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ConferenceDirect Additional Services Brochures

  1. 1. (877) 262-2076 Exhibition & Sponsorship Management Services Services Marketing Strategies to Expand Your At-a-Glance: Current and Emerging Exhibition and Sponsorship Market • Sales Related Functions By combining ConferenceDirect’s vast pool of internal expertise and knowledge • General Planning & with our strategic partnerships within the industry, ConferenceDirect is equipped to Logistics Functions provide comprehensive and turnkey sales and logistics management for our clients. ConferenceDirect’s Exhibition and Sponsorship services offer: • Financial & Budget Related Functions • Efficient and focused sales strategies and logistics management • Integrated management approach between sales and fulfillment • Marketing strategies to expand your current and emerging exhibition and sponsorship market ConferenceDirect’s Exhibition & Sponsorship Management Services can provide (but are not limited to) the following: Sales Related Functions • Market assessment and plan development • Sponsor and exhibitor education and communication • Develop and/or increase prospective sales database • Execution and maintenance of an online space selection process • Negotiate with all prospects • Consistent sales reporting and strategic recommendations • Development, print and distribution of all sponsor/exhibitor sales and marketing collateral • Execute future booth and sponsorship sales onsite • Development, print and distribution of all sponsor/exhibitor sales and marketing collateral • Executive of onsite future booth and sponsorship sales program (Continued on back)
  2. 2. Exhibition & Sponsorship Management Services General Planning & Logistics Functions • Facility site selection and negotiation • Development and management of all project plans • Development and coordination of all show policies and procedures • Exhibition layout management • Onsite exhibitor service center management • General service contractor management, move-in, tear-down and move-out logistics • Manage all freight/marshalling details with general service contractor • Oversee and interface with all sub-contractors • Development and distribution of exhibitor service kits • Design, distribution and compilation of sponsor/exhibitor surveys • Post show debriefing meetings and summary of future recommendations Finance & Budget Related Functions • Generate sponsor/exhibitor final invoices • Submission of monthly deposit batches • Generate sponsor/exhibitor final payment statements • Follow up on Outstanding and unpaid balances • Transfer/wire all receivables to the client organization’s account (877) 262-2076 ©2010 ConferenceDirect. All rights reserved. Rev0410
  3. 3. (877) 262-2076 Conference, Special Event & Incentive Program Management Services Meeting Your Project Management At-a-Glance: Needs with a Wide Array of Services • Venue Management Your team at ConferenceDirect fully recognizes that no single function is like the next. With each Conference/Event we produce and manage, there are • Planning, Logistics & unique characteristics requiring a customized set of services that directly align Transportation with each client’s objectives. ConferenceDirect’s extensive suite of professional management services allows our client organizations the peace of mind in • Finance & Budget knowing that ConferenceDirect is well positioned to effectively manage the Management most simplistic of programs as well as the most complex city-wide conventions. In short, what can you expect when working with ConferenceDirect’s Project • Education , Meeting Management solutions? Design, Audio-visual/ Business Theatre • Vast Knowledge and Industry Expertise Production • The Industry’s Most Flexible and Customized Management • Efficiency and Cost Savings • Food & Beverage • Solid Execution • Audio-Visual Venue Management • Marketing Collateral • Facility, Exhibit Space & Meeting Design Management Design & Distribution • Incentive Program Management • On-site Management & Post Show Follow-up (Continued on back)
  4. 4. Conference, Special Event & Top 5 Reasons Incentive Program Management to Choose Pre-Conference Planning & Logistics Functions ConferenceDirect • Project Planning/Event Specifications Management • Meeting Facilitation for Committee/Leadership Planning 1. Convenience • Staffing, Temporary and Subcontractor Management and One call to ConferenceDirect eliminates Supervision the need to contact three or four different Transportation vendors to help manage your event. We • Ground & Air will contact all the vendors you need to • Charter & VIP help with your event, and manage them throughout the entire process. Finance/Budget Management • Budgeting, Forecast & Report Variance Management • Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Management 2. Experience • Closeout Management & Financial Summary When it comes to coordinating a meeting or event, nothing is more valuable than Education, Meeting Design hands-on experience. Our meeting • Speaker Management • Abstract Management professionals are among the industry’s • Meeting Room Assignment/Coordination most experienced planners averaging over 10 years of meeting management Audio-visual/Business