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Solve the Mortgage Processing "Paper Problem"


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Does Your Company Have a “Paper Problem”?

If you work in the financial industry, you probably deal with an overwhelming amount of paper each day. The endless forms, documents, contracts, and more, add cost and complexity to your business.

You’re searching for ways to be more efficient, provide faster and more accurate service, have greater data security, and not kill as many trees, right? Well, Zia Consulting and Alfresco can help you accomplish all of these things and much more.

This presentation includes top strategies for financial institutions with specific examples from existing clients including:

-Intelligent document capture solutions and strategies
-Advanced workflow for content management
-Efficiently managing documents and records in the cloud
-Accessing and managing content on mobile devices

Published in: Technology
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Solve the Mortgage Processing "Paper Problem"

  1. 1. Solving the Paper ProblemSolutions for the Mortgage Industry Phil Robinson SVP Business Development Zia Consulting Ryan McVeigh VP ECM Practice Zia Consulting
  2. 2. The Paper Problem•  Hundreds of Pages, Dozens of Document Types•  Expensive and Potentially Costly•  Competitive Disadvantage•  Non-Compliance
  3. 3. The Paper Problem… Is a Content Problem Your Business is Contracts.Contracts = Content We are focused onbuilding your ContentConnected Enterprise
  4. 4. Solutions for theMortgage Industry
  5. 5. Mortgage BankingApplications or ContentConnectedEnterprise
  6. 6. Who has Paper Problems?•  Mortgage Banks•  Title Companies•  Mortgage Insurers•  Appraisal Companies•  Rating Agencies
  7. 7. Why Now?•  Competition•  Compliance•  New Standards
  8. 8. What are you doing?•  Going Paperless: •  Intelligent Document Capture (IDC)
  9. 9. What are you doing?•  Secure Collaboration •  Alfresco Share •  MTNow
  10. 10. What are you doing?•  Workflow / BPM•  Electronic Signatures
  11. 11. What are you doing?•  Enterprise Integration •  Point-to-Point •  Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) •  Email Integration
  12. 12. What are you doing?•  Cloud •  Public •  Private •  Hybrid
  13. 13. What are you doing?•  Secure Mobile Mobile
  14. 14. What are you doing?•  Records Management •  Paperless (Electronic RM) •  Compliance
  15. 15. Questions?Or Lunch?
  16. 16. Back to the Paper Problem About those Loans•  Hundreds of pages of paper in each loan•  Dozens of different document types•  “Unstructured Content” •  Different paper sizes •  Typed / printed / signed documents
  17. 17. What are you doing?•  Going Paperless: •  Intelligent Document Capture (IDC)
  18. 18. What is IDC?•  Classification and Extraction - without separator sheets or barcodes•  Free form extraction – Key Value, Regular expression•  Table extraction•  Handwriting recognition•  OCR/ICR/OMR integration•  Content delivered to storage
  19. 19. Introducing Ephesoft•  Modern Alternative to Legacy Capture Systems •  Rapid ROI •  No Per-Page Pricing•  100% web-based interface - Administration and Operator•  Browser-based scanning included
  20. 20. Ephesoft for Loan Processing•  Over 50 years combined experience in capture of loan documents•  Responsible for some of the world’s largest implementations for mortgage documents•  Not just scanned paper – fax, email,….•  Unstructured content – Drivers License, W2’s, Tax Documents…
  21. 21. What about my current scanning software?•  I’m  using  Capture  So2ware  Without  Indexing  Capability  and/or   Receiving  Images  And  Manually  Classifying  •  Epheso2  offers:   •  Auto  ClassificaFon   •  Auto  ExtracFon   •  Less  Manual  Processing   •  More  Timely   •  More  Accuracy  
  22. 22. What about my current scanning software?•   I’m  using  a  capture  tool  like  Kofax  Ascent  Capture  or  CapFva   CaptureQuickScan  Pro  •  Epheso2  offers:   •  Client  Server  Architecture  –  Includes  WebScanner   •  OCR  ClassificaFon   •  No  Need  For  Pre  Batch     Processing   •  Free  Form  ExtracFon   •  Table  ExtracFon   •  HandwriTen  RecogniFon  and     Checkbox  ExtracFon   •  Can  Be  Extended  
  23. 23. What about my current scanning software?•   I’m  using  a  capture  tool  like  Kofax  KTM  or  CapFva  Advanced   RecogniFon  •  Epheso2  offers:   •  No  Click  Charges  –  Monthly,  Quarterly,  Yearly  Volume   RestricFons   •  Train  For  ClassificaFon  with  1  or  2  Samples   •  No  StaFon  Charges   •  No  Module  Charges  (invoice  extracFon,  full  text  module,   import/export  connectors,  field  number  restricFons,  etc)   •  Purchase  or  SubscripFon   •  Responsive  and  RecepFve  Support   Group   •  Client  Server  
  24. 24. Want to Learn More?
  25. 25. Case Study #1 Regional Mortgage BankIntelligent Capture Solution
  26. 26. Case Study #1 Regional Mortgage BankFacts & Figures•  4,000,000 pages/year•  225 different document types•  95% accuracy in classification•  1/3 previous staff levels•  ROI = less than 6 months
  27. 27. Case Study #2 Mortgage InsuranceIntelligent Capture to Alfresco
  28. 28. Case Study #2 Mortgage InsuranceFacts & Figures•  250+ Document Types •  Appraisal, Income,….•  1.3 million pages / month
  29. 29. Ephesoft Solution Social     Purchase   Date   Amount   Address   Security  #   Order  #   LOAN   APPLICATION   IRS  1040   APPRAISAL   INVOICE   LETTER  PAPER  DOCS   E-­‐MAIL   FAX   1.  IdenFfies  the  categories  (document  types)   2.  Learns  from  samples   3.  Classifies  incoming  documents  and  extracts  data   4.  Outputs  metadata  to  start  business  process  flow  
  30. 30. Paper to Mobile Solutions•  Platforms •  Document & Records Management •  Workflow/BPM •  Intelligent Document Capture •  Portals•  Solutions •  Case Management •  Contracts Management •  Email Integration •  Content Migration
  31. 31. Zia in 2013•  Programs & Packages •  IT Modernization •  Enterprise Integration •  Enterprise Mobility •  Zia Managed Cloud •  Enterprise Now Packages Zia Enterprise Now Packages
  32. 32. Partnerships
  33. 33. How do you get started?•  Enterprise Now Package•  Intelligent Capture Assessment•  Secure Mobile•  Join Us!
  34. 34. Questions? Phil Robinson SVP Business Development Zia Consulting Ryan McVeigh VP ECM Practice Zia Consulting