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Online marketing With Video & Your Website


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The best way to improve your online marketing with digital content is to integrate professional video into your website. This guide describes how you can incorporate video into your online marketing to help make your online marketing with video more effective. It includes a step-by-step guide that makes it easy to add video to your website including
- Where to upload your videos
- How to add them to your website
- Example language to include with your video
- How to track the impact of your video on your website
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Online marketing With Video & Your Website

  1. 1. Online Marketing With YourVideo & Your WebsiteBy Event Commercials
  2. 2. Table of Contents• How to add video to your website• Specific marketing messages to increaseengagement and response rates
  3. 3. Why Video?• Video utilizes more senses together• 4-7x higher engagement and response rates(SearchEngineWatch)
  4. 4. Upload To YouTube• YouTube is the #1 service for video online• Most integrated with other services• Click here for detailed instructions on how toupload to YouTube
  5. 5. Embed on Your Website• Go to the video’s YouTube page• Click the “Share” link below the video• Choose “Embed”• Choose preferred dimensions• Copy the code• Paste the code into your website’s HTML
  6. 6. Example: Embed Code
  7. 7. Include Call To Action• Always include a call to action for visitors• A call to action is a specific next step forwebsite visitors to take, for example– Register early to lock in your preferred rate byclicking this link:– Join our mailing list to receive special discounts– Share this page on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  8. 8. Direct Users To Your Website• Focus efforts on consolidating traffic to yourwebsite• You have more control over the branding andmarketing message on your website vsexternal websites
  9. 9. Tracking Your Impact• You don’t know what you don’t measure• Track activity using free analytics tools• Pay attention to pre- and post-videoembedding engagement and response rates
  10. 10. Ex. Google Analytics Traffic Sources
  11. 11. Learn More• Interested in learning more? Visit ourcomplete How To Marketing Online Guide orexplore how is theeasiest way to help your online marketing withvideo
  12. 12. THANK YOU!We hope you have a great day!