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So You Want to be in Pictures - Product placement: Impact, types and how-to


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Find out why the worlds top brands use product placement and branded integration to help grow top-of-mind awareness, and brand affinity.

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So You Want to be in Pictures - Product placement: Impact, types and how-to

  1. 1. Product Placement: Impact, Types and How-To So You Want to be in Pictures
  2. 2. contact us_ 2 Source MPAA International US/Canada 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 All Films (US $ billions) $10.4 $26.0 $11.1 $27.2 $11.4 $27.3 $11.1 $29.2 $11.9 $29.2 IMPACT A Growing Global Box Office © 2018 -
  3. 3. contact us_ 3 IMPACT - Unparalleled Reach Cinemas 1.32 Billion Theme Parks Sports 2017-18 Season Source: Wikipedia 2018 Source: TEA AECOM 2018 Theme Index 2018 Source: MPAA © 2018 - 421 Million 131 Million
  4. 4. contact us_ 4 Product placement’s influence on consumer behavior well-documented. The Worth of Product Placement in Successful Films: An Event Study Analysis. Journal of Marketing Can disclosure lead consumers to resist cover persuasion? The important roles of disclosure timing and type of response. Journal of Consumer Psychology Product Placement Can Be a Lot more Powerful Than We Realize. Psychology Today IMPACT – Increased brand affinity, sales © 2018 -
  5. 5. contact us_ 5 IMPACT – Movie Lifecycle DVD & Blu-ray The Movie Downloads Pay-per- view, Netflix, HBO and beyond Audience expands past the theatre. © 2018 -
  6. 6. contact us_ 6 IMPACT – Studio support 57% Studios spend as much as 57%* of their budget on marketing *Source Reuters/Media Valuation Partners © 2018 -
  7. 7. contact us_ 7 Direct Placement © 2018 - Typically the most impactful placements. Rates vary dramatically with no industry standards. Negotiating placements best handled by someone with industry experience. Bartered Placements Paid Placement Unpaid Placements Placement is exchanged for promotional support Most common. Also known as in- kind placement. Requires a direct relationship with filmmakers. Promotional support strengthens the perceived connection between the brand and the film The more projects placed, the greater likelihood of securing ‘hero’ placements. Types Works best for commonly used products such as electronics, automobiles and beverages Movie promotional departments not always able to impact placement Paid placements usually allow for activation and promotion of the placement
  8. 8. contact us_ 8 IMPACT - Low CPMs decrease over time Calculating ROI for paid placements Additional distribution that lowers CPM includes movie rentals/downloads, hotel and airline viewing, premium channel distribution (i.e. HBO, Showtime, etc), cable channel distribution © 2018 - Total Theatrical Post theatrical Ave. ticket #oftickets Placement only viewership Total Total Box officesales price* sold fee CPI multiliple** viewership CPI $100,000,000 $9.27 10,787,487 $25,000 $2.32 4 43,149,946 $0.58 $250,000,000 $9.27 26,968,716 $25,000 $0.93 4 107,874,865 $0.23 $500,000,000 $9.27 53,937,433 $25,000 $0.46 4 215,749,730 $0.12 $750,000,000 $9.27 80,906,149 $25,000 $0.31 4 323,624,595 $0.08 *Average US ticket price for 2018 per **Estimated multiple of people who see a movie after theatrical release per Variety
  9. 9. contact us_ 9 Key Points… It’s a long term strategy with a better ROI than advertising It’s a relationship business with few industry standards. Knowledge is key to success. It’s an organic process with many decision makers Lead times are long and often 9 to 18 months Investment © 2018 -
  10. 10. contact us_ 10 Promotions can be as powerful or have more impact than the placement itself Branding Promotional overlays substantively increase recall of placement Overlays Leveraging Placements with Promotion © 2018 - Promotional partnerships have been shown to have a quantifiable impact on brand affinity and sales intent.
  11. 11. contact us_ 11 How to Activate with Promotion Retail Activation Social media Publicity and PR Activate © 2018 - Advertising
  12. 12. contact us_ 12 How to Activate with Promotion Retail Activation © 2018 - Tactics include: - Signage and point of sale materials - Contests and sweepstakes - Special offers
  13. 13. contact us_ 13 Activate with Promotion Publicity and PR © 2018 - Working with the media dramatically leverages placements. An Entertainment Tonight interview with Taylor Lautner during the filming of the movie Tracers produced millions of free impressions for the Royal Purple brand.
  14. 14. contact us_ 14 How to Activate with Promotion Social Media © 2018 - Promotional partnerships increase social media interaction using sweepstakes and custom content.
  15. 15. contact us_ 15 How to Activate with Promotion Advertising © 2018 -
  16. 16. contact us_ 16 Speak with others who are doing it Get started! Ask tough questions of candidate agencies Entertainment Resources & Marketing Association Consider using an agency Product Placement Credible product placement and entertainment marketing companies are members of the Entertainment Resources & Marketing Association (ERMA). Ask candidate agencies the tough questions: • Request documentation of performance • Ask their strengths and weaknesses • Ask specifically with whom they have the best working relationships inside the industry • Require a performance guarantee © 2018 -