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Culturally Relevant Inspiration


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A Web page presentation based on 3 different Early Head Start county school District.

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Culturally Relevant Inspiration

  1. 1. Culturally Relevant Inspiration Mirlande Metellus EDU 692 Dr. Renee Sedlack September 14th , 2015
  2. 2. Early Learning Coalition of Miami- Dade/Monroe  Early Learning Coalition Miami- Dade/Monroe
  3. 3. Early Learning Coalition Program  In this presentation, I will explain the services that each county provided and how they assist students’ learning through creativity, 21st century skills and culturally relevant practices that promotes maternal, infant, safety, and development, as well as strong parent-child relationships.
  4. 4. General Demographic Information  They are located in the southwest of Miami  Total numbers of programs participating: 395  Number of participating child care centers: 233  Number of participating family child care programs: 70  Number of other programs participating: Head Start: 72, Public school voluntary pre-K: 20  Percent of total programs enrolled in QRS: 33.3% centers, 20% family child care, 100% Head Start, 10% schools
  5. 5. Summary  The Early Learning Coalition provides comprehensive services that include preschool education and efforts to help parents foster their child’s development. Their services are designed to be responsive to each child’s and family’s ethnic, cultural, and linguistic heritage. A few years ago, I used to work for them and they are really supportive of the children and families and they also have a huge impact on each family they have encountered with.
  6. 6. Creativity  In the Early Learning Coalition, teachers promote learning by using the setting in which children spend most of their time. The children have interacting with each other, their little minds are exploring the settings and the teachers also promote learning within the daily routine of care and by changing the environment as children learn new skills.
  7. 7. Culturally Relevant Pedagogy  The Early Learning Coalition helps children see that their language is important in the classroom and they provide the students with resources that are needed.
  8. 8. 21St Century Skills  Kids nowadays are born in the age of the internet and Early Learning Coalition instill students the flexibility to adapt with technology by integrating it into the classroom.
  9. 9. Lee County Early Head Start  Early Head Start
  10. 10. General Demographic Information  They are located in Lee County, Florida  Early Childhood Learning Services serves 295 students in grades PK.  Minority enrollment is 95% of the student body majority Hispanic, which is more than the state average of 58%.
  11. 11. Summary  The Lee County Early Head Start program is to enhance children’s development and health, strengthen family and community partnerships, also delivering those services to children with disabilities.
  12. 12. Creativity  They integrate creative curriculum for infants and toddlers.  They are based on sound child development theories about how children develop and learn.
  13. 13. Culturally Relevant Pedagogy  They know that every children and family is rooted in culture and they have the right to maintain their own identity and that culture and family are at the core of children’s social and emotional development.
  14. 14. 21st Century Skills  They integrating each classroom with 2 computers and each children two times a week are learning sound proficiency through the internet school based website.
  15. 15. Collier County Early Childhood Education  Collier County School Head Start hildhood/97C156C3598326ED4DB59AFE 9401521F/Program.pdf
  16. 16. General Demographic Information  Funded Enrollment 413  Number of children served 576  Children who received medical exams 321
  17. 17. Summary  The CCECE program offers high quality educational that promote success through school readiness and family strengthening. They are also offered services for the special needs of children with disabilities.
  18. 18. Creativity  Children are participate in a variety of educational activities in accredited classrooms located at many elementary schools around the county.
  19. 19. Culturally Relevant Pedagogy  Strength based, family centered  Parent-child relationship focused  Developmentally appropriate, culturally relevant learning environment
  20. 20. 21st Century Skills  Each Friday, all head start participate in a field trip to their local library where children learn about technology.
  21. 21. References:  Early Learning Coalition ami_dade.pdf  Lee County Early Head Start childhood-learning-services(fort-myers).php  Collier County Early Childhood Education nualReport.pdf
  22. 22. The end…