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Redesigning The Library Experience


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Redesigning The Library Experience

  1. 1. Redesigning the Library Experience Long Range Plan Update, June 2008
  2. 2. Project goals ‣ Meet growing needs ‣ Renovate building ‣ Redesign website ‣ Integrate the two experiences ‣ Evolve the service model
  3. 3. The Big Picture Long-Range Planning Report Building Track Website Track 2007 Space Needs Assessment Analysis of User Research Current Site Field Investigation Code Analysis +1 yr Existing Conditions Report Redesign of Web Site Preliminary Design & Cost Estimate Correlation of Wayfinding Systems Architectural Rendering +3-4 yrs ? Develop Construction Documents
  4. 4. Problem We had a Big Picture, but we didn’t have a vision.
  5. 5. Visioning Process ‣ Environmental scan / gap analysis ‣ Review of technology changes ‣ What is “Library 2.0”? ‣ Future needs assessment ‣ Vision statement
  6. 6. Environmental scan
  7. 7. Technology scan WiFi eBooks & digital libraries RSS feeds, Podcasts, & downloadable media Social networking applications User tagging of catalogue records Ratings & reviews, shareable lists, personal profiles Recommender/notification services Hand-held devices
  8. 8. “Library 2.0”?
  9. 9. Not Exactly.
  10. 10. It’s not about technology, it’s about the service model.
  11. 11. Library 2.0 principles ‣ User-centered planning ‣ Participatory, user-driven services ‣ Constant & purposeful change “Technology, while an excellent tool that libraries can use to work toward Library 2.0, is not a primary element of this model.” -- Casey & Savastinuk
  12. 12. feedback
  13. 13. Future needs What information, entertainment & related needs will our patrons have in 2012? 2017?
  14. 14. Vision statement The library will support: Reading - of materials in a wide variety of formats Connecting - in physical & virtual meeting spaces Growing - through programming & online activities
  15. 15. Separate tracks
  16. 16. Track 1: Building renovation Children's 50 0 Young Adult 10 5Programming Projections Adult % 10 5 Seniors 50 10 5 Computer training 15 10 40 Type Relative % Book Clubs 0 5 Space Needs Assessment 3 Children's 50 Young Adult 10 s ive ch Adult 20 10 Ar rea ric A Seniors 10isto ance fice H tr Rich Bowra f Computer training 15 En or's O ice ect O ff 10 Dir er's ing B k ke roce ms oo k P roo o ep ss Building Consultant h t 0 s Bo Bat Adul lt ing lub n g 's e n c du lt rs train C ure Yod eren gA Ad u nio ter ok hil f un Se u Bo C e Yo mp R area Co i ng ers ad put /re als Com tion* dic rio ublic ircula n's Pe P C ldre i Ch ction fi N on tion ult lt Fic Ad du 0 20 0 40 0 60 0 80 0 00 00 A 10 12 Square Feet
  17. 17. Architectural work
  18. 18. Options: 1) A new 1,000 S.F. one (1) story addition at Area E. 2) A new 2,000 S.F. one (1) story addition at Area F. 3) Demolish Areas C & J, and add a 3,000 S.F. one (1) story addition at Areas C & F. 4) Demolish Areas C & J, and add a two (2) story addition at Areas C & F - 3,000 S.F./floor.
  19. 19. Track 2: Website redesign
  20. 20. To the rescue Wei Ding
  21. 21. Proposed redesign
  22. 22. Bringing it all together through user centered design
  23. 23. User research What activities do patrons pursue? What obstacles do they encounter? How can we improve the end-to-end experience?
