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Manire Social Media Case Studies

  2. 2. MANIRE  –  SOCIAL  MEDIA   2  Michelle Manire O: 818-286-0550 x1 • M: 818-389-7575 • E: • W: www.manire.netCASE STUDIES (5)Case study No. 1Kirsten Proffit - Singer/SongwriterPROJECT DESCRIPTIONIncrease exposure and engagement on several social media platforms while increasing fan base andfollowers.OBJECTIVESDramatically increase fans and followers, specifically on Facebook and Twitter.Increase organic SEO.Engage fans.Increase ranking on ReverbNation.CHALLENGESTrain and manage client to consistently engage with her fans and followers.Have client embrace social media as an extension of her art.Dramatically increasing her fan base while maintaining quality and minimal budget.Get fans to share content.APPROACHFirst we did a social media audit to see where she was. After the audit, we made the necessaryadjustments and changes to enhance her current Facebook and Twitter pages. This included design,content, timing of content, custom pages, photos and so forth.To increase her fan base on Facebook, we created over fifty ads targeting specific areas, time zones anddemographics all over the world. We tested different ads in different areas to see which pulled better andhad the least CPC. These ads drove people to her Facebook fan page where they landed on herReverbNation tab. This gave people a quick summary of her, her music, upcoming events, videos, photos,opt in and content sharing.Next, we used third party software to increase her followers on Twitter. Using specific keywords, weidentified a quality target list that would help us reach our goals. We also set up three different directmessages for new followers that had a call to action. We added relevant pictures, videos and music to giveher Twitter profile a richer user experience.To help increase organic SEO, we set up a Flickr account, streamlined YouTube and ReverbNation.We spent several weeks creating a content calendar and training client so she could feel comfortableseamlessly interacting with her fans.
  3. 3. MANIRE  –  SOCIAL  MEDIA   3  Michelle Manire O: 818-286-0550 x1 • M: 818-389-7575 • E: • W: www.manire.netRESULTSFacebook fan base increase by 1200%, Twitter followers by over 400%, relevant content increasedengagement by 150% and her ReverbNation ranking by moved up several thousand and she is beginningto organically show at the top of search engines.As an added bonus, many new fans are attending her live shows, recording video, taking pictures andsharing with their friends all over the web.Case study No. 2The Original Pizza Cookery – Social Media and Mobile ManagementPROJECT DESCRIPTIONLeverage the power of social media, online marketing and mobile to create more conversation and a morepowerful online presence for The Original Pizza Cookery, a local restaurant in Los Angeles.OBJECTIVESGain new business, increase consumer interest and build customer loyalty.Get the word out about their extensive gluten-free and vegan menu items and generate conversations inthose blogs and forums.CHALLENGESMake social media, online marketing and mobile more accessible and understandable entities for atraditionally brick-and-mortar business.Comfortably transition the client and their brand into the realm of social media, online marketing andmobile.APPROACHWe first familiarized the client with social media, providing a general overview of what it is and how it canimpact their business. We then outlined its various tools, and explained its emergence and presence as apowerful promotional vehicle for building business and customer loyalty.Based on their needs, we recommended they launch into social media via its two most prominent sites:Facebook and Twitter. We also suggested we manage their brand on consumer review sites, like Yelp.Next, we worked hand-in-hand with them to determine how to communicate their brands personality to theonline and mobile community. We emphasized the importance of creating genuine, conversational andengaging content. We asked them what they wanted to tell their customers about their business, abouttheir menu, about themselves. Once we answered questions like these, we were able to build a strategythat made their brand both personable and inviting.Next, we started building their pages. This included customized pages such as “fan of the month”, mobiledeals and welcome page. After building and launching their pages, we began identifying and pursuingpotential fans on Facebook and followers Twitter who would be interested in their product. We alsoleveraged Facebook’s behavioral targeting ad tool, and increased their fan base by developing fivedifferent ads that effectively reached five different audiences.Recognizing that mobile is now a powerful tool, we incorporated it into their strategy to increase customerloyalty, sales and data capture. The first thing we did was reward people who “checked in” on Facebook
  4. 4. MANIRE  –  SOCIAL  MEDIA   4  Michelle Manire O: 818-286-0550 x1 • M: 818-389-7575 • E: • W: www.manire.netand Foursquare by offering them an exclusive deal.The next step we took was a formal texting campaign where people texted pizzacookery to (an easilyrecognizable short code) 90210 for mobile coupons, specials and announcements. This helped them gaina large database of opt-ins so we could easily market back to them at anytime.Lastly, we provided content across the web on other sites such as YouTube, Google and more to increaseorganic SEO.RESULTSVisibility instantly increased: customers mentioned—and responded positively to—seeing the OriginalPizza Cookery on social media and mobile platforms. The Original Pizza Cookery continually grows theirfans and followers at a rapid pace, many who are new customers.Through our efforts to manage their brand reputation on Yelp, business and customer loyalty increaseddramatically. We successfully turned many poor reviews into positive reviews because of our strategicapproach.Case study No. 3Maria’s Italian Kitchen – Regional – 10 restaurants throughout Los AngelesPROJECT DESCRIPTIONIncrease exposure, consumer engagement and Google search results using the social media platform forMaria’s Italian Kitchen, a chain of 10 restaurants throughout Los Angeles.OBJECTIVES• Generate conversation about Maria’s by creating relevant content.• Strengthen sales and consumers’ loyalty to Maria’s.• Turn around poor reviews on Yelp.CHALLENGES• Restructure Maria’s current social media strategy.• Make social media a more accessible and understandable entity for a traditionally brick-and-mortar business.• Comfortably transition the client and its brand into the realm of social media.APPROACHWe clearly defined what works in social media, what doesn’t and why. Next we walked them through whatthey were currently doing in social media and showed them where they were most vulnerable.Next we asked a lot of questions, gathered information and developed a clear strategy. Based on ourfindings and experience, we suggested three social media that Maria’s could benefit from immediately:Facebook, Twitter and Yelp.We studied their business practices and the owner, in particular, since she is actively involved in the day-to-day business and sets the tone for the entire organization.
