Education System in Hong Kong 2


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Education System in Hong Kong 2

  1. 1. Education System (Hong Kong) Name: Martin Man Student No: 301137566 Date: April 08,2013 Professor: Shawn Bullock
  2. 2. Rules for student in this presentation• No drinking or eating during presentation• If you want to go to washroom, hands up and ask for permission• No electronic devices can be used
  3. 3. Students will be punished if you don’t follow these rules !!!I promise, these “ awakened” restriction will last only 15 minutes ,so be patient !
  4. 4. Outline• History of Hong Kong(HK)• Types of school• Stages of HK Education• Uniqueness of HK education system• My personal Experience
  5. 5. What is the first word or phrase that immediately comes to your mindwhen you hear Hong Kong/Chinese Education System ?
  6. 6. July 1 ,1997• The education system in Hong Kong was influenced by British rule and contains many elements that can also be seen in the United Kingdom• -During year 1997, when British sovereignty of Hong Kong was officially transferred from the United Kingdom to the Peoples Republic of China, Hong Kong had created their education system.
  7. 7. Types of Local school in Hong Kong• Public Schools – operated by the government• Public Schools – operated by other institution but funded by the government• private school – receive some financial assistance by the government
  8. 8. Stages of Education System 3- year kindergarten education 6-year primary education 3-year junior education 3-year senior education4-year tertiary education in a university undergraduate program
  9. 9. BC Education System HK Education System
  10. 10. Details in each stage• Primary Education – Placement exam will be written by Primary 5-6 year student for getting into their Secondary school that they wish to get in• Secondary Education – placement exam that leads to the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), which has a similar function as the A-levels exam, the Abitur, the International Baccalaureat obtained in other systems.
  11. 11. • Tertiary Education – Depending on the results in the HKDSE exam, students can be admitted to one of the many universities in Hong Kong – *** Unlike the cost-free education in the previous 12-years of primary and secondary education, universities charge a tuition fee, which covers a notable amount of university expenditure
  12. 12. Government policy1) by implementing the New Senior Secondary (NSS) academic structure and curriculum2) by promoting the use of information technology ( IT) in teaching and learning3) by providing education services for newly arrived children and young people from the Mainland
  13. 13. What is the key to a successful education system in HK?• Emphasis on diligence -Its not natural ability, its hard work. -70% of secondary school age children have private tuition• Key Exam Subject -Chinese, maths and English are the core subjects. English classes can amount to a quarter of all weekly classes( Becausue these are important academic courses)
  14. 14. • ****** Everything is strongly orientated towards examinations• **** Students are used to working under pressure and working towards examinations.
  15. 15. • Do you think “ hard working” can achieve good academic performance? Why ?• 70% of secondary school students have private tuition. Do you guys think it is a good sign for an education system?
  16. 16. What are the uniqueness in atraditional Hong Kong EducationSystem, compare with theCanadian Education System ?
  17. 17. • 1) All schools, no matter private or public, require students to wear school uniform
  18. 18. • 2) Students need to all stand up and say Good Morning/Afternoon to their teacher every class before it starts
  19. 19. • 3) Number of students per class(kindergarten, primary and secondary school ) are relatively larger compare to Canadian schools.
  20. 20. • 4) The wording used to describe what year students are in is different.i) Primary school -Hong Kong( Primary school-- Primary one to Primary 6) -Canadian ( elementary school-- Grade one to Grade 7)ii) Secondary School -Hong Kong ( Secondary school- Form 1 to Form 6) -Canadian ( High School - Grade 8 to Grade 12)
  21. 21. • 5) Most classroom at school in Hong Kong are named by the year of grade follow by a letter A,B,C,D ,etc depending on how many class the school has per gradeFor example ( same system for kindergarten primary andsecondary)• Secondary School Class 2D--- this means a student is from Secondary School Form 2 Class D
  22. 22. *******In my Personal Experience , the Secondary school that I studied in before had 4 classes per form .When I was in Form 5, there are• Class 5 A• Class 5 B• Class 5 C• Class 5 D• ** Students will find out which class they will get in next year when they receive their report cards at the end of the school year.
  23. 23. • 6) Classrooms are always set up in a single seated row and column format to prevent students from chatting or cheating.
  24. 24. 1) Which of the uniqueness 1) School Uniform is the most useful one for 2) Stand up and say Good students ? Morning 3) Large class capacity2) Which of the uniqueness 4) The wording used to is the most useful one for describe what year teachers? student are in -Primary VS Grade3) Which of the uniqueness - Form VS Grade is the most usefuless one 5) Name of classroom for students and teachers? 6) Single seated row and column format
  25. 25. My Personal Experience
  26. 26. Which education system would you prefer to study in, Canadian OR Hong Kong ? Why?
  27. 27. Thank you