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Digital Asset Management: Lessons Learned

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Cfl mc cadden 10 18_2012dam

  1. 1. 10/18/2012Digital Asset Management:Lessons Learned
  2. 2. Maureen McCaddenDigital Resource Specialist ©Longwood Gardens
  3. 3. DAMWhat? ©Longwood Gardens
  4. 4. What is DAM?Digital Asset Management consists of management tasksand decisions surrounding the ingestion, annotation,cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of digitalassets.Digital asset management systems (DAMS) includecomputer software and hardware systems that aid in theprocess of digital asset management.The term "digital asset management" also refers to theprotocol for downloading, renaming, backing up, rating,grouping, archiving, optimizing, maintaining, thinning, andexporting files.- Wikipedia ©Longwood Gardens
  5. 5. DAM ©Longwood Gardens Is simply the effective management and distribution of digital assets
  6. 6. ©Longwood GardensDAM is not: a temporary fix
  7. 7. ©Longwood GardensDAM is: a product – financed and managed like any otherService in the organization. Images are information!
  8. 8. What kind of files?PhotosAudio filesVideo filesCourse materialsPublicationsSpreadsheetsEtc! ©Longwood Gardens
  9. 9. AssetsAre anything yourorganization says they are– whatever yourorganization wants topreserve and makeaccessible ©Longwood Gardens
  10. 10. DAMWhy?DAM is a positive step in the rightdirection to gaining operational andintellectual control of digital assets.But…….. Why? ©Longwood Gardens
  11. 11. Spike, Herb, & Nate 1958 ©Longwood Gardens
  12. 12. ©Longwood Gardens
  13. 13. ©Longwood GardensFocus: Solving problems – NOT software featuresQuestion should be: “HOW does your DAM do….”NOT “Can your DAM do…”
  14. 14. DAMsImprove efficiencyIncrease brand/voiceconsistencyProvide customer serviceSave $$, Save time, Make life easier! ©Longwood Gardens
  15. 15. DAMHow? ©Longwood Gardens
  16. 16. Uphill Climb? ©Longwood Gardens
  17. 17. Plan, Plan, Plan ©Longwood Gardens
  18. 18. Process12 Person Cross-Departmental Team Needs Analysis Define Functional RequirementsResulted in 5 questions for each team member:  What images do you currently have?  How do you use these images?  How do you manage these images?  What can you currently do with these images?  What would you like to be able to do with these images?Answers became project goals, then functionalrequirements of our RFP (request for proposals) ©Longwood Gardens
  19. 19. Repurposed our functional requirements, using them todevelop a yes/no criteria for evaluating systems.The real evaluation question becomes:How well does this system serve its intended purpose? ©Longwood Gardens ©Longwood Gardens
  20. 20. DAMNow ©Longwood Gardens
  21. 21. DAMFuture ©Longwood Gardens
  22. 22. Lessons Learned#1 Stakeholder needs to define theproject goals. Project goals define thetechnology ©Longwood Gardens
  23. 23. Lessons Learned#2 Ease of use promotes a blend ofcentralized and de-centralized systemmanagement ©Longwood Gardens
  24. 24. Garden Party 1915 ©Longwood GardensReal Goal: Enthusiastic Users
  25. 25. ResourcesAsset Bank: of Digital Asset Management: (open source) DAM solutions (2012):Review of Available Open Source DAM Softwareby Naresh Sarwan 10 Common myths about OS software: ©Longwood Gardens
  26. 26. ResourcesHorodyski, J. (2009): Digital Asset Management: What ToKnow Before You Go! Library Federation: useful vendors list here:, (2005) Ten Usability Heuristics (2000) Handbook for Digital Projects: AManagement Tool for Preservation and Access.Http:// ©Longwood Gardens
  27. 27. ResourcesVRA – Visual Resources Association: Educational Resource Site: – Digital Rights Management, from ALA: Definitions of Digital Preservation: ©Longwood Gardens
  28. 28. Questions?Contact:Maureen McCaddenDigital Resource SpecialistLongwood ©Longwood Gardens
  29. 29. ©Longwood Gardens
  30. 30. Copyright © 2012 Longwood Gardens All rights ReservedNo part of this presentation may be used without the expressed written permission of Longwood Gardens