How to Rock a LaidOffCampNY Session


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  • The Session Grid will open this morning (Sat 05-02-09) at 8a. If you'd like to present, come down to Pace (, register, then check-in with the Grid Desk. The Grid fills up first-come, first-served. Hope you can make it.
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  • How to Rock a LaidOffCampNY Session

    1. Leading a Great Saturday Session Jesse Fallick Matthew Mahoney Sessions Coordinator Outreach Coordinator
    2. Agenda ‣ Context & goals: how LaidOffCamp works ‣ How sessions work ‣ Being a discussion leader
    3. The main idea the richest resource at the conference is the group of people attending.
    4. LaidOffCamp is... A free two-day event for people in a career transition who are looking to gain perspective, discover new passions, or reinvent their careers. An “open-source” or “user-generated” conference. Attendees are the organizers + discussion leaders.
    5. The Rules of LaidOffCamp Adopted from Tantek Çelik's The Rules of BarCamp 1st Rule: You do talk about LaidOffCamp. • 2nd Rule: You do blog about LaidOffCamp. • 3rd Rule: Anyone with something to contribute or with the • desire to learn is welcome and invited to join. 4th Rule: No pre-scheduled presentations and no tourists - • everyone participates! 5th Rule: If you want to present, you must write your topic • and name in a presentation slot. • 6th Rule: As many presentations at a time as facilities allow for. 7th Rule: All sponsors, no matter how large their • contribution is, shall be treated equally and afforded the same quot;benefitsquot; 8th Rule: There will be no screening or vetting of presenters • - anyone can speak!
    6. How scheduling works - am 8:00-8:45 The session grid is booked first-come first-served • on-site. Registration opens at 8a. If you proposed a topic on the wiki in advance, • then simply confirm you still want to lead that talk After (1) conference registration, (2) check-in with the • Sessions Coordinator (Jesse) who will help with space assignment, overlapping topics, and consolidation where necessary 8:45-9:30 Sessions Coordinator distributes grid around site • Morning Session Leaders give 20 second intro •
    7. How scheduling works - afternoon 8:00-12:30 If you arrive late, or decide in the morning that you’d • like to present, find the Sessions Coordinator (Jesse) and sign up on the Grid if there’s still space available 12:30-1:00p Sessions Coordinator distributes updated grid • around the site Afternoon Session Leaders give 20 second intro •
    8. The main idea the richest resource in the room is the people attending the discussion.
    9. How sessions work Timing • Sessions are blocked for an hour • Discussions can go on until the next session begins • Many will break at 45 min, it’s up to you & the group Golden Principles (1) Lead a discussion (2) No company pitches (3) Rule of two feet
    10. Tips: In Advance If there is topic overlap, consider co-leading a • session with others Distill: what’s the main idea that’s important for • people to take-away? Develop 3-4 main questions that will provoke • discussion Develop short anecdotes to illustrate the main • points; ideally, think about how to involve the group Slides are ok, not required, but don’t use too many • (projectors will be in every room; bring an adapter if you need it) Bullet points are ok, images are better • Keep it simple.
    11. Tips: During the Session Lead a conversation. More guide than lecturer. • Open the conversation: get people involved early, if • not right away (e.g. ask why they came) Involve the group: consider where you can break into • pairs or smaller groups, then report out as a big group Share: ask people taking notes to post or twitter • them It’s ok if people get up to leave • Provide the framework, but let it happen
    12. Next steps Register, if you haven’t already: • Browse proposed topics, post yours: • Pair up to co-lead where it makes sense • Outline the main points, open questions and • conversation starters. Define success. Make a blog post about your presentation this week • Invite 3 friends to come • Have fun. You’re gonna do great.