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Growth and innovation of mobile apps

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Bfmmgg merged mobile presentation_mam

  1. 1. Mobile/Apps Barbara Frontera Gary Gelb Mary Ann McGinley
  2. 2. Background the consumer is moving from desktop/web to mobile/app. weve talked about this transition ad nauseam on this blog. it is the single biggest megatrend in the consumer internet space right now. most new consumer internet startups need to build for iOS, Android, and web at the same time. it is making the startup more expensive and time consuming. distribution is much harder on mobile than web and we see a lot of mobile first startups getting stuck in the transition from successful product to large user base. strong product market fit is no longer enough to get to a large user base. you need to master the "download app, use app, keep using app, put it on your home screen" flow and that is a hard one to master. Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures, November 25, 2012
  3. 3. Background• According to the AOL BBDO Insights Now! study 68% of mobile minutes are actually spent at home. The chart indicates categories and time of usage.
  4. 4. Background • In November 2012 Flurry measured over one trillion events from over 250,000 applications created by more than 85,000 developers, and over 60 billion sessions. • The chart below indicates the growth of the app economy since 2008. Source:
  5. 5. Background
  6. 6. Background
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  9. 9. Background
  10. 10. Branded Mobile Apps
  11. 11. App Explosion—m- commerce, lifestyle, books, business, productivity, finance,food, sports, news, travel, tv, games, health and wellness…. Brands develop apps to: •Increase m-commerce /revenue •Extend brands •Provide utility
  12. 12. Note Worthy– Barclaycard Barclaycard first figured out how to make a credit card ad entertaining and then made an app to piggyback on the ads success. “In the TV ad, one man got to ride the waterslide, then we thought, why not let everyone have a go.” (iTunes)Features:•Speed through 3D cityscape backgrounds•Watch day turn to night through 9 different levels•Ride the slide in 1st or 3rd person view•Choose a male or female character•Pick up speed to loop the loop•Tilt or touch the screen to control speed•Win bonus points for speed or collecting five items in a row
  13. 13. Note Worthy– Barclaycard Cool feature: App lets you experience the extreme waterslide, or change to a Third-person view if you get woozy. Successful?•2 million Downloads in first 2 weeks•Almost 17 million total downloads•A roller coaster version of the game hasbeen downloaded 9.7 million times•Numerous viral videos
  14. 14. Note Worthy– Barclaycard
  15. 15. New- Merrill Edge Face Retirement Merrill’s Face Retirement: an app that gives you a glimpse of how you might appear at 47, 57, etc., all the way to 107. Once you see this aged version of yourself, youll be in retirement-planning mode… or at least talking about the app.According to Wired, the app was based onresearch that showed people dont savefor retirement because "deep down wedont identify with that old person wellone day be.“Sources:
  16. 16. New– Leveraging Technology Image courtesy of Flickr, LoungerieMerrill worked with ModiFace, which specializes in "virtual makeover technology."So far, the companys technology has mostly been for beautifying makeovers fromLOreal and others. So will you save for the future or go out and spend more now???
  17. 17. New– Newcastle Brown Ale’s Brand Extension The #NoBollocks Subtexter gives consumers a way to add meme-style "honest subtext taglines" to their posted pics ...IF THIS DOESNT GENERATE LIKES, WHAT WILL?”For that dusk image: "I TAKE PHOTOS OF SUNSETS...NOW YOU THINK IM ANINCREDIBLE LOVER.“For a snap of you and your buddies: ""LOOK, I HAVE FRIENDS....EVERYTHING ISFINE, MOM, I TURNED OUT OKAY.” Source:
  18. 18. M-commerce– Toys R Us Toy Finder is designed to make toy shopping easy for you and fun for the kids Features: • Little ones create their dream Wish Lists using virtual stickers • Separate view for parents with organized lists • Create, edit and share favorite lists with family & friends via text, email & fb • Special deals & offers so you get the best deals on your kid’s favorite toys • Find the nearest Toys"R"Us store wherever you are
  19. 19. M-commerce– Toys R Us Geoffrey’s Jungle, a new personalized adventure kids game. Kids create their explorer character, they chose gender, skin tone and Apparel. They also name their explorer from 20 first and last names, such as Noah Toucana or Sandy Savannah.Kids sail away on a boat with Geoffrey to explore four different islands each with its ownselection of unique games:•Barbie Island – Features coloring pages, memory match game and slide puzzles•Hot Wheels Island – Consists of maze game, slide puzzles and sticker activity•Moshi Monster Island – Includes “Whack-a-Moshi” game, coloring pages and stickeractivity•Toys“R”Us Island – Showcases each island’s jungle characters, like Isaac the hippo, etc.Features slide puzzles, sticker activities and a page for top toys• Each activity allows the kids to “See the Toys” and leads to areas featuring products. From here kids can notify their parents about their favorite items
  20. 20. M-commerce– Toys R Us Features: •Movies & TV shows selected just for kids • New movie releases available the same day they hit retail shelves • Popular TV shows available the day after they air • No monthly subscription or fees. Pay for only what you watch •Extensive library of premium contentWatch the Movies & TV Shows Kids Love... Instantly
  21. 21. Digital Transformation Digital is a priority for us—Turning a company famous for rigid, One of our first ground breaking apps wascoldly effective business processes Shopycat, a gift-recommendation app thatinto one that’s flexible, experimental, launched on facebook before the 2011 holidays.and entrepreneurial. Shopycat scans social profiles to identify interesting gift ideas from likes, comments andEnable each of over 200 million status updates.customers who visit our worldwide Another social marketing blockbuster was ourstores each week to use apps to Get on the Shelf contest . People submittedenhance their in-store experience: their inventions to go on sale with us:•mobile payments • 4,000+ submissions•richer product information • over 1 million votes,• local store info • numerous news hits across America
