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This presentation is to show the best practices in presentation design and delivery.

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  • During your presentation don’t be complicated. People come to here you speak the slides are not what is going to attract the people attention.
  • Do not use PowerPoint templates. Your audience has seen them numerous times and they are boring. Plus every presentation I have seen with the templates they are usually corresponding with long lists and lots of texts. Using high quality and interesting pictures draws the audience in. Personally when I see pictures and no text I tend to listen more to the speaker and what they have to say.
  • Don’t just use clip art for your slides add in exotic photos that will catch the audience eyes and help you attract their attention.
  • You do not want to use lots of text. People find myself reading off slides with lots of text and not paying attention to the what the presenter is saying. There really is no point to go up and present if you have a lot of text on your slide, the audience can read it. However, if you have limited text and you practice what you are going to say, your presentation will be awesome and everyone will listen and make eye contact with you.
  • Along with minimal text you want to use limit your bullets in your presentation. Again you don’t want the people your are presenting to to be reading your slides instead of listening to you
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your presentation before its time to go. The more you practice the comfortable you will feel.
  • The presentation is all about your delivery. If you can sell your idea or product then you can walk out of that presentation feeling satisfied.
  • Don’t only make the slide look professional but come professional in a suit or just well dressed so they know you mean business
  • So, if you can't put all your information onto your slides, how are you supposed to tell your audience everything that can't fit into your speech? Handouts! Make a one or two page handout, for each audience member or for people to take at will, which contains a section for each slide or portion of your presentation. Here you can put extra information or key points of information that were included in your presentation.
  • This can be extremely powerful and memorable.  I just wrote about a presentation I attended that opened with a great story, tying the entire presentation together.
  • Be careful with this though.  Make sure its topical, appropriate, and actually induces laughter
  • You may want to briefly preface it to create some familiarity between you and your audience, but this can be very powerful when done effectively.
  • Asking a question can be effective but it can also be annoying when the same question has been asked over and over again, most often at a conference where audience members sit through many presentations per day.
  • Find ways to inspire your audience. You want to give them an emotional connection to the material you are presenting. This will make them more invested in the information and will also help the retain the information more accurately and for longer. Be enthusiastic about what you are presenting and make the audience understand why it’s important.
  • Don’t mumble in front of your audience be as load and clear as possible
  • Don’t be reading off your slides be sure to make eye contact with your listeners.
  • Have the right attitude. Don’t go in there scared and be confident. If you did your prep work then you will be fine
  • Having to give a presentation in front of a class is very stressful to some people. Everyone else is in the same shoes as you. They are nervous to present in front of a class as well. As soon as you get up in front of the class you may be nervous, but as you talk you start to relax and comfortable in front of everyone. Presentations is something you shouldn’tbe scared about. It has you work on your public speaking. Also if you rehearse and prepare yourself there is nothing you should worry about.
  • Before you know it it will be over. So keep calm and just roll with it.
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    1. 1. Best Practices in Presentation Design and Delivery
    2. 2. Keep it Simple 088932
    3. 3. Avoid PowerPoint Templates
    4. 4. Use Unique Photos 419
    5. 5. Minimal Text /5418402840
    6. 6. Limit Bullets 71
    7. 7. Practice 696554
    8. 8. Delivery
    9. 9. Dress to Impress
    10. 10. Handouts
    11. 11. Personal Story /6959519160
    12. 12. Joke ional/7487536018/
    13. 13. Video
    14. 14. Ask Questions
    15. 15. Be Inspiring 01361
    16. 16. Be Loud and Clear 4440142
    17. 17. Eye Contact /7798948784
    18. 18. Attitude 5056779
    19. 19. Relax 608504
    20. 20. It Will Be Over Soon 54/
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