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Indy downtown faculty

  1. 1. INDY DOWNTOWN FACULTY 201304 Survey Comments
  2. 2. ANTHONY EMERY “It is always nice to have Anthony Emery as an instructor. He truly has the knowledge to impart the material.”
  3. 3. ARNIE GOLDBERG “Mr. G is a great instructor because he knows the job firsthand, and his stories were great examples to learn from.”
  4. 4. BRAD HARR “His class was very informative. I learned a lot from his class.”
  5. 5. CAROL AVERBECK “Very nice instructor, well-spoken and instructs well…”
  6. 6. CLAUDIA MCPHAIL “I am always happy to have a McPhail class. She did a great job teaching the class and holding us accountable.”
  7. 7. DIANE HEAVIN “Mrs. Heavin always explains things thoroughly. She goes through step- by-step and gives examples for everything. She is fair and a great instructor.”
  8. 8. DON HUTCHENS “Knowledgeable about the subject and concerned about students…”
  9. 9. ELIZABETH FISHERO “Very enthusiastic about teaching!”
  10. 10. ERIN CULLEN “I was very pleased with Erin as a teacher. She was full of information in regards to the class, and she had awesome guest speakers. I LOVE LOVE LOVED this class!”
  11. 11. JEREMY FEWER “He worked very hard to engage students and understood individual learning styles.”
  12. 12. JERRY LOZA “He uses different strategies for teaching instead of just using PowerPoint.”
  13. 13. LAURA TURNER “I really like the way she teaches! ”
  14. 14. LISA LIEBIG “Provided relevant information pertaining to forensics…”
  15. 15. LORI SORG “Showed sincere interest in every student’s success on externship…”
  16. 16. MICHELLE BRYANT “Very educated and nice!”
  17. 17. NICOL BRADBERRY “Energy! She is an amazing instructor!”
  18. 18. NIKKI BLAINE “I believe that she was the perfect person to teach this class because she has her own business outside of being an instructor, so she was able to provide examples pertaining to her own life.”
  19. 19. NORMAN BEST “[He] took time to help us understand when we were struggling. I really thought he did an excellent job in teaching Accounting II.”
  20. 20. PATRICIA CHAPPELL “She is a great teacher who pushes you to do great things.”
  21. 21. RICHARD BYRD “He always made the class fun and easier for us to learn. He made me want to come to class and see what new things he would do to help us learn.”
  22. 22. RYAN SHARP “Super Teacher! Great job! I would recommend him to any student.”
  23. 23. SHAWN HOLMES “Very knowledgeable about material and cool to have as an instructor!”
  24. 24. STANLEY BALLINGER “He is very knowledgeable and makes learning fun!”
  25. 25. STEPHEN WALKER “The way he teaches comes from the heart.”
  26. 26. TRACIA ROBERTS “Mrs. Roberts was a really great instructor, and she really helped me through this class. I’m glad I had this class with her!”
  27. 27. TRUNNIS GOGGINS “Trunnis Goggins was especially helpful throughout the whole process. He was also very encouraging and enthusiastic, which was much appreciated.”
  28. 28. ALEXIS THOMAS “She knows what she is talking about. She is very intelligent! She is very friendly, and she is always willing to help.”