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Intro to Paid Search - SES Chicago 2011


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Introduction to Paid Search, PPC Presentation by Melissa Mackey at SES Chicago 2011

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Intro to Paid Search - SES Chicago 2011

  1. 1. Introduction to Paid Search @Mel66
  2. 2. Where Else Can You…• Market to customers while they’re researching your product• Only pay when someone is interested in your ad• Test your ad copy and landing pages in real time• Learn how people talk about your product or service• Quickly drive sales at a positive ROI @Mel66
  3. 3. Paid Search Can Do That! @Mel66
  4. 4. Is Paid Search Right for You?Direct marketingTestingInforming other marketingQuickly driving traffic & conversion volume @Mel66
  5. 5. Great! I’m Sold! @Mel66
  6. 6. Before You Do Another Thing… Determine business goals first @Mel66
  7. 7. Tips for Successful Goal Setting • Goals should be measurable – Conversion tracking • Goals should help your business grow – i.e. not just traffic • Goals should be achievable – Do you have the infrastructure in place? Can your website fulfill the ad promise? @Mel66
  8. 8. Glossary• Impressions• Clicks• Conversions @Mel66
  9. 9. Glossary• Campaign• Ad Group• Keywords• Search query @Mel66
  10. 10. Keyword Research1. Brainstorm designer jeans buy designer jeans deals on designer jeans designer jeans online designer jeans that fit @Mel66
  11. 11. Keyword Research2. Use a keyword tool: @Mel66
  12. 12. Keyword Research Keyword3. Remove irrelevant terms designer jean brands design jeans jeans that fit plus size designer jeans cheap designer jeans designer clothes new designer jeans designer jeans for women white jeans design jeans online seven jeans designer jeans womens 7 for all mankind jeans buy designer clothing lee jeans jeans on sale jeans sale flare jeans designer denim jeans @Mel66 boyfriend jeans
  13. 13. Keyword Research4. Segment relevant terms & organize into ad groups @Mel66
  14. 14. Keyword Match TypesExact Match: Triggers ads only when the search queryexactly matches the keyword[designer jeans]Will only appear for that exact query @Mel66
  15. 15. Keyword Match TypesPhrase Match: Triggers ads when the search queryincludes the keyword phrase in word order“designer jeans”May appear on searches for: black designer jeans designer jeans size 10 women’s designer jeans where can I buy designer jeans cheap @Mel66
  16. 16. Keyword Match TypesBroad Match: Triggers ads when the search queryincludes the keyword phrase in any order, as well as onsimilar phrases and relevant variationsdesigner jeans levis jeansMay appear on searches for: designer shoes jean jackets true religions joes jeans cheap jeans what designer makes lucky brand jeans @Mel66
  17. 17. Keyword Match TypesModified Broad Match (Adwords only): Triggers ads whenthe search query includes certain words within a keywordphrase+designer jeans designer true religions jeansMay appear on searches for: buy jeans from famous designers But not for: levis jeans cheap jeans jean jackets @Mel66
  18. 18. Keyword Match TypesNegative Match: prevents your ad from showing onqueries including the negative term or phraseEliminate brands you don’t sell: -lee -american eagle -levis And low-conversion potential: -free -cheap -used @Mel66
  19. 19. Keyword Match Types @Mel66
  20. 20. Ad CopyReview your ad groups & keywords: what is the goal of each adgroup? @Mel66
  21. 21. Ad CopyWrite the call to action first @Mel66
  22. 22. Ad CopyResearch the competition – perform a few searches @Mel66
  23. 23. Ad CopyDetermine your USP Unique Selling Proposition @Mel66
  24. 24. Ad CopyBy the way, these AREN’T USPs: FedEx - The World On Time. Nike - Just Do It. De Beers - A Diamond Is Forever. Miller Lite - Great Taste, Less Filling. Ford Motor Co. - Drive One. @Mel66
  25. 25. Ad CopyStart writing your ads Why should someone click? Sense of urgency Include numbers – i.e. price Include keywords Write at least 2 ads per ad group @Mel66
  26. 26. Ad Copy 25 35 35 @Mel66
  27. 27. Ad CopyGood Ad CopyBad Ad Copy @Mel66
  28. 28. Choosing a Landing PageMust be relevant to the search query! @Mel66
  29. 29. Choosing a Landing PageQuery = “womens seven designer jeans”Bad landing page: @Mel66
  30. 30. Choosing a Landing PageQuery = “womens seven designer jeans”Better landing page: @Mel66
  31. 31. Choosing a Landing PageQuery = “womens seven designer jeans”Ideal landing page: @Mel66
  32. 32. Account Setup• Daily Campaign Budget• Billing and Currency Settings• Account time zone• Ad Distribution – Geography• Campaign Language• Ad Distribution• Ad Rotation @Mel66
  33. 33. Account SetupKey Setting #1: Daily Campaign Budget – never more than you can afford and are willing to spend per day @Mel66
  34. 34. Account SetupKey Setting #2: Networks – Google and Search Partners Only! WRONG! @Mel66
  35. 35. Account SetupKey Setting #3:Ad Rotation – Rotate Ads More Evenly WRONG! @Mel66
  36. 36. The Big Scary Quality Score Quality score “looks at a variety of factors to measure how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a users search query.” If you follow the method I’ve outlined so far, you’ll have a good chance at good quality scores. @Mel66
  37. 37. Bid ManagementTop Tips for Effective Bid Management: • Keep it simple • Don’t bid more than you can afford @Mel66
  38. 38. What Are We Getting Out Of This?Measure everything with conversion tracking @Mel66
  39. 39. What Are We Getting Out Of This? Evaluate with analytics – some are free! FREE! @Mel66
  40. 40. Social PPC: Opportunity For the Right Advertisers @Mel66
  41. 41. Facebook Ads• Good for building fan base• Can work for other activities (lead gen, ecommerce, etc.) as long as visitors stay on FB• Read “Killer Facebook Ads” by Marty Weintraub: “Now that you’ve had the wow-that’s-dry-stuck-in-your-throat hors d’oevres, it’s time for the caviar, baby. (I don’t know about you, but I’m rocking out to “Black Cat” by Janet Jackson for this section.)” @Mel66
  42. 42. LinkedIn Ads• Ads for jobs & professional services that are highly targeted to professions can work well• Can be effective driving conversions off LinkedIn to an optimized landing page• Read “6 Tactics for Awesome ROI on LinkedIn Ads” article on Search Engine Watch by Joe Kerschbaum: @Mel66
  43. 43. TakeawaysPPC is more than a few keywords and acredit card: plan, track, test @Mel66
  44. 44. TakeawaysYou must plan ahead! It will be worth it… @Mel66
  45. 45. Resources• PPC Basics Series, Web Marketing Today: search/mackey-ppc-mix1.htm• Adwords Beginner’s Guide: ?hl=en&page=guide.cs&guide=21899• Microsoft adCenter Training Guide: business/support-center/training- accreditation/adcenter-training @Mel66
  46. 46. Melissa @Mel66