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Ravensbourne Tomorrow, FOTE 2008

A stab at the College of the future for FOTE 2008

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Ravensbourne Tomorrow, FOTE 2008

  1. 1. Ravensbourne Tomorrow Miles Metcalfe, Ravensbourne College
  2. 2. About Ravensbourne Specialist higher-education College Validated by the University of Sussex and City University Around 1,500 students in design and communication, mainly undergraduate In leafy Chislehurst, Kent
  3. 3. I can’t tell you what the future holds
  4. 4. Oh my ! 100% buzzword compliant
  5. 5. learner-centred community-engaged deep- learning vocational peer-supported research- informed personalised enterprising inclusive
  6. 6. What does an IT department do about it?
  7. 7. User-owned technology
  8. 8. The usual suspects Flexible learning spaces Serendipitous commons Ubiquitous wireless
  9. 9. Where else do we add value? Use some of the money spent on computer barns to subsidise personal technology Higher-end resources integrate with user- owned workflows Software as a service, open source alternatives, software loans
  10. 10. The good old days Today you get a laptop free with a mobile phone contract Yesterday, IT was expensive: ! Senior managers presided over decisions ! All IT was enterprise IT ! Users’ choices didn’t matter
  11. 11. The enterprise LAN Of course the LAN has enterprise uses Many of our users simply want to: Use wireless to Connect to the internet And we block their ports
  12. 12. Identity crisis What is tomorrow’s IT department? Defender of scarce resource, and arbiter of fair use? Agent of enterprise transformation? Service provider?
  13. 13. Seriously, can we build Faraday cages?
  14. 14. Learning 2.0
  15. 15. It’s about the pedagogy
  16. 16. What works for us A coherent pedagogy that recognises: Learners become practitioners And negotiate a public identity Integrating extra-institutional practice into their institution-bound learning
  17. 17. A personal learning environment Learners bring a part of their environment with them Augment through institutional services Reintegrate social software through a social stack
  18. 18. Some technology The VLE is no longer the whole answer RSS, OpenID preserve the VLE panopticon Bounded systems give way to more open collaboration Like our generous sponsor’s Huddle Or collaborative notification – Twitter
  19. 19. Some parting shots OpenID is far from perfect Have you tried using it on a smartphone? It’s a better bet than Shibboleth I don’t trust these extra-institutional software as a service We’ve managed patch Tuesdays, though
  20. 20. Credits The JISC elearning capital programme Google: North Greenwich image and map pin Foreign Office Architects: Ravensbourne building image “Matrix” and “Falling Down” images found on the web, and used without permission Apple: iPhone image Headshift Ltd: Social Stack Roger Rees and Ruth Catlow – Learning Enhancement at Ravesbourne
  21. 21. Thanks!
  22. 22. *Intentionally left blank