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ActiveMigrate for Legal - It's Time to Move from eDocs, iManage or other Legacy Legal ECMs


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For many legal organizations - from AmLaw 250 firms to Fortune 500 Corporate Legal - the "why" is clear. They are tired of expensive, complex legacy ECM systems, where "ECM avoidance" is more prevalent then user adoption. The questions that remain are "where" and "how". Specifically, whether to move to another proprietary legal ECM such as HP, OpenText or others; or whether to move to a cloud sharing technology such as NetDocs or And then once the decision is made, "how" to get there.

During this presentation, we outline why Alfresco is the ideal "where" and then discuss the strategy and framework we've developed and termed ActiveMigrate™, greatly reducing the risk of "how" to get there. We will review why you don't have to settle for a choice between costly and complex proprietary systems vs. the security concerns and lack of enterprise functionality that comes from cloud sharing technologies.

Learn how Alfresco delivers:

-Role-Based, Dynamic Matter Management
-Simple Internal/External Collaboration
-Integration from Office/Email to Billing & HR
-Solutions for the "Paper Problem"
-Secure Enterprise Mobile

We will then detail ActiveMigrate - comprised of seven steps, our effective approach is based on 10+ years of migration experience and countless migration projects. These steps will help you define your business drivers, break down your project into critical components, and ensure that you can continue to utilize your documents throughout the migration process.

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ActiveMigrate for Legal - It's Time to Move from eDocs, iManage or other Legacy Legal ECMs

  1. 1. Mike Mahon CEO Secure Legal Powered By Moving away from Legacy Legal ECM Technologies
  2. 2. AM LAW 200 CONTRACTS, M&A FORTUNE 500 IP & LITIGATION Who Can Benefit?
  3. 3. Agenda • Why (& Why Not) Migrate? Where to Go? Who is Zia? Building your SecureLegal ECM Solution Active Migrate Methodology Demo Next Steps
  4. 4. • Slow • Where is My Content? • Shared Drives • Email • Cloud Sites Why Migrate? • Maintain • Upgrade • Content Silos • Data Risk
  5. 5. Why Not Migrate?
  6. 6. • Gartner estimates content will grow 500% in the next five years • Governance & Compliance is growing • Better UI, same problems as Shared Drive • Better to integrate with these services, than depend on them • Compliance & Governance Concerns What Are My Options Today?
  7. 7. Your Tools, Your Needs “Productized” Solution Components There Is A Better Path Forward User Interface External Collaboration Enterprise Information Management Business Process Information Governance Role-based, Dynamic Matter Management Mobile Access (Secure) Desktop Integration Outlook Integration Sharepoint Integration
  8. 8. Who Is Zia?
  9. 9. Why Zia? REDUCE RISK • Thousands of Hours of IP • Defined Methodologies • Pre-Existing Integrations • Email/Office/Sharepoint Integration • External Collaboration • Enterprise Information Management • Paper/Paperless Solutions
  10. 10. Why Zia? DELIVER THE RESULTS
  11. 11. What Do Users Want? REALLY? • Disregard for Adoption • Over Customization • Ignore Impact of User Experience • Lack of Overall ECM Vision THIS IS WHAT WE BUILD!
  12. 12. What Does The Business & Users Really Want? • Make it Easy, people can manage it and want to use it • Content is exploding, our solutions scale and can be built upon for future growth • Adoption, Adoption, Adoption are the three most important things in an ECM system • ECM should save time and money
  13. 13. • Mobile • Email • Simple • Data That Goes With Me • Usable Data Across the Enterprise • Use Your Data with ERP, HCM, and other ECM products • Integrate with Cloud Offerings, public and private • If ECM fails because of over customization, business process is one of the main culprits • Less is More, Less is Tough What Is Easy Content Management?
  14. 14. EMAIL + ALFRESCO • Direct Access to the repository • Rule Driven Behavior ALFRESCO CLOUD SYNC INTEGRATE Users Use Cloud Sync & Share like Business uses File Shares ADAPT & PROTECT You can deliver ease of use and integration without sacrificing governance and massively increasing risk Solve the Dropbox/Box Problem Co-Exist and Give Users What They Need
  15. 15. SHAREPOINT PORTALS • Our software extends access from SharePoint to external ECM systems, and synchronizes content DESKTOP CLIENT APPS MOBILE DEVICE APPS ENABLE & PROTECT ADOPTION, ADOPTION, ADOPTION Users Demand SharePoint, Mobile & Desktop Integration • Our desktop apps are agile and eliminate compatibility issues found with native ECM clients • Our mobile apps access multiple ECM systems from smartphones and tablets • Apps & Portals preserve native content, objects, metadata & security
  16. 16. Solve “Content Chaos”
  17. 17. Solve “Content Chaos”
  18. 18. SYNC AND MIGRATE MODULES • Share data between two or more systems • On-premise or Cloud • Automated and Manual Processes •Move, Copy or Sync • Include Content, Metadata, and Security Content Connectors OOTB • Alfresco • EMC Documentum •HP Worksite • IBM Filenet •MS SharePoint •MS Dynamics •OpenText eDocs •OpenText Content Server • SalesForce •Databases • File shares
  19. 19. PROFILE SEARCH ENTERPRISE SEARCH OPTIONS FEDERATED SEARCH VIA SEEUNITY WEB PARTS SHAREPOINT ENTERPRISE SEARCH SOLVE CONTENT CHAOS Federated Search, Integrated into One View • Enterprise Search for SharePoint • Real-time SP • Pre-Indexed SP • Federated • Enterprise Integration for SharePoint Includes above, plus: • Web Part search with native forms
  22. 22. SOLVING INFORMATION GOVERNANCE EVERYONE’S A RECORDS MANAGER EASYRM •Intelligent File Plans •In Place Records Management •Automated Declaration of Records •Information Governance & Archiving with SharePoint
  23. 23. WHY ACTIVE MIGRATE? REDUCE RISK, DELIVER RESULTS •Proven Methodology •Mature Tools •Years of Experience •Move What You Need, When You Need To •Retain Existing Systems, Migrate When You Choose
  24. 24. THE HOW OF ACTIVEMIGRATE METHODOLOGY KEYS TO SUCCESS WHY THIS WORKS! • Co-Exist • Focus on Adoption • Choose the Right Project • Understand and Sell the ROI • Don’t Go It Alone
  25. 25. Questions? MIKE@ZIACONSULTING.COM GLEE@ZIACONSULTING.COM Secure Legal Powered By Moving away from Legacy Legal ECM Technologies