Theater Production experience. Many of them have both • Subcontractor RFP/Selection hotel and meeting planning experience. • Show Flow & Production • Speaker Support • Video, Live Feed, Etc. 3. Cost-Effectiveness We will manage as much or as little of Food & Beverage your program as you want. All of our • Menu Planning proposals are customized to only the • Contract Negotiations/Purchasing • Cost Reduction/Risk Management services you truly need. Our special alignment with the industry’s most Marketing & Collateral Design & Distribution respected service providers means you • Content Coordination (print/web) get the highest quality service at the best • Graphics, Printing & Distribution Management possible price. • Event Marketing Plan Development • Marketing Plan Execution & Logistics 4. Teamwork Incentive/Motivation Program Management Your ConferenceDirect professional will • Excursion Contracting & Coordination work hand in hand with you on your • Executive & VIP Programming/Coordination event, assisting in as much of the Post Event planning and execution as you would • Financial Reconciliation & Reporting like. • Closeout Reports & Statistical Summaries • Attendee, Exhibitor & Sponsor Survey Construction, 5. Peace of Mind Distribution & Tabulation You can completely focus on the • Final Future Recommendation strategic aspect of your next meeting or special event knowing that every detail is being handled at the highest levels of proficiency and professionalism. (877) 262-2076 ©2010 ConferenceDirect. All rights reserved. Rev0410
  5. 5. (877) 262-2076 Event Sales & Marketing Services Services Social Networking & Viral Marketing ConferenceDirect would locate digital opportunities to promote your meeting. We At-a-Glance: develop messaging for placement within Blogs and other electronic venues to create awareness and enthusiasm about your program. Website Development/Enhancement • Social Networking ConferenceDirect works with your personnel to revamp messaging on your website and/or create micro-sites to increase the visibility of your event among core stakeholder & Viral Marketing groups. The site(s) serve as a portal to which all marketing activities will drive prospective attendees. • Website Development Broadcast Email & Enhancement ConferenceDirect searches for available third-party lists for distribution of broadcast email to promote your event. We create messaging and if needed, distribute the emails. • Broadcast Email Print Advertising ConferenceDirect identifies print and digital advertising opportunities and venues to help • Print Advertising promote your event. We write messaging for the ads as well as coordinate production and placement. • Google AdWord Google AdWord Campaign Campaign ConferenceDirect identifies keyword combinations and corresponding AdWord campaigns to run during the months prior to the annual meeting to get in front of audiences seeking such programs. Expenses would be minimal based on click-throughs to your site. • Direct Mail Direct Mail ConferenceDirect procures lists, writes copy, and coordinates production and distribution • Media Relations of direct mail to audiences of qualified prospects. • Strategic Alliances Media Relations ConferenceDirect assembles lists of journalists, writes and distributes press releases, and manages inquiries to build visibility and media exposure. Strategic Alliances ConferenceDirect, with your direction, will seek opportunities to co-brand your event with related organizations. This could involve placement of information on their websites, being listed on a calendar of events, or any other number of potential partnerships. (Continued on back)
  6. 6. Event Sales & Marketing Our Event Sales & Planning & Development Marketing Goals We strive to ensure that the Sponsorship and Exhibit sales Include, But Are Not program provides a convincing reason for associate members and prospective vendors to support the program. Limited To: Key Services Delivered 1. Developing and marketing a high quality sponsorship and exhibit 1. Manage all action teams, deadlines, and communication with client program 2. Serve as the primary contact for all sponsor and exhibitor communication; copy for the Sponsorship and Exhibit 2. Maintaining an open ongoing marketing collateral dialogue with all the sponsors and 3. Provide copy for the Sponsorship and Exhibit web site exhibitors 4. Provide copy for the Sponsorship and Exhibit contracts 3. Educating the associate members 5. Manage, market and plan the sponsorship and and new prospects to the value of exhibit program participation in your event 6. Implement a professional sales and marketing campaign 7. Coordinate all sponsorship and exhibit contract 4. Promoting your value, name maintenance recognition and popularity 8. Generate sponsor and exhibitor statements 5. Generating a profit by meeting or 9. Generate sponsor and exhibitor final invoices exceeding budgeted goals 10. Submit monthly deposit batches 11. Generate sponsor and exhibitor final payment statements 6. Increasing the number of associate members and new prospects 12. Process sponsor and exhibitor credit card payments, subject to client direction 13. Process sponsor and exhibitor check payments, subject to client direction 14. Provide all follow up on outstanding and unpaid balances 15. Assign Exhibit Space in cooperation with client (877) 262-2076 ©2010 ConferenceDirect. All rights reserved. Rev0410
