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Company Brochure

  1. 1. ertise experience 750,000+ users documentation compliant ure on-demand trusted solution search tasks activity timize streamline productivity efficiency seamless transpare elerated transform process responsiveness virtual oss-organizational community filter results sell-side mergers & acquisitions due diligence clinical pharmaceuticals biotechnologies hedge funds alternative nvestments corporate repository fundraising creativity energy omer service deals debt financing mission-critical best practic ning activity avoid risks a.m. 90,000 organization eekend global bankruptcy & restructuring flexibility security essibility affordability investor reporting syndicated lending finan tured finance commercial lending evening regulatory audit finan dit alliances partnerships board of directors communications eekday safety document distribution business development project nagement project finance search filter answers enterpr s managed file transfer control business intelligence projects comp egrated contract management decisions archive Q&A mobile orkspace files licensing internal 800 of the Fortune 00 visibility ease of use easy implementation expertise excha ers industry knowledge workflow management content m anagement cloud-based portfolio company management venture al site activation convenience accounting taxyour business. Transform treasury repo porate governance trials pharmaceuticals biotechnologies hedge fu ernative investments corporate repository fundraising creativ ergy customer service deals debt financing mission-critical exper
  2. 2. Information. It’s the lifeblood of business. It’s what forms intelligence and powers profits. It is a valuable — and valued — asset across enterprises. It is critical to pursuing opportunities, gaining a competitive advantage and enhancing profitability. But while all companies use information, they struggle with how to communicate effectively, how to collaborate easily, how to exchange information securely and how to improve business processes.
  3. 3. Now more than ever, business moves at breakneck speed. Decisions need to be made at a rapid pace. Deadlines seem to appear on the calendar faster than before. And always with the need to focus on reducing risk while controlling costs. On top of all that, you find yourself spending hours searching for that one critical document that needs to be analyzed or shared or communicated for an audit or project or deal. Rifling through files, desks, or computers. Sending via email, fax, Fedex or even by messenger. Across departments, across geographies, across companies. And then critical information gets lost. Privileged documentation somehow becomes public. Collaboration is impeded. The process itself is a barrier to getting things done. Is this any way to manage a mission-critical project? Let IntraLinks transform the way you do business. Exchange critical information safely. Guide your collaboration. Organize and protect your documentation. Standardize your business processes. Inside and outside company walls. On-demand. Secure. Compliant. Auditable.
  4. 4. Information becomes Energy Industry Focus: intelligence. Case In poInt Imagine a virtual place where all your critical information can be Energizing Partnership accessed from anywhere, any time, across the hall or across the Negotiations globe. Where documents are shared securely and easily enabling you An advanced biofuels developer to exchange information quickly with one person, or one thousand. needed a new approach to Information is organized and managed so that it intuitively integrates developing a partnership with one of the world’s largest energy with your business and how you work. Locate, evaluate and filter companies.The traditional practice relevant information, enabling faster business decisions. Search for of photocopying documents and information easily, finding answers as quickly as you need them. organizing them into binders to Documents are controlled and tracked so you know who is looking at mail, or burning CDs for distribu- tion, was not cost effective, timely your information, when they are looking and how they are using it. or secure. With limited time avail- able, the company needed to IntraLinks. Where information becomes the efficiently leverage its capabilities and scale its resources to keep in intelligence to drive your business forward. step with its potential partner. To create the ground-breaking par tnership, the biofuels devel- oper managed the negotiations with IntraLinks’ on-demand solution. IntraLinks enabled the biofuels developer to control the exchange of critical information from multiple locations, while maintaining confi- dences. It also enabled the company to gather important intelligence along the way, helping solidify the partnership. The ability to manage the process and respond to the energy company’s needs helped build mutual confidence in each other. In just six weeks—half the time it would have taken with a tra- ditional solution—the two companies finalized negotiations. The partnership marked the first large-scale collaboration between an established player and an industry upstart to jointly develop technology to turn cellulosic biomass into ethanol fuel.
