ECM Renovation Roadshow - ECM System Migration


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Zia’s industry-leading ECM migration solutions leverage our years of experience across dozens of successful Alfresco migration projects – delivering success based on both our methodology and migration tools, and offering multi-repository solutions and phased migrations.
From: Sharepoint, EMC Documentum, OpenText and more…
To: Alfresco Enterprise, Alfresco Cloud, AWS and others…

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ECM Renovation Roadshow - ECM System Migration

  1. 1. It’s Time to Renovate. How do you get there?
  2. 2. Business = Governance Security Reliability Scalability Connected Happy Users Lower Costs Future-proof Mobile Cloud Users = Ease of Use Collaboration Data with me Enough BP Easier Job Mobile
  3. 3. Your Point of Origin • Legacy ECM • Sharepoint • Embedded or Vertical-Specific ECM Systems • Email/Shared Drives
  4. 4. Your Destination • Your Data Center • Alfresco Cloud • AWS + Alfresco • Zia Managed Cloud • Other Cloud/Hosted Options
  5. 5. Methodology Discovery Extraction Transformation Business Rules Content Migration Auditing & Indexing Final Verification
  6. 6. Volume of Data: Relatively small < 20,000 documents Changes to Documents: Critical to not disrupt in-process editing and workflows Metadata & Properties: All content and properties in legacy database Sources of Content: Internally developed legacy database solution Target Location: Alfresco Share (with UI customization) Document lifecycle: Business rules and workflow were central to process • Customer support portal/knowledge articles • Tool used: open source and custom export/import
  7. 7. • Information technology research and advisory company • Enterprise ECM Renovation – removing legacy embedded ECM • Tool used: various, depending on requirements Volume of Data: Medium 500,000+ documents Changes to Documents: Some critical integrations with ERP and other systems Metadata & Properties: many legacy document types, rules, and properties Sources of Content: Documentum, share drives Target Location: Alfresco Share (with minimal UI customization) Document lifecycle: Depended upon source being migrated
  8. 8. Volume of Data: Large, 25 million pdf documents Changes to Documents: process needed to account for daily updates to data Metadata & Properties: 15+ metadata fields to be preserved Sources of Content: Lexis Nexis and legacy file systems Target Location: Alfresco repository back-end; custom front-end Document lifecycle: minimal support; only updates to documents • Public e-filing of state, district and local court documents • Tool used: Bulk file system import
  9. 9. Bulk migrate files, metadata, and versions Mirror on-disk file system folders and files No/minimal auditing support Lazy or “In Place” Migrations Virtual Repository used for discovery, framework, and migration of content and details Supports to/from many standard ECM systems with connectors High Volume migration platform Full featured user interface with framework for all steps in migration Comprehensive audit and reporting Bulk File Import & Open Source Toolsets
  10. 10. Assess Current Situation Determine Costs (HW, people, storage) Benefit to LOBCost of Doing Nothing Break it Down
  11. 11. Zia Delivery Services – ICE Initial Consulting Engagements Fixed Price Fixed Duration Based on methodology from 100+ successful Alfresco projects!
  12. 12. Solution Accelerators Delivery Services • ICE • Migration Our Partnerships • Alfresco • Ephesoft • IGC Brava, Crafter, Simflofy • and more…. Why Zia? PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2013 PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2012
  13. 13. Financial Services • Mortgage • Insurance • Banking Government • Federal • State/Local Tech & Telco Manufacturing We Deliver Results For:
  14. 14. Zia’s Simple + Secure Back Office Corporate Functions Legal Human Resources Tax Accounts Payable Procurement
  15. 15. • Talk to Us / Talk to Our Customers • Enterprise Trial – Alfresco/Ephesoft Webinars: • Corporate Legal / Law Firms – May 1st • Human Resources – May 29th Learn More: • Resources - • Webinars & Videos • Data Sheets & Brochures • Case Studies What Next?