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Inside the earth


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Inside the earth

  1. 1. Inside the Earth
  2. 2. Composition (What it is made of)• Crust• Mantle• Core
  3. 3. The Crust• Outer layer• 5-100 km thick• 2 types of crust – Oceanic (very dense, made of basalt) – Continental (less dense, made of granite)
  4. 4. Oceanic and Continental Crust
  5. 5. The Mantle• Middle layer• Very thick layer
  6. 6. The Core• Made mostly of iron• 1/3 of the earth’s mass• Very hot
  7. 7. Earth’s Layers• How are the earth’s layers similar to an egg?• Shell=crust• Egg white=mantle• Yolk=core
  8. 8. Physical Structure of the Earth (5 Layers)• Lithosphere- rigid outer layer (crust)• Asthenosphere- solid rock that flows slowly (like hot asphalt)• Mesosphere- middle layer• Outer Core- liquid layer• Inner Core- solid, very dense
  9. 9. Tectonic Plates• Earth’s crust is broken into about 19 pieces• These plates move on top of the asthenosphere