  5. 5. Business activity becomes Industry Real Focus: optimized workflow. Estate Imagine a virtual place enabling a new way of doing business seamlessly. Where workflow is accelerated and streamlined. Coordination and Case In poInt collaboration with others becomes part of the daily routine, preventing communications breakdowns and increasing productivity. Where daily Building a More tasks are managed and assigned effectively, establishing processes, Efficient Deal Process dictating the pace, and keeping things on track. Customization and creation of workflows ensures responsiveness. And it’s easy to One of the largest owners, develop- ers and managers of Class ‘A’ office oversee what work is being done, when and how it gets done, and properties in Southern California had who does it, so you can stay far ahead of the next challenge. traditionally eschewed technology, preferring to stick with its familiar paper- IntraLinks. Where workflow becomes intensive ways. When a deal developed, the transaction team would verify they optimized leading to increased efficiency had all the information they needed, create an index for the paper dataroom and then and productivity. make the documents available for review by potential buyers. The task proved daunting and time-intensive. A typical transaction required two weeks just to prepare for market, and a full 70 days to close. Such long deal times hindered the company’s ability to react quickly to market opportunities. Additionally, the resources required strained the company’s small team. It realized it needed an online platform for the exchange of critical deal information and chose IntraLinks’ on-demand solution. as a result, transaction times were slashed from 70 days to 30 while exponentially increasing deal sizes. Further, the company started using IntraLinks to streamline a variety of corporate processes from audits to joint venture projects, replacing time spent doing administrative work with high-value contributions towards the company’s success.
  6. 6. Industry Focus: Financial Services & Insurance Case In poInt Insuring Successful Collaboration With collaboration a requirement for success, a leading insurance company relies on a bevy of subject matter experts both inside and outside the company when conducting buy-side due dili- gence. Because it must quickly tap into experts’ insights on transactions, it needed a better solu- tion for the deal teams, who are spread across corporate functions and geographic regions, to easily collaborate on transactions, and to exchange critical information inside and outside the company. Use of email and internal shared drives for collaboration was common. However, email proved cumbersome and inefficient and Communication becomes lacked security safeguards as well. collaboration. The insurance giant chose IntraLinks for the exchange of its critical information, creating a way for deal teams to instantaneously communicate to everyone working on Imagine a virtual place where teams can come together to share the deal, regardless of location. Both ideas, transact and interact. Working collaboratively, effortlessly and internal and external advisors and experts use the document reposi- securely. Bringing together expertise, views and resources from both tory to access and post information, inside and outside the company to drive content development and including findings, analysis and intel- creative problem solving. Information can be gathered and developed lectual capital. in whatever format makes the most sense. Best practices can be easily the ability to organize, integrated into processes to help obtain maximum results. Coordinate, house and share key docu- review, approve and interact so efficiently that you not only do business ments instantaneously shaves weeks off the better, you do much more business. process and saves thou- sands of man hours. IntraLinks. Where collaboration becomes the engine IntraLinks has helped transform the company’s that drives creativity and transforms results. M&A activity into a more effective and efficient process.
  7. 7. Industry Focus: Life Sciences Contacts become a community. Case In poInt Funding Relief with an Online Solution Imagine a virtual place where you can instantly identify A pharmaceutical leader wanted to license the and engage trusted business partners and colleagues rights to a drug product with limited portfolio fit. inside or outside your company. So projects get done While common practice in the pharmaceutical better and faster. Finding the right people and expertise industry, licensing a drug requires a thorough due to seize opportunities, initiate projects, fund deals, diligence process.The company needed to provide potential licensees with all relevant documents, secure a clinical drug trial site, or identify a licensing including the New Drug Application (NDA) and partner. A fully resourced virtual team at your fingertips related pending patent applications. This meant to match immediate needs makes your process more assembling, organizing and presenting 30,000 to 40,000 pages of confidential information. efficient and generates the best results. The company called on IntraLinks to provide a more efficient way to communicate with a IntraLinks. Where contacts become a broader community of potential partners than true community and change the way traditional due diligence methods. This freed up company executives’ time so they could con- business is done. centrate on their business while numerous suitors evaluated the deal. One hundred companies were contacted to gauge their interest in buying or licensing the drug. Numerous suitors were interested. Potential buyers conducted their due diligence simultaneously through IntraLinks critical information exchange, shortening the deal timeline. IntraLinks’ valuable features pro- tected the anonymity of interested parties, controlled access to sensitive information and allowed the pharmaceutical leader to track the process closely. In the end, a buyer was found in just six weeks, half the time it would have taken with a traditional approach.
