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Alfresco Intro

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  • Main Points:Position Cloud Connected Content Platform. We manage Business Critical Content – The content that you need to run your business, The content that is most important to youWe believe that the tablet has changed the way users want to work. This is why Alfresco have adopted a ‘Tablet First’ approach. This allows Alfresco to design solutions that are easy to use and lead to greater adoptionBy complying to open standards and providing a single API that can be used in the cloud, on-premise and on the mobile devices. Customers are free to choose a solution that meets their needs – working in the cloud, deployed on premise or a combination of both. <NOTE> Alfresco can also be deployed to a private cloud (it is not just the hosted Alfresco in the cloud service that we supply)
  • Points to make:Alfresco was founded in 2005 with the goal of disrupting the ECM market. We did this by launching a new open source business and providing a commercial open source ECM subscription. Over the last 7 years we have been very successful We have over 2300 enterprise customers – customers who realize the value of support and no need to pay for licenses We know from the heart beat data that there are over 6.6 million users using Alfresco on a regular bases. Are they are using Alfresco The community is important. It helps improve Alfresco (by having more users using the software, reporting issues and submitting fixes). The community build extensions to the product
  • Points to make:Some of the largest companies are using Alfresco – The majority of customers are large with over 10,000 employeesWe have global reach – with customers in 75 countriesThe customer base is spread across commercial companies, government organizations and the educations sectorCompanies value the support services – with a renewal rate greater than 90% - companies are committed to using Alfresco for business critical applications<NEED TO ADD ONE LINE FOR EACH COMPANY ON THE LIST> <TWO VERSIONS – ONE FOR US AND ONE FOR EMEA>
  • Points to make:This is the results of a survey of CIO’s – What are their priorities?Cloud and SaaS – CIO’s are moving their applications into the cloud. There is significant cost savings from moving solutions to the cloud. And there are other advantages – removing the need to manage large data centers, manage the applications, provision new servers, etc. ECM and Collaboration will see an increase in IT spending. Tablets are entering the workforce – Bring Your Own Device initiatives have concerns over security. Users are using ‘Consumer’ cloud based tools to share and store sensitive data. CIO’s want to take back control of this content and improve security.
  • Points to make:Alfresco Mobile is the new workspace Allowing user to work wherever they wantThey can find content, download it, work on it and even save it back to AlfrescoAnd Alfresco mobile works with on-premise and Alfresco in the cloud or both
  • Points to make:Alfresco 4 is a modern ESM platform – designed from the ground up to support all aspects of content management (cover the bubbles)Unlike some competitors that support these capabilities through acquiring other technologies and ‘bolting them on’Alfresco has a user interface that people like to use It supports advanced features (like rules and actions) that make it simple for end users to create powerful content applicationsSocial features fall into two buckets – Features that help users (following and liking) and social publishing Metadata and Aspects make extending Alfresco easy – This provides the context around documentsAlfresco has multiple clients – making Alfresco as easy to use as a shared network drive. This leads to greater user adoption. Note: that access controls are all enforced on the server so that it does not matter which interface they use
  • Points to make:Alfresco in the cloud is based on alfresco 4It is the same user experience. No need to learn another tool, no need to store content differentlyAlfresco in the cloud is perfect for securely working with people outside your organization (no need to open up firewalls and add them as users to internal systems)The cloud will allow Alfresco to add great new features more quickly (these will roll back into on-premise over time)Alfresco in the cloud provides all of the features needed to securely support ECM in the cloud, unlike ‘file sharing’ servicesWe don’t make you choose – install on premise, use Alfresco in the cloud or leverage both
  • 0726 zia webinarintro

    1. 1. Company IntroductionJoe Tong, Marketing ManagerJuly 26, 2012
    2. 2. What is Alfresco?Alfresco is the cloud connected content platformthat allows you to work anywhere, on any device,with the apps of your choice business critical content platform in the cloud, on-premise or both tablet & mobile workplace in the cloud, on-premise or both open standard API for content apps in the cloud, on-premise or both in the cloud on-premise or both multi-tenant SaaS full ECM platform enterprise cloud sync
    3. 3. …the largest openAlfresco Success source content management2,300 enterprises company in thecustomers in 75 countries world.6.6 million users70% of which are paid3.3 billion filesbeing managed globallyactive communitythousands of developers, 300+ partners revenue by quarter since founding
    4. 4. Enterprise Customers70% With over 10,000employeesscale & service to meet the demands ofsome of the largest companies in theworldCustomers in 75 countriesa truly global company, with 24x7 supportcapability around the worldCommercial, government, NGO& educationa healthy mix of customers &requirements, across industries90% Renewal rateour subscription model creates anaccountable relationship with ourcustomers
    5. 5. CIO Priorities Map to User Demand Cloud & SaaS will see the largest % increase in IT spend in 2012. In 2 years, CIOs expect 30% of their app workloads to run in a public cloud environment - 2x the number of apps in the cloud today. ECM & Collaboration will see the 4th largest % increase in IT spend in 2012 (ERP is #2 & virtualization #3) Enterprise Tablet Penetration nearly tripled in 2012, with 56% of CIOs currently purchasing or planning to purchase tablets for corporate use Security as a response to BYOD & cloud adoption, 75% of CIOs expect to increase spending on security in 2012 – particularly, network security *Morgan Stanley Research: Morgan Stanley CIO Survey, Feb 2012
    6. 6. Alfresco MobileSecure access to AlfrescoBrowse sites, folders & filesView activity feedPreview or download filesComment on & “Like” contentCapture, tag & upload images,videos & documentsOpen & Save Back documentsfrom OpenOfficeHD orPDFExpertUse WebDAV to integrate withother apps cloud on-premise or both
    7. 7. Alfresco Approach to Mobile• The right content to the right person on the right device• Devices controlled by users, content access controlled by company• Apps controlled by users and/or company, depending on security needs PLATFORM OPEN A robust, secure APPS Alfresco apps STANDARDS content for easy To provide app choice – management WebDAV & CMIS access to platform + content & collaboration + Alfresco Enterprise features; open Alfresco Cloud source apps for customization
    8. 8. Mobile Access with Alfresco
    9. 9. Alfresco EnterpriseA robust, modern ECM platformfocused on scalability & usability DocumentConsumer like UI Managementdrag-and-drop HTML5 & integrations Electronicwith content tools Records Team Management CollaborationRules and actionsworkflow that users can useSocial features Alfrescocontent activity feeds & social Image Management Enterprise Rich Media SupportfeedbackMetadata and Aspectsbuilding rich context around content Process Web ContentAccess from Management ServicesWeb, CIFS, WebDAV, SharePoint, GoogleDocs, CMISas easy as a shared-drive, accessiblefrom whatever tools you want to use
    10. 10. Alfresco in the CloudBased on Alfresco Enterprise 4scalable, clustered, multi-tenant SaaS solution,running on Amazon EC2 & S3Identical user experience… it is Alfrescoone user experience, seamlessly use Enterprise orCloudB2B collaborationdocument management & collaboration feature setQuick evolutionfast release cycle for new featuresSurpassing popular cloud servicesmetadata, folder rules, workflow, support for WebDAVComplimentary to Alfresco on-premisechoice of subscription network