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www. invension-i .com        Telecom Fraud in current      and future Telecom Networks                     11th November 2...
www. invension-i .com                           Telecom Fraud in current and future Telecom Networks                      ...
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www. invension-i .comTelecom Fraud in current                                                                             ...
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Training in Dubai-1

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Dubai 1

  1. 1. www. invension-i .com Telecom Fraud in current and future Telecom Networks 11th November 2009 (Wednesday) & 12th November 2009 (Thursday) Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek, Dubai, UAE By attending this workshop Dear Delegates, you will be able to: Telecommunications fraud and electronic crime is a • Learn how to detect and minimize telecom fraud and growing phenomenon all over the world. According revenue leakage in your company – organization and the to FIINA (Forum for International Irregular Network tools to develop an end-to-end protection strategy. Access) an organization with members from more than 100 countries, Telecom Operators are loosing • See how to identify and control telecom fraud in x – mobile networks and IP services (VoIP, IPTV), including more than 50 billion Euros every year, worldwide, interconnection fraud between Telecom Operators. due to telecom fraud and electronic crime. • Hear how to perform reconciliation of data in your network How fraud and crime takes place: Telecom fraud in order to minimize national and international revenue leakage. and electronic crime is taking place in all kind of services Operators are o ering. The motivation is to • Familiarize with the risks and fraud on prepaid services and gain access to services without paying the relevant future fraud in next generation networks. cost, or to get money (call selling - subscription fraud) by providing services to other people, using • Get advice on how to better select a Fraud Management System infrastructures with wrong identi cation (identity and how to ne tune it, in order to achieve better results. theft). Fix and Mobile Telecom Operators face new methods of fraud and electronic crime in their day • Get experience on how to locate fraudsters - criminals when to day business: For example In Creta island there they disappear, by using advanced techniques (arti cial are some very clever foreign ma a groups (from intelligence – neural network techniques, link analysis, telecom signatures). Middle East area), that were successful in the past years in defrauding x and mobile operators. • Learn how to train - organize liaison persons in your company so that they assist your work in fraud ghting. 1Tel: 603 2162 5485 | Fax: 603 2162 7485 Email:
  2. 2. www. invension-i .com Telecom Fraud in current and future Telecom Networks (Seminar Outline) Presented by Mr. Michalis Mavis (MSc) – f. Chairman of the Hellenic Fraud Forum. Day 1 Day 2 09:00am – 11:00am: 09:00am – 11:00am: • Do I have Telecom Fraud in my Network ? What is Telecom Fraud and • How to tackle Telecom Fraud, Bad Debt and Revenue Assurance how it is performed. Telecom Fraud in x networks, mobile networks problems in my network ? I do not have a Fraud Management System and IP services (VoIP, IPTV). Telecom Fraud during and after the (FMS) yet, what should I do ? How can I select a FMS ? Problems Olympic Games 2004 – business cases. PRS, BBX, Diallers, during FMS installation, what is critical and how to overcome those Interconnection Fraud between Telecom Operators, SIM cloning, problems. FMS ne tuning to limit losses. Roaming Fraud, prepaid services Fraud. The Telecom Fraud industry in the exotic Paci c islands, money laundering and other white collar 11:00am – 11:30am: Co ee Break crimes. Automatic re lling of empty telecom cards (card simulators). 11:30am – 13:00pm: 11:00am – 11:30am: Co ee Break • Methods to locate the fraudsters when they disappear or when they are using telecom spoo ng techniques and CLI (Calling Line 11:30am – 13:00pm: Identi cation) manipulation. What is CLI and why it is very important • The di erences between Telecom Fraud, Bad Debt and Revenue in Telecom Fraud detection. Assurance loss. Business cases. Reasons for loosing money and reputation due to all those three categories. Reconciliation methods 13:00pm – 14:30pm: Lunch Break and Social Networking to detect revenue leakage in the telecom network. How to locate fraudsters by using advance techniques (link analysis, telecom 14:30pm – 15:30pm: signature, neural network techniques). • A typical day in the Telecom Fraud Department of a medium scale Telecom •Operator. Main duties, responsibilities, tasks. How to react 13:00pm – 14:30pm: Lunch Break and Social Networking on di erent cases. Do I have to call the police, cut the line(s), or leave it for some time, so that the full fraud network is located ? How to 14:30pm – 15:30pm: train - organize the liaison persons in your company so that they • Prepaid services Fraud in x and mobile networks. Telecom Fraud in assist your work. Important issues in critical company departments. the future NGN (Next Generation Networks). Is Telecom Fraud going The role of top management. Cooperation with the legal dpt. and to become more sophisticated in the future and how can we detect how to decide to go to the court or not. and minimize it ? Using IPDRs (IP CDRs) to detect and fight fraud in NGN. • How to react when internal fraud is suspected or detected ? The internal auditors assistance. WHO SHOULD ATTEND ?• Telecom Fraud department. • Top management of telecom company.• Bad Debt dpt. staff and managers. • Security dpt. staff.• Internal Auditor dpt. staff. and Sales dpt. staff. • Police officers and electronic crime units of law enforcement.• PBX and Maintenance dpts. staff 2Tel: 603 2162 5485 | Fax: 603 2162 7485 Email:
