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Living in Denver provides many options, from the glamorous neighborhoods near the city to trendy lofts downtown. There's a place for everyone.

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Living in denver

  1. 1. Living In Denver<br />Littleton, located just south of Denver is a small suburb with a big feel. Their town center area is replite with historic buildings that contrast Denver's towering skyline. But Littleton's so close to Denver that you can hike or bike the trail along the Platte River to get there. The light rail will get you there in no time or you can drive of course, but how passe. Littleton has great shopping and dining. The housing prices are less than in Denver proper with the majority being $1 million and over. There's an absence of high-rise condos too. Littleton residents typically have more land, and room to spread out. Luxury abounds though, with sprawling lake views and mountains on the horizon. Outside you'll find many homes complete with decks and entertainment spaces to enjoy the weather.<br />
  2. 2. Cherry Hills remains one of the Denver areas most desirable living places. Its neighborhoods are filled with charming luxury homes. Located just six miles from Denver makes it a simple commute. This is one of the most affluent areas in Colorado. The grounds of these magnificent homes are always very impressive given that that's the first thing you see. Professional landscape designs, gardens, fish ponds, and sometimes waterfalls or water fountains make it that much more dramatic. Interiors use only the finest woods, stone, glass and tiles to create open flowing spaces for sumptuous living and easy entertaining. The mountain range serves as a picture-perfect backdrop for these homes. You'll often find a library, swimming pool, three-car garage, and other luxurious amenities in these houses.<br />
  3. 3. Centennial is a new city, incorporated in February 2001. It's so new in fact that many people who live in the area don't even call it Centennial. They usually refer to the area using names of neighboring cities, like Littleton or Aurora. But it is a real city with about 100,000 residents. For horse owners, there are many places to call home, with lots of 20 acre lots that could be your definition of luxury living. The views from almost anywhere are absolutely stunning and homes will have lots of windows, many floor to ceiling, to show off the picture-perfect views. Often the interior spaces of these homes are open and airy lending themselves perfectly to entertaining guests. Some homes feature a guesthouse for visitors. If you're concerned with security, many people living here are in gated communities, which offer beautiful, safe surroundings.<br />
  4. 4. Also south of Denver is Larkspur - a small town on the northern slope of Pike Forest. This quiet little city has only about 300 residents who live either in neighborhoods or on ranches. For golfers, there's a wonderful 18-hole course with pro shop and a luxurous clubhouse and restaurant. There's a great deal available in the way of luxury homes in Larkspur. From gated estates to sprawling ranches, you can be sure that no matter what home you're in, you'll be treated to dramatic views. The amenities are awesome as well. Some homes even feature a heated airplane hanger with a runway or helicopter pad when you're in a hurry to get in or out of town. Living here offers an abundance of options if you have money to spend. Purchasing a luxury home in Larkspur is almost like buying a piece of heaven.<br />
  5. 5. For more information about living in Denver, visit <a href=>Denver Living</a><br />