  5. 5. MANIRE  –  SOCIAL  MEDIA   5  Michelle Manire O: 818-286-0550 x1 • M: 818-389-7575 • E: • W: www.manire.netWe then created several customized pages for their gift cards, data capture, downtown, reservations andso on.Next we restructured their current 10 different Facebook friend and group pages into one professional, yetaccessible business page. Then we set up Yelp business pages for each location so we could activelycommunicate with each reviewer on behalf of the owner. Lastly, we made some adjustments to theexisting Twitter page.After restructuring, building and (re)launching their pages, we identified potential customers who wouldwant to engage with Maria’s and either asked them to become a fan or began following them on Twitter.To increase exposure and fans, we incorporated Facebook’s behavioral targeted ad campaigns thatbrought people back to Maria’s Facebook page. We created several different ads that were targeted bykeyword, demographics and geographic location.Next we incorporated a Foursquare strategy. When customers’ check-in at their locations, a special wasoffered to the Mayor. To take it a step further, we suggested each location have a sign posted welcomingtheir Foursquare Mayor by name.We set up a Flickr account and began posting professional and amateur pictures from Maria’s restaurantsand family. Some go back to the 1920’s.Lastly we utilized LinkedIn’s group and company tools to promote their specials, seasonal dishes and giftcards.RESULTSFans and followers seemed a little gun shy at first, but because we consistently posted relevant contentand responded to fans and followers in a timely manner, they began interacting much more and tellingtheir friends about things that were going on at Maria’s. Their fans and followers grew by 60% in less thana month.Foursquare check-ins increased by 167% in 3 months. Customers soon started competing for Mayor title.Conversations between customers and their own friends started happening at a rapid pace which made abig impact with search results and decision-making.Flickr’s photo sharing capabilities brought Maria’s way up to the top of search engines.Answering both good and bad reviews on Yelp got customers talking. We effectively turned around manypoor reviews into positive ones by making personal contact with each reviewer.Case study No. 4Rick Dees – Entertainer, Radio PersonalityPROJECT DESCRIPTIONStreamline his social media efforts to connect to his fans all over the world.OBJECTIVES• Improve engagement, community and sharing among his fans.• Add exposure to younger demographic.
  6. 6. MANIRE  –  SOCIAL  MEDIA   6  Michelle Manire O: 818-286-0550 x1 • M: 818-389-7575 • E: • W:• Increase his fans and followers.CHALLENGES• No strategy in place, several accounts opened and unattended as well as fans managing RickDees’ page(s) on his behalf without his consent.• Comfortably transition the client and his brand into the realm of social media.APPROACHFirst, we asked a lot of questions to determine primary, secondary and tertiary goals. We then did a socialmedia audit, outlined what was working, what wasn’t and what needed to be added.We defined what would work best for his brand to connect to his audience and explained why it would beeffective.We restructured their current social media into a more organized format where fans were clear on wherethey could connect with him.To help increase his fan base on Facebook, we incorporated several variations of ads, constructed apromotion for an iPad 2 giveaway, customized a page that also allowed for data capture and postedrelevant and engaging content.On Twitter, we identified a target audience and began following them and they followed back.We also utilized other sites like You Tube to give people a behind the scenes look at his show, antics andreport trending news.We consistently interacted with fans on a personal level, provided relevant content across all social mediaplatforms and created an intimate online community.RESULTSOur strategy was so successful, that his fans and followers grew at an expediential rate and people startedengaging, sharing and retweeting.Soon Twitter lit up about Rick Dees that this post was made on a blog by a fan for Lee Dewyze:
  7. 7. MANIRE  –  SOCIAL  MEDIA   7  Michelle Manire O: 818-286-0550 x1 • M: 818-389-7575 • E: • W: www.manire.netYounger audiences started connecting with Rick Dees, data capture increased and soon an emailcampaign was born as another point of contact.Case study No. 5Kelly O’Neil International – Author, Public Speaker, CoachPROJECT DESCRIPTIONTrain Company on social media best practices, implementation and strategy direction.OBJECTIVESEngage fans and followers on a deeper level.Create relevant content and content calendar.Give staff a clear understanding of social media, its power and how to use it as an effective marketing tool.
