify themselves with their team number (1 to 12). Participating students cannot attend any other presentation even when they have finished their second presentation.
  6. 6. Team – Presentation order To be determined at tonight’s opening dinner Schedule is on page 30, 31 & 32 of Welcome Booklet
  7. 7. The Presentation Site Desautels Faculty of Management Samuel Bronfman Building 4th Floor Rooms 422 & 423
  8. 8. The Schedule Friday, March 28: see booklet pg. 30 Saturday, March 29: see booklet pg. 31 & 32 Each team will present to 2 different panels of judges – once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Two teams will present at the same time, each to a different group of judges and then alternate for the afternoon presentation.
  9. 9. The Rules of the Game It is the team’s responsibility to pick up the case on time. No extra time will be allowed for those who pick up their case late. Each team will be accompanied back to their hotel room. You can only use the 2 computers that are provided to you.
  10. 10. The Rules of the Game The executive committee will provide a centralized printing service in war room 308. Teams can bring the documents they wish to print on their issued USB key. They must be escorted by an ambassador. Each team will have to provide a printed copy of their slides / handouts to a MMICC volunteer at least two hours prior to their first presentation. PPT Slides should be 4 per page. A MMICC volunteer will then make 20 copies of this material – 1 for each judge (14) & 6 for the team (front to back). You are not allowed to change anything (Content or Background) between the 2 presentations. Each team can decide which presentation material they submit including possibly slides and/or excel sheets that will be used as backups or appendices to answer questions.
  11. 11. The Rules of the Game Each presentation must be a maximum of 20 minutes plus a 10 minute Q&A period. Time signals will be shown to presenters at the 15, 10, 5, 2 & 1 minute mark. Time will be up at 20 minutes and then a 15 second grace period will be applied. All 4 students must participate during their presentation in fairly equal amounts of time.
  12. 12. Each team will be provided with Two computers – both with wireless internet access  Both computers will have Windows XP with full  English version of Microsoft Office 2003 1 USB key for backups  Office Supplies: Pens, papers, highlighters, flip  charts, etc… 4 copies of the case plus the presentation evaluation  criteria
  13. 13. What you can bring with you Each team member is allowed to bring 2 textbooks –  8 textbooks per team. No classroom handouts or personal notes allowed. Each team member is allowed to bring a translation  dictionary and a non-programmable/non text storage calculator. All items are subject to inspection.  Textbooks, dictionaries and calculators will be inspected prior to the distribution of the case.
  14. 14. What you cannot bring with you On a regular basis, a MMICC committee member will  come in the room and is allowed to check the material that you are using. No programmable calculators are allowed.  No personal laptops or cell phones are allowed.  No CDs (any type), DVD’s (Any type), or USB Drives  are allowed.
  15. 15. What you cannot do You are not allowed to seek any help or advice from  your team advisor. No Email allowed. No online chatting or conferencing  allowed. Using a website that requires the use of any kind of  passwords, login (even thought it is free) and data bases from your university. The use of internet is for “light” research purposes  only: Otherwise known as “passive” use of the internet.
  16. 16. Judging Given that there is only a 10 minute Q&A and 7 judges per room; judges will be asked to limit their questions to one each before asking another question Although they will be using the evaluation sheets, they will also be asked to rank the teams After the presentations, I will facilitate the deliberation with one goal: to rank the top 3 teams
  17. 17. Advisors Friday, March 28: Advisors / Judges lunch at the University Club at noon – meet in Bronfman lobby at 11:45am Once your team gets the case, you cannot contact them until after their second (afternoon) presentation - If you need to get something to them (food or ice cream), you must go through a MMICC exec You are encouraged to watch as many presentations as you wish  this should be a learning experience for you as well A copy of the case will be given to you after all the first presentations A one-page summary of the case will be given out to everyone first thing on Saturday morning Any issues with regards to the case, the competition, the judging, etc… should be directed to me and/or the appeals committee
  18. 18. MMICC 2009 Any Questions?