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Developing a Vision for the Media-Upper Providence Free Library


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Developing a Vision for the Media-Upper Providence Free Library

  1. 1. Developing a Vision For the Media-Upper Providence Library
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Complete environmental scan/gap analysis 2. Discuss technology & libraries 3. Imagine patrons’ needs in 2012 and 2017 4. List key points of emphasis 5. Summarize vision
  3. 3. Ground Rules No discussing the building! Keep focus on products, programs & services Base projections on facts (if possible)
  4. 4. Environmental scan Tally findings Where do the greatest opportunities lie? What products, services & programs should we emphasize?
  5. 5. Libraries & Technology Here today: WiFi eBooks & digital libraries (e.g., Google Book & Scholar) RSS feeds, Podcasts, & downloadable media (e.g., MP3s) Social networking software (e.g., Library Thing, MySpace) User tagging of catalogue records (e.g., WorldCat) Ratings & reviews, shareable lists, personal profiles Recommender/notification services “Library 2.0”
  6. 6. Libraries & Technology Coming soon: Lightweight, high resolution e-readers (e.g., Amazon “Kindle”) Rapid expansion of digital libraries (especially if copyright issues are resolved) Print on demand (NY Public Library - “POD ATM machine”)
  7. 7. The Paradigm Shift From: Libraries as “temples to books,” with librarians as gatekeepers & decoders of catalogue systems (Dewey Decimal, Library of Congress)
  8. 8. The Paradigm Shift To: Libraries as “mental gymnasiums,” with librarians as facilitator-guides, and patrons as contributors & co-cataloguers of a wide range of print & virtual resources
  9. 9. The Paradigm Shift
  10. 10. Imagining Future Needs What will our youngest patrons (0-12) need in 2012? 2017? What will our teenage patrons (13-19) need in 2012? 2017? What will our adult patrons (20-65) need in 2012? 2017? What will our senior patrons (65+) need in 2012? 2017?
  11. 11. Our Vision What products, programs & services to emphasize? What activities do we want to enable? (read - connect - grow?) What’s our niche?