ANTISPAM (English)


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Recommendations to avoid SPAM

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ANTISPAM (English)

  1. 1. 1) What is SPAM? Spam are advertising messages and sew of the style "make you millionaire while you sleep". by definition they are NOT REQUESTED messages 2) How do they know your address? The most common thing l is that messages that are sent massively as jokes and political informations , that are forwarded to the WHOLE LIST OF EMAIL ADDRESSES can be stolen (and use to be) . And later, to make things worse, these e-mail lists are sold / exchanged with others. APPROPRIATE USE OF E-MAIL Attention This message has some advice about the use of e-mail. It is for your benefit and for all the others. Please take some minutes to read it. It is very important.
  2. 2. 3) What to make to avoid this? A) Every time you send an e-mail to more than 1 address and if it is not important that the addresses are visible among them , a joke,  for example, use Bcc , (well-known as "hidden" copy). Bcc makes the list of addressees not to FIGURE in the message. Please, please, use Bcc . B) Other way is that when you FORWARD of an e-mail, take 1 second to DELETE the addresses of e-mail of the previous message. VERY EASY TOO . AHORA TU HARAS EXACTAMENTE LO QUE YO TE DIGA ….
  3. 3. 4) What are those e-mails of "save a poor girl with cancer"? All, ALL those e-mails that ask you to * FORWARD * are LIES . ERASE these mails. BE CAREFULL , some bring virus or malware. ANY COMPANY (as MICROSOFT , for example) NEVER,   NEVER donates money for re-sending this type of messages. 5) And virus? Don't send neither open files .exe , nor .doc !!!, unless your you know that they come from somebody reliable. This is the typical place where virus come. It is not enough passing an antivirus, the antivirus are allways outdated. And in a e-mail "campaign" they arrive to millions in one day and are hardly going to be detected by the anti-virus that will be able to do it  in some days or one week or more.
  4. 4. 6) And the accounts "REMOVE" ?" It is ALSO LIE!!! Let's say, when they send a spam  (not requested mail) and they ask you to answer if you want to be deleted from their lists, that is only to verify which e-mails in the list are true e-mails . When responding them, automatically you are saying that your address is valid and not only they will continue you sending you e-mails, but they will sell it massively to other spamers. NEVER respond, NEVER!. 7) What more can I do? Every time you receive spam you can forward it or resend it to the account "abuses" of that domain. For example if you get an e-mail of [email_address] you can send it to [email_address] and [email_address] They will of take action against the spamer NEVER buy anything to the SPAMERS
  5. 5. Dear friends: The story of the chains. There is not any girl called Amy Bruce dying from cancer and, if there were that girl, the Foundation "Make-a-Wish" is not going to donate anything to anybody. This kind of mails is easily tested entering to the website of the foundation and looking for the agreement: if it were true, belive me  that would be in the site with everything and the picture of Amy  (login http :// www . wish . org / home / frame _ chainletters . htm   where you can get specifically information on this mail) 8) If you are mail administrator: please visit this it page to know how to fight SPAM: http :// spam If you will share this message with several people, remember to send it with Bcc (cached copy) and to delete the address of the one who sent it to you that you, otherwise it will be recorded in the "forward" separator.
  6. 6. To avoid to fall in this again andto keep the Internet and our mailbox as clean places where to work. E-mail chains are instruments used by webmasters of pornographic places, companies that sell anything, on-line casinos , agencies of "easy money", companies that negotiate selling mail lists and others that use the spam to getr your money. Your idea to send one of these chains could be: 1 - to help a sick boy. 2 - Ericsson/Nokia/Motorola is giving cellular phones. 3 - New virus: don't open it!!!!! (this are called false alarms or Hoaxes). 4 - Bill Gates will give $5000 and a trip to Disney. 5 - of the guy that wake up in the tub without a kidney. 6 - gas stations that explode due to a cellular. 7 - infected needles of HIV+ in the cinemas. 8 - sulfate of sodium in your shampoo. 9 - Assaults in the parking of the shopping centers. 10 - this will bring you the more more luck as quick and to more people you send it. 11 - you send it to many people and also to who sent it to you, to show them how much you love them.
  7. 7. Many more than, usually, appeal to your humanitary feelings or to your desire to fulfill your desires, or to your hope that, sending many copies, will improve your luck, or to your fears that something bad can happen (as those described in those messages) to your beloved ones or your desire of sending ingenious or  interesting news to your friends, etc., etc., etc. so that later, in some moment, the same e-mails wull return to the chain senders, weighted with hundreds and hundreds of mail addresses. Among them, your and mine addresses. With the result that after a while all we will begin to receive spams whose sender is, for example 9022ux5mz@ bankakademie .de or any other one, offering business in which we are not interested. Hackers enter through e-mail to y our computer the famous program s Netbus or BackOrifice, being able to control y our  PC and to make havocs; and we, without knowing it, forward them to our friends. There are t h re e way s to stop this .
  8. 8. There are t h re e way s to stop this . 1- Don't forward chains OF ANY TYPE . It is the best way to love your friends. 2- If you don't agree with that, at least forward the chains with the addresses in the field Bcc (copies hidden) and not in the field “ To " . When placing the addresses in the field  " Bcc ", those who receive the chain won't be able to see the addresses from other people to those that have also been sent (for example, this mail sent it with its addresses in " Bcc ": Can you see that addresses don't appear?) and this stop a bit  the spam. 3- When you use FWD or Forward , delete in the new mail the address of who sent it to it you and the addresses of other previous posible senders , do not left  registered any electronic e-mail address. At least we won't be giving the addresses of our family and friends so easily .  This message has been distributed through the whole Net and is being propagated in benefit of all. Send your messages with the hidden addresses ( Bcc ). Let's fight against the chains!
  9. 9. IMPORTANT TRICK FOR THOSE THAT USE GLASSES FOR READING. I hope it will be useful   Excellent information for our friends and family that needs to use glasses to read. An excellent trick that change the size of the letters and pictures that appear in the screen, using the keyboard and the mouse . Useful un the Internet, including any web mail. Surely you suffered trying to read e-mails with small letter, worse at night. Let't test it .   Press the key Ctrl (Control) and rotate the wheel that is in the center of the mouse. You will see that everything enlarges when you are rotating the wheel. If the wheel rotate the other way around everything will decrease.   Pass this information to all and have for sure that the ones that didn't know the trick will thank you.