  8. 8. IntraLinks Advantage Leaders from the Start Service without Sacrifice We’re experts at the secure exchange of critical information. We deliver mission-critical technology solutions to demanding Cutting our teeth in the financial services industry, revolution- clients across many industries. Whether financial, pharmaceutical, izing the way debt financing was handled in an online model. legal or any other, we have an unwavering commitment to our Applying this same model to mergers & acquisitions due customers’ success. We offer clients a full-service, hands-on diligence, we changed the way firms close deals and became approach setting up and maintaining their solution, so clients an industry standard along the way. To every client engage- can focus on their business. Years of extensive experience ment, we bring our expertise and industry knowledge to design with IntraLinks’ users enables us to work directly with each and implement solutions that meet their specific needs. And user to share and implement best practices. Whether morn- we continually integrate best-of-breed technologies into our ing, evening, weekday, weekend, Boston, Bombay, Berlin or solutions. Today, 750,000+ users across 90,000 organizations Beijing—no matter the time or place, there is always some- around the world rely on us, including 800 of the Fortune 1000. one live to speak with in their native language. Business Doesn’t Happen Minutes Not Months Only within Your Own Walls We offer a true turnkey solution, so no additional hardware or software is needed. With no expensive training programs, new We created a way for companies to collaborate on mission- demands on IT resources or upfront capital costs, our Software critical business projects with experts, business partners and as a Service (SaaS) business model provides a budget-friendly, colleagues regardless of their location, whether they work inside scalable cost structure that yields returns almost immediately or outside your company. Geographic and organizational barriers and continues through the long term. With tens of thousands must be overcome, without sacrificing security, to optimize of implementations worldwide under our belt, we can get clients intelligence, to improve business workflow and productivity, to up and running in minutes. Easy integration with software and enhance collaboration. To access the right people and the right internal systems ensures a transparent workflow. And as busi- information at the right time. ness evolves, our solution enables clients to easily add users, expand uses and increase the volume of information to adapt Secure on All Fronts to ever-changing business needs. We developed a way for information to be ultra-secure, avoid- ing possible risks and exposure to business. To accomplish this goal, we provide rights and permissions management, encryption and sophisticated access controls. Our tracking capabilities ensure that our customers know who has what information and what they are doing with it at all times. Making our solution always auditable and compliant. And with multiple geographically diverse data centers shielding our valuable servers and ensuring data redundancy, nothing is ever lost. With frequent and thorough audits, SAS-70 Level II and ISO 9000 certifications, we have made commitment to security one of our core values.
  9. 9. Americas EMEA Asia-Pacific New York Corporate Headquarters London Hong Kong 150 East 42nd Street, 8th Floor IntraLinks Ltd. Level 39, One Exchange Square New York, NY 10017 44 Featherstone Street 8 Connaught Place Tel: 212 543 7700 London, EC1Y 8RN Hong Kong, Central Fax: 212 543 7978 Tel: +44 (0) 20 7549 5200 Hong Kong Fax: +44 (0) 20 7549 5201 Tel: +852 3101 7022 Boston Fax: +852 3101 7021 529 Main Street Dubai The Schrafft Center 1009 Shatha Tower Tokyo Charlestown, MA 02139 Dubai Internet City, Keio Shinagawa Building, 14F Tel: 617 648 3500 United Arab Emirates 2-17-1 Konan, Minato-Ku Fax: 617 648 3550 Tel: +971 (0) 4 375 3498 Tokyo Japan 106-0075 Fax: +971 (0) 4 439 3595 Tel: +81 3 6713 7827 Chicago 125 S. Wacker, Suite 300 Frankfurt Singapore Chicago, IL 60606 Bockenheimer Landstrasse 17/19 Intralinks Inc. Tel: 312 893 5880 60325 Frankfurt am Main Level 34, Centennial Tower Fax: 312 893 5885 Germany 3 Temasek Avenue Tel: +49 69 710 455 185 Singapore 039190 Fax: +49 69 710 455 187 Tel: +65 6549 7801 Fax: +65 6549 7011 Madrid López de Hoyos nº 35 – 1ª Planta Sydney 28002, Madrid Suite 1, Level 3 Tel: +34 91 771 5117 3 Spring Street Fax: +34 91 791 5228 Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel: +61 (0) 2 8249 4567 Milan Fax: +61 (0) 2 8249 4001 Via Torino, 2 20123 Milano Tel: +39 02 7254 6207 Fax: +39 02 4438 6087 Paris Suite 36, Level 3 17, Square Edouard VII For a list of authorized 75009 Paris representatives around Tel: +33 (1) 53 43 91 05 the world, please email Fax: +33 (1) 53 43 93 93
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