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Can Technology Enhance#2


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Technology Enhancing UDL

Published in: Education, Technology
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Can Technology Enhance#2

  1. 1. Can Technology Enhance Universal Design for Students Marilyn Mathis (University of South Carolina) EDET 735
  2. 2. Abstract Universal design for education tries to provide appropriate instructional opportunities for all learners. When teachers follow the principles of universal design for education it can help make the planning process easier and the final product more efficient and effective for all participants. This presentation will present web resources, new technology and activities that will enhance the principles of Universal Design. Mathis
  3. 3. Student Diversity Student diversity is a very important component of the education setting. Universal design minimizes the need for individual accommodations and strives to include all learners. Instruction is planned by accounting for the active participation of learners who are culturally and physically diverse. Mathis
  4. 4. Presenting Material When presenting material it is very important that it be presented in a variety of ways such as spoken text or printed text and pictures such as illustrations, photos, animation, or video that are intended to promote learning. Most of the time material is not presented in the actual classroom but offered at a distance. Therefore, material is presented on CD’s, TV, videos, charts, graphs, computer software and websites. Mathis
  5. 5. Kurzweil Reading Software
  6. 6. Text-To-Speech Software
  7. 7. Read Naturally
  8. 8. Dictionary Resources
  9. 9. Ways of Communication
  10. 10. Blogs
  11. 11. Twitter
  12. 12. Instant Messenger
  13. 13. Tools That Enhance Learning These are a few of the tools that may be used to enhance Universal Design for learners. Their websites may be found on the following pages.
  14. 14. Technological Resources        Mathis