Content marketing strategy for wineries


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My Presentation at Sonoma State University for a discussion on DTC trends, and how to create a dynamic content strategy. It explores how SEO is now better described at "customer experience optimization", and how to translate the real world tasting room experience with the one users have with your brand online. Visit for more tips on how to improve your digital marketing efforts.

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  • Good morning – thank you for comingNow I want to take the discussion from the customer experience in your tasting room, to the one they have online. Redefine SEO to CEO.But quickly…
  • Build awarenessShape perceptionCreate narrativeShape experience through content
  • SEO was at the top
  • You just needed to rank on page one to succeed.Wrong.What about the user?
  • Easy to rankBuy links, blog farms, spam contentNo care for value or customer experience
  • Shuts down blog farmsPenalizes sites for spammy practicesSEO industry gets shiftyStarts to realize…
  • SEO is just a piece that helps guide content.Content takes many forms.
  • Creates a narrativeOngoing dialogue
  • In other words does your tasting room translate to the web?Doing enough?Taking time?
  • “Content is king” but what is great content??
  • ObviouslyBut is your copy interesting? Be compelling.
  • Infographics = hot Distill big, complicated ideasInformative + easy to understand = sharable
  • Presentation is key.What I likeGood descriptionCrisp imageFood pairing links, winemaker notesSocial sharingMembership discount call to action
  • Videos are a great way to share content.KJ = Sustainable, with no trace of selfishnessGunbun = Humor, revive MerlotBoth convey values.Congrats KJ and Gun Bun – great creative
  • People are visualBridge the gap between brand and lifestyleHang outside, party, eat
  • Despite how you feel…Interact with customersThank them!Encourage your fans to speak up
  • Meta data – the data behind content- reviews/star ratingsEventsAuthor photosMeta data draws your attention away from other results and gives a higher CTR.
  • Where is the value?How do you benefit?
  • Crowdsourced content = minimal effort on your part, big engagement. Take a photo at winery, or while drinking wine. Pretty simple.You can do better.
  • High engagement rates, people eat it upDirect appeal with fans through humor and clever interactionI had a Rusty growing up – some of you might too. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your dog with Rusty on the label?
  • Demonstrate knowledgeBuild credibilitySway opinion in your favorComment on relevant issues, industry or not
  • Good content gets sharedLinks to your site in return = SEO turned into CEO (customer experience optimization)YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS EXAMPLE!!
  • Go beyond your brandBuildlifestyle connections with your audience.I chose this example because…Speaks to their audience (Women I think…)Perfect landing page
  • Bongsmoking, S&M loving, threesomes video campaign Offensive?? This is CALIFORNIA AFTER ALLcrude, funny, appealing to younger crowd. Have fun.
  • Demonstrate values reactions…
  • Even if you need to explicitly explain your values. Do it.
  • Simply putTake action, build traffic, INCREASE DTC
  • Writing is not fun. It’s hard.You’re busy, I know. You don’t have time to writeBut you NEED TO.Put heads together
  • Collaborate. Hire. Outsource.Do whatever it takes to CREATE A PLAN AND EXECUTE IT.Begin by collecting ideas.
  • Study what others are doing in your nicheImitate, or improve.Look for highly shared content.
  • Social + SEO + Content = WINBuild a passionate community through social media. Foundation of sharing.Followerwonk = great way to find influential users on Twitter (link for more info)
  • Dig into social media to find influencers, and other key people who can help spread your content.Share or favorite their content first. Prime ego. REACH TIPPING POINT!!
  • Go forth, prosperCreate an experience online.
  • Content marketing strategy for wineries

    1. 1. Why customer experience optimization is the new search engine optimization.
    2. 2. Michael Meisner Manager, Direct-to-consumer consulting services 8+ years involved in web design, SEO, analytics @mmeisner Yup! I’m a web geek.
    3. 3. I don’t really “do” SEO. I build brand awareness, positive perception, and market share by shaping experiences to be found and used by people.
    4. 4. SEO
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Add reviews to your product page with proper data formatting. Which provides users with extra information in search results.
    7. 7. “Goes great with” By SLO Down Wines
    8. 8. Create And they will come
    9. 9. • • • • • • • Ubersuggest Bag the web Your competition Digg/Reddit/Stumbleupon Topsy/Popurls 88 content Creation Ideas:
    10. 10. Follow her Follow their fans How I use Followerwonk and Why I Love It: /
    11. 11. Essential pre-and post-content checklist:
    12. 12. Educate, amuse, and stimulate your audience. Become a Great Content Brand, that’s famous for creating intelligent, useful, and entertaining content that’s always worth consuming. Everything must provide value. Don’t settle for less than your audience deserves. Maintain expectations in your content delivery.
    13. 13. Email: Twitter: @mmeisner LinkedIn: Blog: