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We had our 2nd annual Stuffed Animal Sleepover early in August. The animals had great fun!

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Sleepover 1

  1. 1. Stuffed Animal Sleepover 2011 Drop off night
  2. 2. One last story… … all tucked in and time to sleep!!
  3. 3. So they slept all through the night! But the next morning…
  4. 4. Where, oh where are those animals? I don’t see them! Have I lost those dear, little animals?
  5. 5. Oh, there you are!!! I thought I heard something!
  6. 6. Let’s go out and explore!
  7. 7. Bumby, Baby Two, Mr. Roger and Hearty played very nicely at the activity center. No nibbling toes, Lammy! Monkey George was having fun. Puppy Delgado how did you get up there?
  8. 8. Looks like Single Eye and Tiger Roar are making friends
  9. 9. While some moved on to the computer; Max and Monkey with a banana worked hard to empty the bookdrop…so many books!!!!
  10. 10. Miss Jan asked us to pick out our favorite books!
  11. 11. Baby Two loves her mommy! Tiger Roar likes to jump Monkey are you camping out?
  12. 12. Hearty is NEVER grumpy! Bumby is hoping the bees get the honey Single Eye has a boy like Christopher Robin
  13. 13. Can puppy Delgado come up too? Monkey George finds his good friend Curious George Sharing a book together!
  14. 14. This will cool me off! Lammy can’t believe her luck! A book about lammies, just like her!
  15. 15. Let’s go back to the room and color!
  16. 16. But, wait, isn’t that Miss Jan’s office?
  17. 17. Is she in there? I don’t see her
  18. 18. Let’s play on Miss Jan’s Desk
  19. 19. Whee! Let’s throw feathers! It tickles!
  20. 20. I can’t look! What have you done to her desk?!? “ It’s ok. Miss Jan’s desk is always a mess!” says Hearty.
  21. 21. Monkey George traces Single eye Everyone else joins in the fun! Let’s write our names on them. Do you like mine?
  22. 22. Let’s play Hide and Seek!!!
  23. 23. Baby is “it”. She can count on her fingers and toes!
  24. 24. Single eye chases Mr. Roger into a tree. Soon others follow!
  25. 25. Monkeys and cats keep coming… … until they all fall down!
  26. 26. “ No one will see me above the books,” says Tiger Roar. “ Let’s hide together,” say Max and Lammy.
  27. 27. “ No one can find us in here,” says Monkey George. “Just don’t tickle me,” replies Mr. Roger. I look just like a book. You can’t see me, right?
  28. 28. Isn’t this romantic? Single Eye says, ”I’ll tell no Tails! You won’t find me!”
  29. 29. Baby just wasn’t very good at Hide and Go Seek, so the animals, tired now, came back to their room.
  30. 30. Let’s have a bedtime story Here’s a story called “What do you See?”
  31. 31. Bumby and Max think it’s too scary!
  32. 32. How about “Finding Nemo”? “ Finding Nemo” Yay!!!!!
  33. 33. The End. Time for bed! That’s not a finger in Lammy’s mouth…why…it’s a movie! Let’s watch “Finding Nemo”!
  34. 34. So we all snuggled on a passing turtle…
  35. 35. … and watched our movie! Everyone was sound asleep by the time it was over!
  36. 36. We dreamed about riding our turtle with Nemo and Dory and seeing the ones we love best in the morning!
  37. 37. THE END