  24. 24. Research program - patrons ‣ Focus Groups ‣ Interviews ‣ Card sorts ‣ Survey ‣ Observation
  25. 25. Patron Input
  26. 26. Research program - staff ‣ Weekly card sorts ‣ Staff meeting ‣ Interviews ‣ Director input
  27. 27. Staff Card Sorts
  28. 28. Findings
  29. 29. Patron Activities Core Patron Activities 1 Search for & read books (79%) 2 Attend programs (49%) 3 Browse DVDs or CDs (44%) 4 Attend book sale (40%) 11 15 8 Supporting Virtual 5 Explore other materials (28%) 6 Read newspapers & magazines (21%) Peripheral 5 1 5 7 Study or do research (19%) 2 8 Surf Internet / Check email 3 (19%) 4 9 Hang out with friends (11%) Other (6%) 6 Physical 13 10 - pick up / print forms 9 7 10 11 - take computer class 12 12 - play with kids toys 13 - attend Friends group meetings 14 14 Explore historic archives (4%) 15 Play computer games (3%) Self Serve Staff Assisted
  30. 30. Staff Activities The 17 most time-consuming and/or labor intensive activites for staff. Catalog & prepare Write checks/payroll ILLs Online research Monitor patron new materials to add (Access PA, OCLC) behavior to collection Weed collection Design, publicize & Teach patrons to Locate materials conduct programs use catalogs, in library for databases, etc. patrons Time & Labor Order books Answer reference questions Prepare all monthly & Coordinate Acme Count & deposit all Remote holds yearly financial reports receipts monies Pay and file all Help patrons with monthly, quarterly & Internet/computer yearly taxes problems Frequency Red = Computer work involved.
  31. 31. quot;A website quot;I finally made my first appt. that incorporates a news and events to explore the feature... would be great. I'd like to be quot;I would like to be involved in Media Archives able to register for programs through the book club's a shame that it has to it, and I'd like it to link to or integrate but I never really hear anything have such high security - with the library catalog better.quot; - good or bad - about it.quot; it makes it hard to visit.quot; quot;I find it quot;I find it a little hard to hard to study/do research Points of Pain browse the DVDs sometimes, as the since they are in those little computers and the people boxes.quot; quot;I'd like to be able (mostly teenagers) using to view what DVDs you them tend to dominate the have online.quot; library...quot; quot;Add extra computers.quot; quot;I would like to have 2 quot;It would be good to have quot;The space is not conducive to computer classes more alternative dates and time socializing with friends.quot; per month, instead of one.quot; choices for story times.quot; quot;Story times seem to be geared towards the children of stay at home parents. As a working parent I seldom see any evening events for children.quot;
  32. 32. Media-Upper Providence Free Library Task: Find out about library events Library Experience Redesign Author: M. Magoolaghan Date: 3/22/2008 quot;I have a hard time finding out about library events.quot; Online Click on newsletter Go Visit library website ? ? Scan PDF Stop PDF Unclear navigation; 1 MB file takes long Newsletter is from where's the calendar? time to download last year At the Library Scan wall displays Go Scan lobby ? ? Ask at Circ. desk Stop & signage Lots of signs & brochures, No centralized Intern doesn't know but no events calendar. list of events where to look
  33. 33. Media-Upper Providence Free Library Task: Find a DVD (online) Library Experience Redesign Author: M. Magoolaghan Date: 3/24/2008 quot;I wish there were an easier way to browse DVDs.quot; Online Go 1. Visit library ? 2. Click on quot;DCLS ? 3. Enter title: quot;An ? website card catalogue.quot; Inconvenient Truthquot; Unclear navigation; No way to search by Retrieves list of 4 items, no link to DVDs. item type (e.g., DVDs) none labeled quot;DVDquot; [Cont.] 4. Click on 1st link 5. Notice option for 6. See it's not in ? ? Stop in results list quot;DVDs, Videos, etc.quot; the Media library This option is buried at the bottom The description shows it's a DVD, of a long drop-down list of but for Call # it just says quot;I.quot; libraries in the system
  34. 34. Media-Upper Providence Free Library Task: Find a DVD (at the library) Library Experience Redesign Author: M. Magoolaghan Date: 3/24/2008 quot;I wish there were an easier way to browse DVDs.quot; At the 3. Ask at Circulation ? 2. Look thru DVD bins ? Stop library Go 1. Scan lobby desk Unclear navigation; Laminated DVD covers are in Library doesn't have DVDs are on table in the quasi-alpha order but there's that DVD New Fiction area no master list of available DVDs
  35. 35. Experience integration
  36. 36. Guiding principle #1 Bring the building into the website and the website into the building. Need help? Use the library's website!
