Southern Bluefin Tuna Jul10


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Fresh Southern Bluefin Tuna brought into the US by Uoriki Fresh every week.

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Southern Bluefin Tuna Jul10

  1. 1. Complete traceability p y from catch to table...
  2. 2. UORIKI FRESH, INC. Uorik Fresh Inc i th US subsidiary of J U ik F h I ki is the b idi f Japan's ' Top FFishmonger. An 80 year old public company with $250m turnover and zero bank debt, Uoriki operaates 41 seafood markets and restaurants throu ughout the Tokyo region. In th US, Uoriki Fresh Inc. is the top specialist he importer and distributor of SuperFrozen seafood. We u our experience to bring America all natural use produucts unaltered by color, CO, or additives. We careffully inspect each product we sell ensuring sell, you w receive consistent quality. will And now, Uoriki is proud to offer to fresh Southern , p Bluef Tuna from one of Australia's premier tuna fin farme ers! This is true sashimi grade fish normally reser rved for Japan and now available here today in the US C Uoriki today to speak with a sales rep US. Call regar rding our high quality sashimi grade Southern Bluef Tuna from Australia. fin Call CP Lee, Sales Associa / C: (201) 321-0625 ate
  3. 3. Our M Mission To deliver a high quality product h to our cu ustomers Tony’s Tuna is the only processor with facilities to freeze Southern Bluefin Tuna to -65 degrees C. Tony’s Tuna is also the only processor that catches, farms & processes fresh and ultra low Tonyʼs Tuna is the 2 largest farmer of Southern Blue nd efin Tuna in Australia tand the only S Temperature f T frozen Southern Bl the farmer who Bluefin th has fi ability to control the entire process, that is catching feeding,Tuna without requiring external g, farming, processing and freezing without external contractors. Founded in 1994 by Tony Santic a tuna fisherman since r1970, Tony's Tuna tis jointly c, contracto s or assis ance. owned by the Santic and Smorgon Families and process y g p ses 1,300 tons of Southern Bluefin Tuna per annum. , p Call CP Lee, Sales Associate / C: (201) 321-0625 )
  4. 4. SUSTAINABILITY With Tony's Tuna, you y y can be assured that the SBT on the plate was caught i an ht in environmentally responsible and p Our fishing grounds sustainable manner The Australian Tuna Industry is heavily regula ated, with a catch quota system that is strictly patrolled and monitored by Government appointed independent observers. All sales of the tuna are monitored by an international Catch Documentation Scheme. Various Australian pects of the Australian Tuna Industry to government Authorities closely monitor all asp ensure that Australian Southern Bluefin are o the highest quality of quality. Further, our Australian Southern Bluefin are under the management of the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CC CSBT) to ensure that the international quotas guarantee wild stocks of SBT at a sustainable level. Call CP Lee, Sales Associate / C: (201) 321-0625 )
  5. 5. OUR FISH : SOUTHE ERN BLUEFIN TUNA The Au ustralian Southern Bluefin tuna is world renown for its suprem taste and quality. And, at Tonyʼs Tuna, we process me some o the highest quality Southern Bluefin Tuna available of today, with a high fat content that is favored by consumers and ch hefs alike. Our fish are pristine, fed with the healthiest all-nat tural baitfish to produce some of the highest quality Tuna in the world n world. Our ca atch weight is around 18kg, and after feeding, when they are a ready for processing, the harvest weight is ximately +25 kg, with a fat content at processing of approx approx ximately 23%. Currently, the majority of our Southern y j y Bluefin are exported directly to Japan for its richness and flavor, and when it comes to tuna, Japan only accepts the best. Our SBT are now available to the North American market for delivery within days from harvest to ensure the freshest quality. li Call CP Lee, Sales Associate / C: (201) 321-0625 5
  6. 6. MORE RED = MORE VALUE Tony’s Tuna keeps its color y p W/O VITAMINS W VITAMINS W/O VITAMINS O W VITAMINS After 4 days After 8 days To improve the quality of our Southern Bluefin TTuna, last year we injected natural vitamins into our bait fish and fed our Southern Bluefin T Tuna the vitamin enriched bait a number of weeks before harvest. University scientists, toggether with our personnel, did comprehensive trials on a day to day basis after harvesting, mo onitoring flesh color compared to control fish that had not been fed the vitamin bait fish. The conclusion: Fish enhanced with natural vitamins retained much of the natural red flesh color after 4 days from processing! Call CP Lee, Sales Associate / C: (201) 321-0625 )
  7. 7. THE FISHING GROUNDS The fishing grounds are generally south of the Great Australian Bight. Once the tuna are caught by purse seine method, they are towed back to approved farming sites off P t Li ff Port Lincoln i specially d i l in i ll designed d towing pontoons. The tuna are fed every day a diet of various fish species including mackerel, red bait, sardines and locally caught pilchards. All bait must meet the strict Quarantine Health Sanitary requirements imposed by our Government and our p y Industry. We regularly send bait for independent testing to ensure that it meets these requirements and our own specifications specifications. The locally caught pilchards are caught during the night and transferred to feeding bins so that they can be fed fresh directly to the tuna the next morning. The freshness and high protein levels in this fish are particularly good for the tunaʼs growth and condition. Call CP Lee, Sales Associate / C: (201) 321 1-0625
  8. 8. PROCESSING FACI ILITIES Tony's Tuna facilities are HCCAP a approved, allowing us to cut SBTs to our custom mersʼ specs. We have extensive experience in cuttting bellies, backs, blood line in/out, skin on/off. Call CP Lee, Sales Associate / C: (201) 3 321-0625