  22. 22. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, embraces social, mobile, and a startup spirit(Fast Company)
  23. 23. •Find quality products at unbeatable prices •Place an order within the app for a sleek, speedy check out •Grab the Value of the Day before its’ gone •View product rollbacks •Access store inventory before you leave the house •Find hours and directions to a store near you •Find gifts for loved ones of any age, at any price •Our top picks for this year’s holiday gifts •Holiday shopping list makes holiday shopping a breeze •Quickly find a local Walmart store •Discover ways to spend quality family time during this season •Navigate to the site to buy product •Recipes-- Bake a gift for less than $5 •Find out when and where new games become available •Exclusive game previews, trailers & screenshots •Review the latest releases before they hit the shelves •Notification of special midnight sales events •Gamecenter Tour map & dates
  24. 24. Associate stories, celebrations, news, benefits, and lifestyle features •Shows all Walmart locations in the US and Canada •Indicates what locations allow overnight parking •Map displays stores with fuel, pharmacy, garden center, a restaurant, etc •Finds your location & shows points of interest near you A simple viewer for the People of Walmart website with •Hillarious bizarre moments and laughs •Ability to save, share, zoom & pan and submit pictures Walmart Soundcheck is an original performance series •Watch live performances •Read about the show and get to know your favorite artists •Flip through exclusive behind-the-scenes footage
  25. 25. Walmart Sound Check Apps
  26. 26. Social Television AppsTV Habits Changing•Wasted TV Ad Spending: •DVR – 2% •Multi-tasking (Digital devices generally) 63% (social Media Week Seminar 2/15/12 sith speakers from, Kraft Foods, Yahoo)•Total Ad Spending Since 2006 •% Television •% Digital•Key Demographics for Advertisers •Young and Affluent
  27. 27. Social Television AppsCan Social Media Save an Industry?
  28. 28. Social Television AppsTV Habits Changing•Multi-Tasking •While watching TV 60% of Americans use the internet simultaneously•2017 •Digital Ad Spend Surpass Television (medialife Magazine, Aug 28, 2012)
  29. 29. Social Television AppsWhat is the goal? $$$
  30. 30. Social Television AppsWhat’s The Strategy?•Extend viewing experience to second screen•Create a crafted conversation rather than rely on firehose approach of Twitter, Facebook•Interaction with Ads – Interactive TV did not work•Synchronized Content and Sync Ads
  31. 31. Social Television AppsMini Glossary•Second Screen•Backchannel•Tent Pole Event•Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)
  32. 32. Social Television AppsTelevision Apps - GeneralViewing (TV Everywhere) , Program Guide andAutomatic Content Recognition (ACR)
  33. 33. Social Television Apps - NetworksTelevision Apps - Networks -Promote Network Shows -Program Schedules -Program Info -Full Episode Viewing -Twitter Feeds -Local Social interactions/comments
  34. 34. Social Television Apps – Program SpecificTelevision Apps – Program Specific -Games -Viewing Companion -Companion Content -Contests -Full Episode Viewing -Twitter Feeds
  35. 35. Social Television Apps – Program SpecificCompanion Content
  36. 36. Social Television Apps – Sports-League Sponsored -Social/Twitter Feeds-National Networks -Scores/Stats-Local/Regional Networks -Interactive Voting -Premium content -Video Highlights
  37. 37. Social Television Apps – CheckIn / Social-Content Check-in, like foursquare for media-Program schedules – what’s on?-Extended content – IMDB, Wikipedia lookups-Social: -who else is watching/friends? -Twitter, Facebook, Native within app-E-commerce – from commercials, program content-Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) [Shazzam-like]
  38. 38. Social Television Apps – Zeebox•Zeebox launched in UK Fall 2011, US Sept 2012•Funded in U.S. by Comcast/NBCUniversal, HBO/Cinemax•iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and the Web
  39. 39. Social Television Apps – Zeebox•Program Schedule •e-Commerce•Extended Content •Social Integration•Interactivity: voting, etc •Future: Cable Box Controller
  40. 40. Zeebox – TrendingSocial “HOT” - Trending shows onTwitter - First Screen you see
  41. 41. Zeebox – TrendingSocial “HOT” - Trending shows -First Screen you seePresents a program schedulesorted by highest volumerelevant tweets
  42. 42. Zeebox – Program ScheduleSocial “HOT” - Trending shows -First Screen you seePresents a program schedulesorted by highest volume relevanttweetsor in standard channel sequence
  43. 43. Zeebox – Program Schedule Filter Social “HOT” - Trending shows - First Screen you see Presents a program schedule sorted by highest volume relevant tweets or in standard channel sequence or in a variety of other ways
  44. 44. Zeebox – Watch With Celebs
  45. 45. Zeebox – Watch With Celebs
  46. 46. Zeebox – Social Integrations
  47. 47. Zeebox – Social Feed
  48. 48. Zeebox - Zeetags Zeetag Zeetag e- e- Commerce Commerce
  49. 49. Zeebox - Friends and Reminders Friend Friend currently currently online online Reminders Reminders (Bookings) (Bookings) Reminders Reminders (Bookings) (Bookings)
  50. 50. Social Television Apps – Zeebox E-Commerce And way, way more…
  51. 51. Social Television Apps – Zeebox Strengths WeaknessesProgram schedule very usable User Interface can be confusing - TMISee shows past or future Too many features – can’t tell what they all doiOS, Android, web presence Other partners may resist307 Shows working with Zeebox No Auto Content Recognition (ACR)Well funded partners So no content or ad sync (yet)Robust content Show info & credits are weakSocial IntegrationWell rounded feature set – has someversion of all features found in otherappsProbably a lot more to come…