  8. 8. MANIRE  –  SOCIAL  MEDIA   8  Michelle Manire O: 818-286-0550 x1 • M: 818-389-7575 • E: • W: www.manire.netCHALLENGESRefocusing efforts to create a two-way conversation instead of a one-way conversation.APPROACHConducted a social media audit and, based on goals, determined where she needed to be to meet them.Had initial meeting with Kelly to give her and overview of our approach and experience and helped heroutline her social media goals.Presented team with a thorough outline of our findings along with a ‘to-do’ list and held several “go tomeeting” training sessions to help her and her staff implement their new strategy in a clear and organizedfashion.Because each employee had different levels of experience with social media, we also conducted one onone meetings with each member that allowed for more intense training and q and a.Held meetings once a month with entire staff to measure strategy implementation against objectives andtalk about next steps.RESULTSAfter implementing our strategy, audience engagement increase dramatically. Her weekly reach isconsistently over 100,000 and social reach over 2 million on Facebook and Twitter followers are over15,000 and followers are actively engaged and retweeting her content.Her YouTube channel has been streamlined with an increased subscriber base and video views.She also took our advice and implemented our strategy across the suggested networks and sites whichhelped increase her exposure organically around the web.TESTIMONIALS“Michelle has been invaluable to us and our music marketing campaigns. In a marketing world thatchanges its methods, tricks and opportunities almost hourly, its a huge comfort to know Michelle has ourback and is out front leading us where we need to go. Weve benefitted greatly from herrecommendations, decision-making and her speed of implementation. Our artists love working with her,and in the incredibly fast world of online marketing, Manire really helps us keep up.”Thad Wharton, President, Broken Arrow Records“Heroes in Heels just completed an Incredibly Informational 2 day training with Michelle Manire! We highlyrecommend her services to anyone in need of help with what can be the confusing and overwhelmingworld of Social Media!!! Michelle has a gift of making the learning curve fun, informative, and effective.Thank you Michelle for all your help and specific guidance in the direction our company needed to go!Youre a rock star!”Carrie Flintom, Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker at Heroes in Heels“Michelle is amazing! There are a lot of people out there who claim to know strategic social mediamarketing... Michelle actually does! Loved working with her!”Kelly O’Neil, CEO, Kelly O’Neil International
  9. 9. MANIRE  –  SOCIAL  MEDIA   9  Michelle Manire O: 818-286-0550 x1 • M: 818-389-7575 • E: • W:“Working with Michelle has always been productive and enlightening - she always has the big picture infocus and can be counted on for sharp insight and worthwhile feedback. Very quick on the up-take withnew ideas - entertaining to say the least. I always look forward to our work sessions. It doesnt hurt that wehave very similar social philosophies. This woman has a very big heart to go with her quick mind.”Philip Trapkin, Owner Sterling Works and Marketing Rep Melaleuca“Absolutely incredible Michelle! Thank you for your time today-- you changed the way we looked at ourbusiness in just a few hours!!!!”Robyn Rhodes, Owner, Robyn Rhodes Designs“Michelle is the most creative executive I have ever met in her field, not to mention fun to work with. She isconscientious, trustworthy, and effective at understanding her clients needs while keeping a strong-holdon the bottom line. She is an artistic genius - a true visionary and someone I would hire again and again.”Melinda Dilger, Audio Circus"Manire is a leader in strategy, marketing and branding. We are excited to work closely with them to helpus reach our marketing objectives. Manire was chosen because of their expertise in strategy andauthenticity. Its not enough in this day and age to have overall marketing knowledge. You need to beauthentic with the way you deliver your message on all platforms; and Manire has what it takes."Kevin Dees, President of Creative Development, Dees Entertainment“Manire really helped us cross the threshold into the social media, marketing and mobile world. We werecomfortable with things like newspaper advertising because it was familiar; even though we knew it was adying breed. Manire is a true pioneer, stays ahead of the curve and took us to a level we never dreamedpossible. We cannot recommend them enough. They have integrity, knowledge and perseverance.”Barbara and Jordan Klempner, Owners, The Original Pizza Cookery“Manire continually exceeds expectations with creativity & innovation and a keen sense of effective projectmanagement. I imagine we will work together for many more years to come.”Women in Cable Telecommunications, Corporate“Manire is brilliant! I was so lost in the social media world. I thought I was doing all the right things andfound myself totally frustrated. I hired Manire and WOW! The training I received was top-notch. Eventhough they’re not musicians, they know social media and marketing and quickly acclimated themselves tomy music, personality, message and goals. The results I saw were astounding and have really expandedmy exposure on the web. If you’re thinking about hiring them, do it. They know what they’re doing.”Kirsten Proffit, Singer and Songwriter