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Empower Network Review - Can You Really Make Money Blogging


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Empower Network Review:
- Position yourself as a LEADER
- Be an EXPERT in your field
- SHARE lots of value, tips and strategies
- Earn 100% COMMISSION through Affiliate Marketing
- OWN your own blog on an AUTHORITY SITE

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Empower Network Review - Can You Really Make Money Blogging

  1. 1. Can You Really Make Money Blogging?
  2. 2. Why Start An Online Business?• Global presence 24/7• Freedom to live & work anywhere you like• Small startup investment• Office & fix cost savings• Fully automated• Low cost
  3. 3. What Are The Common Problems? • Very Technical • Time consuming • Designing your own: – Videos – Sales funnels – Presentations • Working
  4. 4. If You Setup Your Own
  5. 5. Our Wireless Income Journey
  6. 6. Maldives: fishing/diving/snorkling and figuring out how to make money on the internet. Money only for 3 months.
  7. 7. Benefits of Blogging? • Talk Passion & Make Money 24/7 • Authority And Credibility • Personal Branding • Build Relationships • Traffic & exposure • Generate Free Leads • Earn Affiliate
  8. 8. What If You Could Eliminate…
  9. 9. How Empower Network
  10. 10. What’s Inside• Authority Blog Highly Ranked on Google• Lead Capture Pages• Ready Written Autoresponders• Highly Optimised and Tested Sales Funnel• Selling is done for you
  11. 11. Multiple Streams of Income
  12. 12. What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  13. 13. Cost vs. Investment E-Wallet - $19.95
  14. 14. Who Can Benefit From EN? Work From Home Network Marketers Affiliate Marketers Small Business Owners Newbie Internet Marketers Veteran
  15. 15. Why Should I Join?Ask Yourself:• What goals would you like to accomplish?• Do you want to own automated online biz?• Do you want to learn how to market online and generate leads?• Do you want to be surrounded by entrepreneurs?
  16. 16. Empower Network Offers…• Plug and Play system• Ready Pre-setup Blog• Weekly training calls• Step-by-step video training• Internet Marketer’s Community• Inner Circle Training• Personal development• Psychology of
  17. 17. Definition of Wealth “Wealth is What You Are Left With When You Have No Money” Roger Hamilton  Skills  Knowledge  Relationships 
  18. 18. What To Write About? • Your Passion/Experience • Tips and Strategies • Review Tools and Resources • Hot Topics and Industry News • Share videos, audio, articles, books … • Paraphrase other blogger’s content • Outsource Writing –
  19. 19. What Do You Need To Do To Succeed? 1. Set Up Your Account 2. Watch 8 Video Tutorials 3. Blog Daily – Post of The Day 4. Market Daily - Promote Post of The Day 5. Make
  20. 20. #1 – 30 Ready To Post Articles#2 - Article Spinner#3 - Article Shuffler#4 - Article Submitter#5 - Backlinking Tool Visit Now To Join