  37. 37. Bring the building into the website... Locate Indigo
  38. 38. Guiding principle #2 Look for structural parallels. What if the building entrance were organized like a home page?
  39. 39. Guiding principle #3 Kill two birds with one stone. Display web calendar on LCD panel in lobby.
  40. 40. Guiding principle #4 Use branding & labeling as the glue but avoid “library speak.” ILLs BOTs OPAC REF Closed Dewey Stacks Subject Headings
  41. 41. Website redesign
  42. 42. Website - Top 5 needs 1. Ability to update content directly 2. Integration with DCLS resources 3. Events calendar 4. Targeted resources 5. Feedback loop
  43. 43. 1 Site Map | Site Search My Library Rooms Resources Web Tools Communities Search the Catalog 2 Library Hours 4 Enter title Birth to Six Monday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Top 5 needs Tues.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Kid Links Media-Upper Providence Search Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sat., 10 a.m.-4 - p.m. Teen Space 1. Easily update content > My Record > Search Tips Sun., 1 p.m.-4 p.m. Adults 2. Integration with DCLS > Holiday Closings 3. Events calendar 55+ June Events January Events 3 - 1/4, 11a.m.: Storytime 4. Targeted resources - 1/11, 7 p.m.: Friends meeting 5. Feedback loop Support the - 1/17 8 p.m.: Gardening group - 1/22, 7 p.m.: Book discussion Library > Event Keeper > Volunteer Patron Poll 5 > Join Friends Renovation Plans Approved of the Library Help us prioritize our budget. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer Which materials are most > Contribute to adipiscing elit. Donec ac elit eu mauris Photo important to you? the Fund Drive pellentesque semper. Nunc eget nisl. Sed eu justo vel mauris facilisis porttitor. = Books = DVDs = Books on tape DCLS Links Check Out Brandi's Blog = Playaways = Other (please explain): Sed nec nisl et est tincidunt sollicitudin. Nullam nisl orci, vulputate > NextReads eu, facilisis eu, laoreet ut, nunc. Pellentesque auctor neque condimentum turpis. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. > Audio books Subscribe using RSS Submit > Grand Kits
  44. 44. Building redesign
  45. 45. Building - Top 5 needs 1. More computers, but segregated 2. More quiet study areas 3. Large, adaptable meeting space 4. Access to historic archives 5. Larger staff work areas
  46. 46. Bath room Periodicals / Reading Area ? Parking Parking Fiction Stacks Top 5 needs 1. More computers, but segregated 2. More quiet study areas Non-Fiction Stacks 3. Large, adaptable meeting space 4. Access to historic archives Staff Young Adult Lounge 5. Larger staff work areas Bath Storage Computers Circulation room Desk Reference Area Staff Work Director's Area Office Children's Area Work Room 1st Floor Layout Nook Ramp Entry Foyer
  47. 47. Next steps ‣ Create envisionments ‣ Present design ideas to community ‣ Continue to solicit feedback ‣ Focus on fundraising
  48. 48. Closing thoughts “The social and cultural functions of built spaces have become inseparable from the simultaneous operation of multiple communication systems within and among them. Architecture no longer can (if it ever could) be understood as an autonomous medium of mass, space, and light, but now serves as the constructed ground for encountering and extracting meaning from cross-connected flows of aural, textual, graphic, and digital information through global networks.” -- William J. Mitchell, Placing Words
  49. 49. Rough Translation Libraries that figure out how to integrate physical & digital resources will thrive. Those that don’t risk a different fate...
  50. 50. irrelevance.
  51. 51. Questions? Comments? feedback