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  • Pulls together our expertise in the content space. This was based on requests from customer to be able to delivery content throughout their enterprise.IDC – how to automate the capturing of documents (paper and electronic) – will go more into this laterCustom Uis – sometimes custom web Uis and sometimes portalIntegration for all these piecesAbility to retrieve and create content from mobileActing integrity with all clients employees and partners which we believe led to Zia being name one of the 50 companies to watch in Colorado
  • We will talk more about our partnerships a bit laterStart with paper or unknown electronic, processed with IDC to classify and extract data and export into Alfresco.Make content available with service bus like Mulesoft for integationsMake content available to end users users with web user interfaces
  • You see that our partnerships are open source. Zia believes in the value of open source for the enterpriseThis where we invested over the last few years and that is wehre are solutions are builtFairly successful at that as we are partner of the year for both Ephesoft and AlfrescoWe have a tight development partner with WeWebU out of Germany that provide a transactional content.Also partner with Liferay for portal and Mulesoft for integrations
  • We have varous verticals we specialize in particularly finserv and tech server (working with some of the worlds tech companies providing paper to mobile solutions)Legal, Higher Ed, Healthcare, publishing, public services
  • Not necessarily a cost savings but a huge leap forward in functionality.Client Server – able to upgrade Ephesoft centrally, update batch classes and has webscannerOCR Classification (Optical Character Recognition)– Many people have not considered OCR classification as solutions were too cost restrictive, save man hours organizing batches before they can be scanned (separator pages/barcodes/stacks of same document types)Free Form Extraction – Rules can be created to because of a pattern (like a social security number anywhere in the document), because of a key value pair (looking for a due date next to the like label) anywhere in the documentTable Extraction – Can get line item detail from invoicesHandwritten and Checkbox Extraction using RecostarCan be extended – if it is desired to extend the product it is available which is very difficult with desktop capture tools
  • No click charges – the system can be scaled for the required volume but nothing monitoring the number of images being processedTrain – Many OCR Intelligent Recognition tools require 50 or 100 samples to train for a document type. For those that have implemented such solutions it is sometimes hard to come up with 1 or 2 samples for a given sample type and get agreement from all subject matter experts of the type. With some complex batch classes with many document types that means 10’s of thousands samples to train the system. Reduce that to hundreds of samples.No Station Charges – Again the system is scaled for the volume of images and the number of operators in the system but there are not charges for the amount of user on the systems at one time or have named stations for scanning, review or indexingNo Module Charges – Many Advanced Capture tools have add ons that can exponentially increase cost of a solution. Ephesoft comes with all the modules out of the box.Save Money – for those that are looking or have implemented an OCR based capture solution for auto classification and extraction you are aware of the cost. Depending on the configuration and modules selected an Ephesoft can save between 60-90% from competing technologiesPurchase or Subscription – there are various pricing options so you can either subscribe or purchase the software. This gives you the option to hope into a maintenance pricing model or buy for even more savingsResponsive and Receptive support – The support, much like Zia, is looking to make every customer a reference customer. They are prompt to help out and receptive to new product features.Client Server – able to upgrade Ephesoft centrally, update batch classes and has webscanner
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    1. 1. Zia Solutions for Document Capture Ephesoft Alternative for Legacy Document Capture Systems Pat Myers Executive Vice President Zia Consulting Twitter @wpmyers @ziaconsulting
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Why Zia?• Introducing Ephesoft• Ephesoft for those that Never Had Document Capture• Ephesoft for Legacy Traditional Document Capture• Ephesoft for Legacy Intelligent Document Capture• Intro to Ephesoft• Demo
    3. 3. Why Zia?• Solutions from Paper to Mobile • Enterprise Content Management • Intelligent Document Capture • Portal Solutions • Enterprise Integration • Enterprise Mobility
    4. 4. MobileContent Anywhere
    5. 5. Partnerships…
    6. 6. For Your Organization
    7. 7. Various Reason• Can’t create a blanket statement of Ephesoft vs products like Kofax or Captiva• Kofax and Captiva have a large set of products and options• Ephesoft gives you all features
    8. 8. No Capture Intelligence• Using Capture Software Without Indexing CapabilityReceiving Images And Manually Classifying • Auto Classification • Auto Extraction • Less Manual Processing • More Timely • More Accuracy
    9. 9. More Functionality• Moving away from capture tools like Kofax Ascent Capture or Captiva CaptureQuickScan Pro • Client Server Architecture – Includes WebScanner • OCR Classification • No Need For Pre Batch Processing • Free Form Extraction • Table Extraction • Handwritten Recognition and Checkbox Extraction • Can Be Extended
    10. 10. More Value• Moving away from capture tools like Kofax KTM or Captiva Advanced Recognition • No Click Charges – Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Volume Restrictions • Train For Classification with 1 or 2 Samples • No Station Charges • No Module Charges (invoice extraction, full text module, import/export connectors, field number restrictions, etc) • Save Money! • Purchase or Subscription • Responsive and Receptive Support Group • Client Server
    11. 11. Intelligent Document Capture• Enterprise Class• Open Source• Cloud-Ready• Capture Solution for Mortgage Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Accounting, and much more…
    12. 12. Ephesoft Solutions• Invoice Processing / Accounts Payable• Order Processing / Accounts Receivable• Medical Claims Processing• Business Process Outsourcing• Insurance Claim / Policy Processing• Records Management of Government Documents / Forms• Benefit Forms, Employee Records
    13. 13. Ephesoft Key Features 100% web-based interface - Administrationand Operator Content-centric architecture Classification and Extraction - Withoutseparator sheets or barcodes Free form extraction – KeyValue, Regularexpression RecoStar Pro v6 OCR/ICR/OMR integration Fuzzy Database matching technology
    14. 14. Ephesoft Key Features Plug-ability: The architecture is extensibleand different plug-ins can be integrated toextend the processing. Script-ability CMIS Integration – Alfresco direct contentmodel mapping LDAP/Active Directory Integration Browser-based scanning included Web Services
    15. 15. Ephesoft Solution Social Purchase Date Amount Address Security # Order # LOAN APPLICATION IRS 1040 APPRAISAL INVOICE LETTERPAPER DOCS E-MAIL FAX 1. Identifies the categories (document types) 2. Learns from samples 3. Classifies incoming documents and extracts data 4. Outputs metadata to start business process flow
    16. 16. Demo
    17. 17. Want to Learn More?
    18. 18. Questions? Pat Myers EVP, Zia Consulting pat@ziaconsulting.com Twitter @wpmyers @ziaconsulting