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Powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. McDonald’s Raising the Bar of Success By Dennis Naber
  2. 2. McDonald’s History Leading food service organization in the world Started out as a small drive through in 1948 Founded by two brothers Dick and Mac McDonald Raymond Kroc the “true founder” of McDonald’s
  3. 3. More History Kroc was interested in  In 1961 Kroc bought out multimixers which are the brothers like today’s milkshake  By the late 60’s The McDonald brothers McDonald’s expanded were running 8 mixers in outside of the United their “hamburger joint” States Kroc saw a niche in the  In 1994 there were market and encouraged 23,000 McDonald’s brothers to expand restaurants in 110 countries
  4. 4. Hamburger University  Created to ensure the professionalism is taught to each of its managers  Seven Campuses all around the world  Course material is available in 28 different languages  Designed for restaurant managers, prospective owners/operators, established owners and regional mid-managers
  5. 5. Hamburger University Help develop general management skills Strong on people practices and leadership, specialized skills needed to operate safe, customer-friendly and cost effective restaurants Only restaurant to have credentials with the American Council of Education (ACE) Can receive college credits towards a 2 or 4 year degree with credits from HU
  6. 6. Employment Opportunities First level of Employment: Crew/Crew Trainer, must have Certificate II in Retail Operations Second Level of Employment: Crew Chief/Area Coordinator, must have a Certificate III in Retail Supervision Third Level of Employment: Shift Assistant, must have a Certificate III in Retail Supervision Fourth Level of Employment: Trainee/Swing/Part-time Manager, must have a Certificate Level III in Retail Supervision Fifth Level of Employment: Second Assistant, must have a Certificate IV in Retail Management Sixth Level of Employment: First Assistant, must have a Diploma of Retail Management Seventh Level of Employment: Restaurant Manager, must have an Advanced Diploma of Management Beyond: Any level within the corporation outside of the restaurant
  7. 7. Key Employee Points within the Performance Expectations Strives to delight customers Takes initiative and ownership Consistently follows standards Demonstrates and promotes teamwork
  8. 8. Responsible Corporate Stewardship We always keep the customer in mind We seek opportunity for leadership in our industry where we believe we can make a significant difference We seek to learn from experts We seek ongoing improvement We seek to continually collaborate, whether with our owner/operators and suppliers or outside organizations
  9. 9. Employment Satisfaction Prides itself in high employee satisfaction. “We view compensation as the total value of the wages, incentive payments and benefits an employee receive by virtue of his/her under the Arches (Corporate Responsibility Report).”
  10. 10. Employment Compensation McDonald’s training program strives for success in all of its employees “Rewarding outstanding work and providing competitive compensation packages extend to restaurant employees at all levels” Along with having a great pay scale and compensation plan, employees are also considered for health care services
  11. 11. Employment Compensation Within the U.S. employees at the managerial have a few different options of different health care services When crew member become eligible they also have a choice of health care insurance plans Annual benefits vary according to how the employee contributes and the number of members within the family that are covered
  12. 12. Goals and Mission Statement “McDonald’s mission is to be our customer’s favorite place and way to eat-with inspired people who delight each customer with unmatched quality, service, cleanliness and value every time.”
  13. 13. Goals Add choice to our menu, particularly new choices for kids and more fruit and vegetable items Increase employee awareness of balanced, active lifestyles through education and training programs on food quality, nutrition and fitness Explore new ways to deliver nutrition and balanced, active lifestyle information to our customers Champion programs that bring fun, practical physical activity options to people’s everyday lives-focusing particularly on walking Demonstrate leadership in our marketing and communications practices with our customers
  14. 14. Conclusion McDonald’s has changed and developed over time into a powerful franchise. Has major impacts on the community and the people within that community Great employee relations and the company does its best to maintain employee satisfaction