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So Lo Mo - Masamayor, Paulo Miguel L.


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ECOMMER presentation for Prof. Jaime Borromeo

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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So Lo Mo - Masamayor, Paulo Miguel L.

  1. 1. • • • • • WHAT HOW WHY IMPLICATIONS TREND By Mikee Masamayor
  2. 2. Definition: Area where you engage with audience and promote your message WHAT : Definitions Definition: Proximity; either physically or online Definition: Area where you engage with audience and promote your message
  3. 3. HOW does it work? CONSUMER • Share Information through mobile device • Synchronization of information • Allows interaction BUSINESS • Opportunity to pinpoint prospects/target audience • Designed and contextually relevant content • Shift away from traditional advertising • More innovation • Consumers embrace these new unique concepts • Social media and local information are powerful tools
  4. 4. WHY is it important? • “To stay relevant, businesses need to get social, think local, and spend on mobile.” • Benefits consumers and businesses • Increasing demands and expectations due to technological advancement
  5. 5. IMPLICATIONS • Merchants and consumers will engage in more E-Commerce and online transactions • Engage in fast moving information and more innovative ideas and businesses
  6. 6. IMPLICATIONS • Marketing competition online will intensify • SME’s must take advantage of knowing how to market to their audience through social media or will be left behind
  7. 7. TRENDS • Continued growth in online businesses • Marketing online will increase • Smartphone-ready business information is a must to survive
  8. 8. TRENDS • Marketing is more specific on prospects – Factors to be considered from one’s Location • Businesses will take advantage of more accessible and specific information