In-Class Activity: Fighting Institutional Racism


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In-Class Activity: Fighting Institutional Racism
Co-Presenters: Kelly Alvarado & Michael Mage
November 13, 2012

EDUC 515 | Multicultural Perspectives
College of Education, Seattle University

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In-Class Activity: Fighting Institutional Racism

  1. 1. + Fighting Institutional Racism EDUC 515 November 13, 2012 Kelly Alvarado & Michael Mage
  2. 2. + Agenda  Where We Are Today…  Employment Activity  Dean, School of Education  Review Candidate Profiles  Being a Change Agent
  3. 3. + Where We Are Today…  Although students of color make up more than 42% of the student population [in K-12], the percentage of teachers who are white is increasing and presently approaches 84% (of that 75% is female). Kivel, Paul (2011-09-27). Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice - 3rd Edition (p. 249). Perseus Books Group. Kindle Edition.
  4. 4. + Employment Activity  School of Education Search Committee Member  Join in Groups of 4 – 5  Review Each Candidates CV  Make a Recommendation to the Assistants to the President
  5. 5. + Dean, School of Education Position Description  Understanding and commitment to the vision, mission and values of the University and its Jesuit Catholic heritage.  Administrative leadership, vision and a record of increasing experience and responsibilities in a diverse environment  Commitments to affirmative action, equity, social justice and diversity in all its forms.  An understanding of managing within a unionized higher education environment  Knowledge of current issues in K-12 and higher education
  6. 6. +Dr. Michael DavidThe Pennsylvania StateUniversity Place Photo Here,• Professor of Education Administration Otherwise Delete Box• PhD Obtained from the University of Chicago• Dean at Penn State from 1999 – Present• Authored Educational Finance: An Economic Approach (1990); Raising Money for Education: A Guide to the Property Tax (1997) (with Brian O. Brent); and Cost Adjustments in Education (2001) (with William J. Fowler, Jr.),• Editorial Board member for Education Finance and Policy - The Journal of the Association for Education Finance and Policy (MIT Press)
  7. 7. +Dr. Howard NikamiUniversity of Hawai’i at Hilo Place Photo Here, Otherwise Delete Box• Developed theory of Functional Perspective. • This theory accounts for group decision- making performance in terms of the role that group communication plays in facilitating or impeding the groups efforts to perform crucial cognitive and interpersonal decision-making functions• Earned PhD. from the University of Washington• publications include three edited books, 36 refereed journal articles, and 24 book chapters.• National Communication Association (NCA) – Committee on Minority Education
  8. 8. +Dr. Barry JonesWestern Michigan University Place Photo Here, Otherwise Delete Box• Dr. Jones served as Superintendent of Schools in the School District of the City of Pontiac, Michigan.• Earned Ph.D. from The University of Michigan• Research interest • Educational leadership, with particular emphasis in leadership development of school administrators in urban school settings.
  9. 9. + Recommendations  Who did you recommend?  Why?  What challenges did you face as a committee?
  10. 10. + Being a Change Agent  “It is generally not useful to label people as racist. If you attack people personally, they will probably counterattack. Everyone within the organization will feel unsafe. “  “You will do better to document racism within the organization, build alliances and propose concrete changes. You want to focus on policies, practices and procedures.”  Kivel, Paul (2011). Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice - 3rd Edition (pp. 245-246). Perseus Books Group. Kindle Edition.