Merritt, m 830 final paper presentation


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  • This is what I did my project on in Dr. McGee's class. I really think that proper evaluations are key to the evolution of employees and without it how can one expect them to continue to grow and improve as an employee. Great job Melissa.
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Merritt, m 830 final paper presentation

  1. 1. UsingUsing ADDIEADDIE andand Kirkpatrick’s FourKirkpatrick’s Four Evaluation LevelsEvaluation Levels toto Solve PerformanceSolve Performance Management ProblemsManagement Problems Melissa Merritt December 6, 2010
  2. 2. Background:Background: •Property Management, Inc. (PMI) is a private property management firm operating 26 residential apartment communities in VA, NC, SC, & GA. The company headquarters is in Virginia Beach, VA.
  3. 3. The ProblemThe Problem • Higher than industry standard turnover • Disproportionate number of exits due to poor performance
  4. 4. The MethodThe Method Analyze Design Develop Implement Evaluate
  5. 5. FindingsFindings Poorly executed performance appraisals Lack of verbal and written performance counseling Inadequate Performance Feedback
  6. 6. RecommendationsRecommendations • Supervisor Training on performance management strategies • Training done by HR staff • Webinar format • 2 different modules • All management staff
  7. 7. Implementation????Implementation????
  8. 8. EvaluationEvaluation • Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels: oREACTION oLEARNING oBEHAVIOR oRESULTS