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ECM Renovation Roadshow - Migration


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Zia Consulting’s Migration Solutions for Alfresco focus on moving organizations to a modern and open “Easy ECM” system that works the way they do. By providing tools that work with your current systems and processes, Easy ECM solutions can reduce the cost of maintenance and upgrading of legacy systems, remove the frustration of unused ECM systems, and successfully integrate with critical business systems (ERP, CRM, BI, and more). Additional functionality can be added for collaboration with our cloud solutions and to allow your team “content anywhere” access with our mobile solutions.

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ECM Renovation Roadshow - Migration

  1. 1. It’s Time to Move. How do you get there?
  2. 2. Your Point of Origin • Legacy ECM • Sharepoint • Embedded or Vertical-Specific ECM Systems
  3. 3. Your Destination • • • • • Alfresco Enterprise Alfresco Cloud AWS + Alfresco Zia Managed Cloud Other Cloud/Hosted Options
  4. 4. Bu s i n e s s = Go v e r n a nc e Se y Re l i Sc l i Co e d c u r i t l t a t n i a b i y l a b i y n e c t Ha p p y Us e r s L o we r Co s t s Fu t u r e -p r o o f Mo b i l e Cl o u d Us e r s = Ea s e of Us e Collaboration Data with me Enough BP Easier Job Mobile
  5. 5. Discovery Methodology Extraction Transformation Business Rules Content Migration Auditing & Indexing Final Verification
  6. 6. Embrace Change Assessment Final Validation Extraction One Team Quick Iterations Migration Validation/Cleanup Business Rules & Workflow Taxonomy & Metadata Mapping User, Roles, Permissions Trust & Transparency
  7. 7. • Customer support portal/knowledge articles • Tool used: open source and custom export/import Volume of Data: Relatively small < 20,000 documents Changes to Documents: Critical to not disrupt in-process editing and workflows Metadata & Properties: All content and properties in legacy database Sources of Content: Internally developed legacy database solution Target Location: Alfresco Share (with UI customization) Document lifecycle: Business rules and workflow were central to process
  8. 8. • Information technology research and advisory company • Enterprise ECM Renovation – removing legacy embedded ECM • Tool used: various, depending on requirements Volume of Data: Medium 500,000+ documents Changes to Documents: Some critical integrations with ERP and other systems Metadata & Properties: many legacy document types, rules, and properties Sources of Content: Documentum, share drives Target Location: Alfresco Share (with minimal UI customization) Document lifecycle: Depended upon source being migrated
  9. 9. • Public e-filing of state, district and local court documents • Tool used: Bulk file system import Volume of Data: Large, 25 million pdf documents Changes to Documents: process needed to account for daily updates to data Metadata & Properties: 15+ metadata fields to be preserved Sources of Content: Lexis Nexis and legacy file systems Target Location: Alfresco repository back-end; custom front-end Document lifecycle: minimal support; only updates to documents
  10. 10. Bulk File Import & Open Source Toolsets Bulk migrate files, metadata, and versions Mirror on-disk file system folders and files No/minimal auditing support Lazy or “In Place” Migrations High Volume migration platform Virtual Repository used for discovery, framework, and migration of content and details Full featured user interface with framework for all steps in migration Supports to/from many standard ECM systems with connectors Comprehensive audit and reporting
  11. 11. Assess Current Situation Break it Down Cost of Doing Nothing Determine Costs (HW, people, storage) Benefit to LOB
  12. 12. Pricing Guidelines Estimate as of 1st Quarter 2014 Number of Files Small Medium Large XL <= 400,000 <= 2,000,000 <= 4,000,000 > 4,000,000 <= 3 <= 8 <= 15 > 15 <= 500 <= 1,000 <= 4,000 > 4,000 Number of Document Types <= 8 <= 15 <=25 > 25 Number of Workflows (number:average steps) 1:10 3:10 5:15 > Number of Integrations <= 2 <= 4 <= 8 >8 Duration 2.5 – 3 Months 3 – 4 Months 4 – 6 Months >> Licensing $60,000 $120,000 $180,000 Custom $80K - $120K $120K - $240K $240K - $360K Custom Number of Departments Involved Number of Users Total Services Cost Note: This is a sizing guideline, each variable is a lever that adjusts price. Please call for a free assessment & quote.
  13. 13. Migration Webinar Series Part 1 – Moving to EasyECM Part 2 – The “How”: Tools & Best Practices g-alfresco-part-ii-how-tools-best-practicesrenovating-your-ecm-system Find us on the Web:
  14. 14. Z i a Qu i c k S t a r t Se r v i c e s • A s s e s s me n t • I mp l e me n t a t i o n