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Fathers of Children with Special Needs Conference060113


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Fathers of Children with Special Needs Conference060113

  1. 1. Mike Marotta, ATP@mmatp
  2. 2. Who are we????Assistive Technology Services Dept.Advancing Opportunities• 20 + Years• Mobile assistivetechnology services• Serves individualswith all disabilities• Diversity of staff
  3. 3. What do we do?????• Assistive Technology Evaluations– Written Recommendations– Technology Training• On Going Technical Assistance• Presentations; Workshops
  4. 4. Technology Lending Center (TLC)
  5. 5. AssistiveTechnologycan helpindividualsreach theirgoals!
  6. 6. Before we talk about tech:The SETT FrameworkS = SkillsE = EnvironmentT = TasksT = ToolsAdapted from Joy Zabala,
  7. 7. Technology forReading and Writing AssistanceComputer Access
  8. 8. Computer Access
  9. 9. Reading and Writing AssistanceVarious tools can provide assistance to peoplestruggling with reading & writingFeatures may include:• Auditory support• Word prediction•Livescribe Pen
  10. 10. Did you know…..….. that any K-12 /College studentwith a PRINTdisability iseligible for freebooks!
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Voice Recognition softwareThe Process of Writing with VoiceThink ComposeTalkReadCheckEdit(Fonner )
  13. 13. Mobile Tech OptionsDedicatedeReadersSoftware&AppsSmartPhonesNetbooks&Tablets
  14. 14. Apps for Reading / Writing / Organization
  15. 15. AAC
  16. 16. AAC Apps Consideration• Cost• Pre-loaded Content• Editing• Symbols• Support
  17. 17. Want to LearnMore!Visit our Website @www.assistivetechnologycenter.orgVisit our Blog @
  18. 18. Assistive Technology ServicesAssistive Technology Services(888) 322-1918(888) 322-1918www.cpofnj.orgwww.cpofnj.orgSee you on ?????See you on ?????For Part 2 of this training!For Part 2 of this training!