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Social network site Vkontakte, or otherwise known as VK

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. VK Molly Messier FIT1000 20.09.13
  2. 2. Vkontakte  October 2006  216 million users  Pavel Durvov  Owned by Doraview Limited  Open to anyone with a cell phone  $152 million in revenue as of 2011  70 languages Molly Messier VK 20.09.13
  3. 3. Molly Messier VK 20.09.13 How to Sign Up
  4. 4. How to Sign Up Molly Messier VK 20.09.13
  5. 5. Click here to watch video Most popular amongst Russian- speaking users Vkontakte=“In Touch” Identical to Facebook, but no regard for copyright laws Showing steady growth in every country except US and Canada Designed for users of any age, gender or race Molly Messier VK 20.09.13
  6. 6. Features & Benefits Molly Messier VK 20.09.13  Stay in touch with friends and family  Make new friends through mutual interests  Easier to study another language  Music/Videos/Groups/ Photos/News/Events Movies Music Group
  7. 7. …Continued… Molly Messier VK 20.09.13  Like/Comment on pictures  Share photos and posts to profile or in private message  Video Chat  Games  Look at friends’ news feeds  Post anything you want, no restrictions!
  8. 8. Music & Video on the Go! Molly Messier VK 20.09.13 Applications  Mac  PC  Iphone  Ipad  Ipod  Tablet  Android  Windows
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