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Learning Spaces: A Visual Journey

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Learning Spaces: A Visual Journey

  1. 1. Learning Spaces: A Visual Journey Paul Camarena, Melinda Hefner, Sarah McBryde, and Mandy Williams ITC 5220 Appalachian State University
  2. 2. Small space for group collaboration, informal, accessible technology
  3. 3. Multiple whiteboards for small group collaboration
  4. 4. Outdoor informal social learning space
  5. 5. Auto body shop with computers, simulation software, and smart boards
  6. 6. Video conferencing
  7. 7. Color, comfortable seating, information panel, computer lab adjacent to real world simulation
  8. 8. Real world work environment simulation
  9. 9. Informal learning space with wireless connectivity and natural light
  10. 10. Color panel to differentiate learning spaces
  11. 11. Color, comfortable and multiuse seating, natural light, small informal group space
  12. 12. Small group spaces, individual spaces, access to hardware, natural lighting
  13. 13. Varied seating, carpeted floors for better acoustics
  14. 14. Learning space simulating cozy living room
  15. 15. Smart board, color, room dividers for flexible room arrangement
  16. 16. Textures, comfortable and multiuse seating, flexible, smart board, media center, wireless connectivity
  17. 17. U-shaped seating in lecture space to facilitate communication
  18. 18. Sound panels for improved acoustics
  19. 19. Inflatable pod with wireless connectivity and power sources in floor
  20. 20. Multimedia and wireless learning pods
  21. 21. Virtual learning spaces
  22. 22. Handheld devices
  23. 23. Electronic information kiosk with attached but removable seating and workspace
  24. 24. Inviting architecture and design
  25. 25. Outdoor social space
  26. 26. Adequate workspace and lighting
  27. 27. Color, small group spaces, wireless connectivity
  28. 28. Even virtual learning environments have comfortable seating and casual locations!
  29. 29. Flat screen panels are both art and informational
  30. 30. Lecture space with state of the art media center
  31. 31. Voting devices for student response and input
  32. 32. Lab with “invisible” technology
  33. 33. Room dividers and microphones in lighting fixtures
  34. 34. Learning studio with multiple spaces, art, multipurpose and flexible seating
  35. 35. The End The beginning of endless possibilities for student learning