  7. 7. (877) 262-2076 Housing Management Services Services Generate Additional Revenue ConferenceDirect’s event specific housing services are able to be branded on At-a-Glance: behalf of you and your sponsors. You have the ability to generate additional revenue through either a housing sponsor, or providing housing sponsorship as part of a sponsor tier. “Real Estate” can be sold as part of a header on the • Online Reservations housing site, positioning on the housing landing page, and/or as part of the confirmation emails that are sent to each attendee. • Real-Time Information Online Reservations Attendees can make and modify their reservations online. All you have to do • Dedicated Housing is provide them the URL for the event-specific website, which presents only Managers your contracted block of rooms, and offers detailed hotel information. Plus, attendees receive immediate email confirmations. • Direct Link to Event Registration Real-Time Information Track reservations 24/7 in real-time, so you can maximize pick-up and minimize • Room Block Audit Service attrition exposure. Access pick-up, revenue, booking pace, delegate name and history reports. Customize cancellation policies to manage booking behavior, and create unlimited attendee types and sub-blocks for VIP’s, staff, etc. • Event-Specific Reservation Web Sites Dedicated Housing Managers When choosing ConferenceDirect Housing you are assigned a dedicated and • Real-time & Scheduled hard-working Account Team who will work with you from beginning to end. Reports Your Account Team will assist you with a number of tasks including but not limited to managing the room block, monitoring pickup, supplying the hotels with their rooming lists, processing staff and VIP rooms, taking on attendees’ on-going requests for room changes and new reservations, and providing you with detailed reports. Your Account Team will be available onsite for assistance with housing and registration. No tasks go undone with your Account Team monitoring your event’s housing. (Continued on back)
  8. 8. Housing Management Services 8 Great Reasons Direct Link to Event Registration ConferenceDirect Link your registration system to hotel reservations, creating a Should Manage Your “one-stop shop” event experience, and minimizing book-arounds. Easily generate reports that compare registrations with hotel Next Event or Meeting: reservations. If you do not have your own registration program, ConferenceDirect can work with you to develop a registration site 1. Maximize block pickup tailored to your needs. Room Block Audit Service 2. Reduce attrition exposure ConferenceDirect Room Block Audit service is an essential part of any size meeting. We will handle the tedious tasks of scheduling the audit appointments with your hotel contacts prior to the meeting, 3. Minimize book-arounds reviewing the registration and hotel housing information, and preparing an audit report to track any and all rooms booked outside your block. Not only will ConferenceDirect Audit Service save you 4. Increase attendee satisfaction time, but we can also save you money. The audit results may be the difference between having to pay attrition damage or not, or for you to earn your full comp allotment. In one event alone our Audit 5. Handle last minute changes Services uncovered 3,027 missing room nights totaling more than $505,000 in previously unaccounted room revenue. Audit services with ease also help you compile accurate history for future negotiations with hotel venues. NOTE: ConferenceDirect Audit Services available as an a la carte item for all events. 6. Minimize your workload Event-Specific Reservation Web Sites Passkey provides each event with its own personalized hotel 7. Access real-time reservation reservation web site where your attendees can make, modify or information cancel their hotel bookings directly into your group’s contracted block. Create a unique event web site by uploading logos, pictures, or graphics and selecting a unique color scheme. Different attendee 8. Develop a more accurate history sub groups (VIPs, attendees, exhibitors, etc.) can be given a unique reservation URL to book their housing at the room types and rates for your event established specifically for them. Real-time and Scheduled Reports Run Real-time reports such as block and pick-up, booking pace, event revenue, attendee / exhibitor / staff lists, and event history 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer. Many Reports can be scheduled and automatically emailed to anyone with an email address at any interval, this keeps everyone informed and on the same page. Access accurate event data for negotiating future hotel contracts and event planning. Automatic notices sent when available inventory is running low. (877) 262-2076 ©2010 ConferenceDirect. All rights reserved. Rev0410
