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Manpower recruitment Consultants in India an Overview


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MM Enterprises ( ) presents a brief presentation about the various attributes of a successful manpower recruitment agencies in India.

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Manpower recruitment Consultants in India an Overview

  1. 1. Manpower Recruitment Consultants in India
  2. 2. With the emergence of so many recruitment agencies in India it is getting very hard to find the right manpower recruitment consultants from India.
  3. 3. 5 attributes to look for in a Manpower Recruitment Consultants
  4. 4. Attribute 1: Understanding of Client Requirement and their Underlying Needs This sounds easy but an experienced recruiter knows: 1. 2. 3. 4. What client generally asks is sometimes different from what they need. You need to have someone who has expertise within that industry Sometimes the best talent is not the right talent A successful recruiter sees more than the Job Description but sees the underlying needs.
  5. 5. Attribute 2: Mix of Technology and Networking A Professional Recruiter does not depend on Technology alone. 1. A professional recruiter searches his/her professional network. 2. Uses the latest sourcing tools to find the right candidate 3. Understands the time constraints and works accordingly
  6. 6. Attribute 3: Prior Experience in the Industry it is recruiting for Insights that come from Experience in a particular industry makes things happen. 1. Professional Manpower recruitment agencies have recruitment consultants in various verticals so that they are able to understand the clients needs. 2. Prior Experience in that vertical also helps in scouting for the right talent.
  7. 7. Attribute 4: Process Oriented Recruitment Consultants Professional Recruitment Agencies follow processes: 1. This ensures that their personal biases do not hamper the recruitment process 2. It ensures that the quality of the candidates offered are top notch.
  8. 8. Attribute 5: Recruiters are great at Networking As recruitment is not a one step process. Hence, you need to have interpersonal skills so that: 1. You are able to coordinate well between different teams 2. You are better able to understand the Candidate and his needs 3. You are able to understand the clients needs
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