Fallen Angels


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Fallen Angels

  1. 1. Who are they? Where did it all begin?
  2. 2. Angels who fell from heaven after rebelling against  God. You will find them being spoken about in the New  Testament in Revelation 12 and not in the Old Testament. There were millions to fall but only few are mention  or even have history about them. The Nephilim and the watchers also have to do with  Fallen Angels.
  3. 3. Fall Of Lucifer “On the third day of creation, God’s Chief archangel, a Cherub by the name of Lucifer, [Son Of Dawn] Guardian of all nations, stated that he will raise above and be God’s equal. God Casted him down from Eden to Earth , and from Earth to Sheol.” -Hebrew Myth Lucifer is identified in the New Testament with Satan and in the Targum With Samael. He is the “Light Giver”, the brightest angel, even the child of Light. The War In Heaven http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkZEt4pM- By Gustave Dore [Paradise Lost] MM [00.08-4.05 sec]
  4. 4. Azazel Semyaza “God’s Strength” Chief of 200 Fallen-Taught men to Leader of evil angels who fell. fashion swords and shields. He is seraph tempted by the In Apocalypse of Abraham he is: maiden Ishtaher to reveal to word of Hell her the explicit Name (of Seducer of mankind God) . Now hangs between shown to have 7 serpent heads, Heaven and Earth, head down 14 faces, 12 wings and is the constellation Orion Jewish legend speaks as the angel [would have been identical who refused to bow down with angel Michael] before Adam. Casted our and God changed his name to Eblis. His son Hilua and Hiya by one Milton in Paradise Lost describes of Eve’s daughters. Azazel as Cherub tall but as a In Byron’s Version ,[heaven Fallen Angel and Satan’s And Earth, a mystery] Standard bearer. Samyaza is transformed into I have noticed in his image he is Azaziel and female Ishtaher described as a goat or always into Abollbaman. with one. -Dictionary of Google.com [Keyword- Angels Azazel]
  5. 5. Nephilim Helel Hebrew Lore. It stands for giants of Canaantish mythology- Fallen Angel primeval Times. Son of Shar orsharer. Also known as Fallen Angels or their Sought to usurp the throne of the offspring Chief God and was punishment was [the Sons of God who coinhibited with To be cast down into abyss. the daughters of men In “Lucifer Legend” Genesis] First star to fall from Heaven was The head of Nephilim was Helel. Satan-Helel Youtube video [Enoch1, 86:1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL VfEy7m4l0 [00.00-00.37 sec] Naturally angels can have no offspring since they are pure Spirit, but when they do an angel sin by cohabiting with mortal Watchers Women, they are capable of producing Progeny. High order of angels called also the Grigori that never sleep. According to the book of Jubilees, Watchers were sent by God to instruct children of Men, but they fell after they Descended to Earth and started cohabiting with mortal women. Enoch 1 mentions seven Watchers fell because they failed to appear on time for certain tasks appointed to them. Good Watchers swell in the 5th heaven, and evil in the 3rd heaven. [Hell in Heaven Realm] [Azazel, Semyaza, Shemshiel, Kokabel, Sariel, Satanil]
  6. 6. Dictionary Cherub- In the Cabala, Cherub is one of the angels in air. As Cherub, he is the Angel “who was made the Guardian of terrestrial Paradise, with a sword of Flame.” “The first Angel to sin is called not a Seraph, but a Cherub” Sheol- One of the 64 Angel wardens of seven celestial. Grigori- Jewish Legendary Lore. Superior order of Angels in both the 2nd and 5th Heavens. Giants- Believed to be offspring of Fallen Angles [Nephilim, also called Watchers] and Human women. The story derives from Genesis 6. N.S. Raja ram Minerva Preen London Monteux Las Angeles, Sydney Dead Sea of uncovered scrolls