  9. 9. (877) 262-2076 Registration Management Services Create a first-class impression with your attendees through a quality registration Services experience. ConferenceDirect knows the right technology to make your meeting’s At-a-Glance: attendee management simple and flexible. We’ll spend time understanding your unique business rules and pair you with our best solution for your needs. From simple registration forms, to complex customized solutions, we’re here for you. • Knowledgeable Staff Knowledgeable Staff • Customized Meeting Talk to a dedicated manager, not a support line. We’ll use our experience and Website expertise to help shape the registration experience for your attendees. • Flexible & Intuitive Back Attendee Communication Office/Management System Communication is key! Send invites and updates with a click of a button. Email campaigns have never been easier! • Customized Registration Software Online Financial Processing Know the numbers at a glance in real-time. Feel confident with secure online • Creative Services credit card cashiering and check reconciliation. • Onsite Registration Customized Software Services With ConferenceDirect, there is no need to keep “making it work” in a template registration solution. Our experts will design and create custom web pages for each event so that it is a perfect fit for your needs. (Continued on back)
  10. 10. Customized Meeting Website Customized Website Samples ConferenceDirect can create a complete meeting website where all of your content can be displayed. The sites can contain all of your meeting information, such as a Meeting Overview, Speaker Bio’s, Travel & Hotel Information, Sponsor Recognition, Interactive Agendas, and Attendee Schedule builders with session management. We will configure the website to your precise specifications as it relates to the content, look and feel without any costly coding. Back Office Management ConferenceDirect’s administrator access allows the client 24/7 access to their registration information. An intuitive interface provides easy viewing of reports and registration records alike. Using the built in report creator, reporting options are almost limitless. Once a report is built it can be saved as if it was a standard report, all at no additional fees. SAMPLE REPORTS: Online Financial Processing ConferenceDirect has established integrations with the major online processing organizations (PayPal - Payflow Pro, Verisign,, Cybersource). These accounts can be used by the client to funnel registration revenue directly into the meeting bank account resulting in close to real-time access to registration revenue. Creative Services ConferenceDirect is able to deliver conference identity Creation & Management. From Graphic Design (Conference Identity Creation & Management), Flash Animation (movies, speaker/ sponsor slideshows), Video Production, Social Media Integration & Management (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), or Email Campaign Creation/Management we have the tools and abilities to make your The above examples were built using event website shine. the Lenos application; however the final deliverable will be largely dependent upon Onsite Services ConferenceDirect can provide onsite Registration Managers to the content and material provided by you. coordinate all of your onsite requirements accurately and efficiently. Registration managers are able to assist with, training For additional questions related to your and managing volunteers, coordinating registration materials specific registration requirements, please and equipment, overseeing badge printing and check in, running onsite reports, etc. contact Adam Briggs at 704-927-1450, extension 204. Adam can demo a live (877) 262-2076 site for you and your team and answer additional questions related to your specific registration requirements. ©2010 ConferenceDirect. All rights reserved. Rev0410
  11. 11. (877) 262-2076 Contact Center Services Services Create a Unique Customer Experience • Event specific Toll Free numbers At-a-Glance: • Designed script to deliver custom messages • Designed email responses with custom information • Brand the event through the campaign • Unique Customer • Dedicated event training for our agents Experience Cost Effective and Higher Control • High quality assurance standards • Cost Effective Services • Efficient call control and traffic forecasting • Live Agent Services Live Agent Services During Business Hours • Open 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday for housing, registration and general inquiry • Real Time Customer • Expandability to evening and weekend hours as needed Feedback Real-time Feedback from Customers • Central Hub for Inbound & • In-house monitoring of room inventory • Immediate response to escalated customer issues Outbound Calls & Emails • Located in Charlotte with your account management team • Enhanced Email Capabilities Central Inbound/Outbound Hub for Calls and Emails • Streamlined communication across channels • Outbound Call Services • Minimal redundancy • Marketing Campaigns • Single source of customer experience • Membership Renewals • Event Announcements Enhanced Email Capacities • Exhibitor Prospect List • Customized email templates to ensure consistent messages are • Attendee Reminders delivered • In depth reporting to track and store attendee emails • Centralized email hub will distribute emails to the best available customer service agent for fast responses ©2010 ConferenceDirect. All rights reserved. Rev0410