ArcGIS Data Reviewer Check Poster


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ArcGIS Data Reviewer Check Poster

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ArcGIS Data Reviewer Check Poster

  1. 1. GIS Data ReViewer Checks Default Checks Table Checks Database Validation Checks OBJECTID SHAPE FCSUBTYPE FEATURE 1 POLYLINE AQ040– BRIDGE LINE WIDTH 25 FID PARAMETER1 Invalid Finds features whose geometry is empty, nothing, or not Condition Finds records from selected feature class or table that do not 2 POLYLINE AQ040– Execute SQL Finds features based on a SQL query where clause TYPE ROAD 2 WIDTH<0 OR Geometry simple, as well as features with empty envelopes BRIDGE LINE Table (CNT) meet the specified CNT parameters NAME NULL BETWEEN 1 AND 15 3 NULL AQ040– BRIDGE LINE TYPE=4 4 NAME IS NULL Number of Parts >1 YEAR Searches for polyline features with more than one part 1805 Multipart 2 Regular Finds features with attribute values that violate the FIELD REGULAR EXPRESSION Connectivity Returns geometries for features that violate the geometric Hydrant Lateral Comparison to Topology: 1972 Line Expression regular expression YEAR (19/20)DD Rules network connectivity rules Line must be single part 2005 1 200A Main FEATURE CLASS LANDUSE DESCRIPTION OID SCALE 000 UNCLASSIFIED Table to Returns rows whose attributes match those of a feature SCALE AGR AGRICULTURE Multipart Finds polygon features with more than one part and polygon 1 class or table and/or comply with a user defined where 1 10,000 Validates coded value and range domains to ensure that all SDP PLAN Table 20,000 Domain AGR Polygon features with holes clause comparing the attributes between feature classes 2 20,000 values meet domain constraints IND INDUSTRIAL 2 Attribute and/or tables 3 10,000 30,000 NRN IND 4 30,000 FEATURE CLASS 7 25 1 Non-Linear Searches for nonlinear segments such as arcs and curves in line Checks the values of a set of fields across a set of tables and 8 18 FID REVIEWER Searches for records that are orphans or have improper CROP Unique ID 1 36 Relationships Segment and polygon features feature classes for uniqueness within a given workspace 9 18 cardinality in a relationship class 1 CORN 2 21 2 RICE 3 3 18 3 WHEAT SUBTYPES Subtype=0 Finds paths and lines in polylines that touch or cross 1 HIGHWAYS Polyline or Path Closes themselves Spatial Parameter Evaluation Checks Subtype Searches for feature classes with improper or null subtypes 2 MAJOR ROAD 3 LOCAL STREETS Comparison to Topology: on Self Line must not selfintersect, or self-overlap 4 ALLEY Evaluate Returns features where the extent properties (x and y) are Extent within specified parameters VVT 1,3 TYPE STATUS Valid Feature on Feature Checks Value Tables Searches a selected feature class for features that do not have attribute combinations that correspond with rows in the valid 1 1 1 2 (VVT) value table 2 1 1,2 Searches for features from two different feature classes or within the same feature class that spatially interact Evaluate Geometry (eg. intersect) or are within a tolerance of each other Finds vertices for polyline features in one feature class that 4 1 on Intersection intersect polyline or polygon features in a second feature class 3 Comparison to Topology: a specified number of times 2 Geometry Count Line—must not overlap, intersect, overlap with Intersections >3 Polygon—must not overlap, contain point, overlap with Duplicate Geometry Checks Intersection Returns geometries for features in Feature Class 3 that Evaluate 4 Duplicate 3 on intersect with the intersections of features from Feature Class Finds features with a part count that is within a specified range 2 Finds features of the same geometry type that are co-located Z 1 and 2 Part Count Geometry Geometry Parts >3 1 Number of Vertices Returns overlap/gap geometries between polygon features >2 and <5 from two feature classes that have a Thinness Ratio beneath a Polygon user specified threshold. Optionally requires that the overlap/ Evaluate Searches for features with a vertex count that is within a 1 2 3 Duplicate Searches for vertices in selected polyline or polygon feature Overlap/Gap gap polygons be beneath a maximum area threshold. Vertex Count specified range 6 Vertex classes that are within a specified tolerance of each other 2 is Sliver Comparison to Topology: 1 4 5 2 Polygon must not have gaps 1 3 Polygon Checks Topology Checks Z Value Checks Area: 4 Z > 400’ Area: 5 Within a database topology, finds polyline features that have Adjacent Evaluate nodes that are within a tolerance but not connected to other 630’ Polygon Searches for polygon, part, ring, or segment features whose Area: 2 Area: 9 Find features in the database topology Vertex Finds vertices for polyline or polygon features with elevation Perimeter area or perimeter is within a specified range Dangles Elevation (z-value) changes greater than the specified tolerance 450’ Z Comparison to Topology: and Area >3 and <8 Line must not have dangles Change 160’ 360’ 180’ 5’< Z < 50’ Invalid Different Finds two intersecting line features whose z-value difference Finds single polyline features that are not connected in the 120’ Hole Finds features that intersect polygon feature holes Orphan database topology Z at is within the minimum/maximum specified tolerance values Z Intersection at the point where they intersect Feature 95’ 80’ Z >1000’ Finds features that share a node and have identical attributes Polygon Finds polygons below a specified thinness ratio (t) and Unnecessary in editable fields Evaluate Searches for features whose z-values are within a Sliver optionally whose area is within a specified threshold t Nodes Comparison to Topology: Z Values specified range 1000’ Line must not have pseudo nodes 900’ 800’ Unnecessary Polyline Checks Polygon Finds adjacent polygon features that share a boundary and Polygon/Ring Searches for unclosed rings in polygons based on the x, y, have identical attributes in editable fields Closed and z values Boundaries Angle <25° Identifies segments where the angle between segments in a Cutbacks polygon or polyline is below a specified minimum value Slope Advanced Checks Direction Searches for polylines with vertices that change slope Z Change direction according to specified conditions (Monotonicity) Length <20 Evaluate 50 Searches for features that satisfy combined Geometry on Searches for segment, part/path, and polyline features whose Composite Polyline length is within a specified range 10 Geometry and/or Table to Table Attribute checks by feeding the 60 results of the one check into the next check Length Geometry on Geometry on 30 Geometry 1 Geometry 2 GIS Data ReViewer offers several data checks that can be selected from the drop-down list on the PLTS GIS Data ReViewer toolbar. These checks allow you to perform geometric validation as well as ensure data integrity. All the validation checks can be applied to an entire feature class or database, or only the selected set of features. You can also use a SQL query to determine which features to use for a particular check. G30663 5/08sf