Alice in Wonderland 6è


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Alice in Wonderland 6è

  1. 1. By year 6 pupils of CEIP Labritja
  2. 2. Alice and her sister were reading a book. It was sunny and they were in the forest.
  3. 3. Alice saw a white rabbit that said “I am late” He had a clock.
  4. 4. The rabbit ran away. Alice ran after him, in the camp.
  5. 5. Alice saw a dark hole and she went in. It was very deep and scary.
  6. 6. Alice fell down and down the dark hole.
  7. 7. There were a lot of mirrors, chairs,candles,...
  8. 8. Alice saw a very small door. It talked to her: ”You are too big”
  9. 9. She saw a bottle on the table.
  10. 10. There was a message on the bottle.
  11. 11. She took a drink and got smaller and smaller...
  12. 12. Alice saw a box and there were some biscuits. She ate one of them and got bigger and bigger...
  13. 13. She met two men, they were twins.”Have you seen the white rabbit ?said Alice. But the men didnt anwser.
  14. 14. Alice saw a little house. She went in and she a white rabbit.
  15. 15. She saw some bisuits and she ate one.
  16. 16. She got bigger and bigger. Big arms big legs.
  17. 17. Alice found a carrot, the rabbit was very scared.
  18. 18. Alice ate the carrot and she got smaller,smaller...
  19. 19. Alice met a catepillar and talked to it.
  20. 20. The caterpiller turned in to a butterfly and flew away.
  21. 21. She found a magic mushroom
  22. 22. She met a cat and it told her where the rabbit was.
  23. 23. She met a mad hatter and a hare.
  24. 24. They were celebrating the no-birthday party.
  25. 25. Alice saw some playing cards and they were painting roses in red
  26. 26. Alice helped them.
  27. 27. But the queen of hearts was very angry with them.
  28. 28. The Queen of hearts played with Alice and she lost the game.
  29. 29. Alice run away and the queen,the king,the playing cards run after her. The Queen said”Alice has to die”.
  30. 30. Alice woke up and it was all a dream.