  3. 3. www. invension-i .com Trainer’s Pro le Mr. Mavis was the founder and rst Chairman of EFTA (Hellenic Fraud Forum), that was established in the year 2000, by the major Telecom Operators in Greece (COSMOTE, OTE, Vodafone and TIM) with the aim to ght telecommunications fraud and electronic crime amongst its members. he studied Physics and got two Master’s degrees in Telecommunications and Computers & Automation from the University of Athens. He worked for OTE (the Hellenic Telecom Organization) since 1977 from where he voluntarily retired in 2006, to work as telecom and IT security consultant. Mr. Mavis worked : - as crypto engineer at NATO in Brussels Belgium (between 1989-1993) and - as Project Supervisor at EURESCOM (European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications) in Heidelberg – Germany (between 1995-1999). Before his retirement from OTE he was the Director of the Security Audit andM r. M i c h a l i s M a v i s Telecom Fraud Control Division of OTE. He became chairman of the ETNO (European Telecom Network Operators Association) WG on Information Security (1994-1995) and was the Greek rep in the SOGIS (Senior O cials Group on Information Security) of the European Commission (1994-1995). He was also rep of OTE and Greece in the ETSI (European Technical Standards Institute) Technical and General Assembly (France). He is the author of more than 15 papers presented during International Conferences in Australia, USA, and Europe in the areas of Telecommunications, Security and Electronic Crime. He is a permanent expert to the Head District Attorney of Athens, on electronic crime issues. CLIENT LISTARMENTEL ARMENIA MAKNAN COMMUNICATIONS GREECEBRONET GREECE MARFIN BANK GREECEBT UK MATAV - HUNGARIAN TELECOM CO. LTD HUNGARYBTC BULGARIA MD5 GREECEBUSINESS INFORMATION SUPPORT GREECE NATO CIS AGENCY BELGIUMCENSUS GREECE PORTUGAL TELECOM PORTUGALCNET - FRANCE TELECOM FRANCE PRESIDIUM SERVICES LTD UKCOSMOTE GREECE RIGHTTRACK LTD CYPRO USCSELT, TELECOM ITALIA GROUP ITALY ROMTELECOM ROMANIACYTA CYPROUS SLOVAK TELECOM SLOVAKIADEUTSCHE TELECOM AG GERMANY SWISSCOM SWITCHERLANDDISTRICT ATTORNEY ATHENS GREECE TELCORDIA USELECTRONIC CRIME UNIT GREECE TELECOM FINLAND - FINNET GROUP FINLANDEURESCOM GERMANY TELEFONICA I+D SPAINEUROJUST NETHERLANDS TELENOR NORWAYFORTH / ENISA CRETA GR TELIA SWEDENGREEK MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENT GREECE TRUST-IT GREECEHELLENIC FINANCIAL POLICE GREECE UNIVERSITY OF LUND SWEDENHELLENIC MINISTRY OF PUBLIC ORDER, KEMEA GREECE VODAPHONE HELLAS GREECEHEWLETT PACKARD ITALIANA SRL ITALY VTRIP GREECEIIR TELECOMS & TECHNOLOGY UK WIND (TIM-HELLAS) GREECELITHUANIAN POLICE LITHUANIA 3Tel: 603 2162 5485 | Fax: 603 2162 7485 Email:
  4. 4. www. invension-i .comTelecom Fraud in current 3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTERand future Telecom Networks Call: +603 2162 5485 Fax the registration form to: +603 2162 748511th November 2009 (Wednesday) to 12th November 2009 (Thursday), Email this form to: register@invension-i.comRadisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek, Dubai, UAE. PRICES AND OFFERS REGISTRATION FORM(Use copies of this form for additional participants) Telecom Fraud in current and future Telecom Networks1st Delegate Regular Price/ Per Delegate USD 2,400Name Mr/Mrs/Ms Group Fee of 2 Delegates & Above USD 2,000PositionTelephone Mobile METHOD OF PAYMENTEmail Cheque/Draft Payable to INVENSION INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD2nd DelegateName Mr/Mrs/Ms Bank Transfer A/C No. 205-418510-725 HSBC Bank, Main Branch,Position Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SWIFT: HBMBMYKLTelephone Mobile For Invoice PurposeEmail Contact Person Name:3rd Delegate Position:Name Mr/Mrs/Ms Tel: Fax:Position Email:Telephone MobileEmail Terms and Conditions 1. Professional Training Fee Registration Fee is inclusive of course materials and refreshments, and does not AUTHORIZATION include accommodation or transportation.(This form is invalid without a signature or company stamp) 2. Payment Terms Once a completed registration form is received , full payment is expected within 5 business days from receipt of invoice. PLEASE NOTE: payment must be received priorOrganization to the event date. A receipt will be issued once payment is received. 3. Con rmation DetailsAddress Joining instructions such as Con rmation Letter, Location Map, etc will be sent to the concerned delegate (s) or contact person once a completed registration form isCountry received. 3. Cancellation/Substitution/Addition of Delegate (s)Telephone Fax Substitutes for registered delegates is welcome at any time, provided the organizer is noti ed either by o cial fax or email.Authorising Manager Additional delegates are welcome too subject to seat availability. All cancellations after a registration is communicated to the organizer either by fax or email will be subjected to a 10% penalty of the regular fee. Cancellation must bePosition received in writing by mail or fax. Non-payments and non-attendance does not constitute cancellation.Signature 4. Late Registration The organizer reserves the right to reject any registration that is received after the lastDate day of registration that is advertised in our brochure and promotional materials. 5. Certi cate All participants who complete the course will receive a Certi cate of Attendance, signed by the trainer. Please ensure when registering that your name is written the way you want it to appear on your Certi cate. 6. Copyright All intellectual property rights in all materials produced or distributed in relation with this event is expressly reserved with INVENSION International and any unauthorized duplication, publication and distribution is prohibited. www. invension-i .com Important Note: While every reasonable e ort will be made to adhere to the Tel: 603 2162 5485 Fax: 603 2162 7485 advertised package, INVENSION reserves the right to change event dates, sites, location General Enquiries: or omit event features or alternate o ers shall be made. 4