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Assistive Technology for World Languages 2


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Published in: Education
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Assistive Technology for World Languages 2

  1. 1. Top 15 Assistive Technologies & Universal Designfor Learning aids for World Language Classrooms Joey Deckman Sam Dill Stephanie Warren
  2. 2. Sam
  3. 3. is a website that can be used tohelp build student listening and readingcomprehension. It supports students withauditory disabilities or learning disabilitiesbecause they can replay the clips slower, andthe comprehension exercises build culturaland linguistic knowledge. The authenticnature of the clips make them a great choicefor all world language students.
  4. 4. Chinese Word Processor Sam
  5. 5. NJStar is an example of a wordprocessing program. These programssupport students with physical disabilities whohave difficulty writing, and students withdyslexia or other language baseddisabilities. All students benefit from theability to create digital documents, and interacton the Internet in a second language. Word Processors
  6. 6. Class Dojo app/website Sam
  7. 7. Class Dojo is a website and an app thatallows teachers to track studentbehavior. Students and parents can monitorstudent progress online. This app supportsstudents with ADHD or ED, and all studentsbenefit from monitoring their own classparticipation. The teacher can customize thetracked behaviors, both positive and negative,which can reinforce target language use. Class Dojo app/website
  8. 8. Pic Collage app Sam
  9. 9. Pic collage is an app for the iPad that helpsstudents create personalized visualdictionaries. This app supports students withreading disabilities, those who need extravisual support, or English Language Learners.All students can benefit from reinforcing themeaning of vocabulary without usingEnglish in class. Pic Collage app
  10. 10. Story cubes Sam cubes%c2%ae-actions/
  11. 11. Story cubes are dice with pictures of items oractivities on them. They can be used tosupport students with autism toguide personal expression. They can alsobenefit students with learning disabilities, tohelp them practice logical or sequencingspeech. All students benefit by using cubes toguide oral and written production skills in thetarget language. Story cubes